Little Bunny

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  1. Kal was coming home from school one day when he found his father sitting on the porch. "Hey Son," the father said, "I've brought you a present." And he handed over a box tied with a ribbon.

    "Gee, Dad, thanks!" said Kal and took the box up to his room. He took off his shirt... for some reason... and sat on his bed and opened up the box. Inside there was tiny, fluffy, cute ball of fur, all shivering and wide-eyed. "Hey there, little fella," said Kal, as he reached in and picked up the frightened little bunny.

    It looked pale and was shaking all over, scratching at itself. And it wasn't until Kal picked him up that he realised why. His fluffy little bottom was all sore and red, probably because of the...

    Not Safe For Wankers (open)

    "Stick this, ya cunt!" screamed Gribble McThribble, spinning suddenly and punching Kal straight in the face. Boy and rabbit tumbled off the bed in a heap, and at once the room was filled with cockney profanity.

    "Wanna fack a bunny, do ya, ye dirty li'l faggot? I'll give you fackin fur!" the rabbit started stomping on Kal's testicles. He had produced a can of beer from somewhere and was guzzling it as he did so.

    "Nooo! Please little bunny!" cried Kal as he struggled to protect his privates from the angry lagomorph. "I just wanted to take a bath with you and clean you and then solicit you for sex!"

    "You dir'y little facker! I ought'a chop your bollox off." The rabbit threw the beer can in Kal's face, then put the boy in a headlock and start ramming his knuckle into the Kal's scalp.

    "HEY!" shouted the dad from downstairs. "What's going on up there, Son? Are you misusing the grossly inappropriate gift I got for you from the local veterinarian who rapes all his animals?"

    Kal was sent through the plasterboard wall and went crashing down the stairs to land on top of his father. Gribble, meanwhile, had run through into the next bedroom and came to a screeching halt as he saw a virtual armoury of whips, chains and morning stars hanging on the wall.

    "HAH HAH HAH!" said another boy who was masturbating in the bed. "I am Kal's evil brother and although I've never met you I will rape you and then make you suck me off, right after I've finished masturbating, and if you tell anyone I'll chop your balls off!"

    Gribble narrowed his eyes. "So wot? Yer tellin' me yer gonna have three orgasms in a row? Fack off! Even I can't manage that wiv the missus on a Sa'urday night."

    The evil brother smirked. "Hahahahah! Whatever you just said has caused me to smirk sadistically!"

    "Wha'ever, knob-jockey." And with that Gribble ran up the wall, snatching a morning star and twisting in mid-air to bring it crashing down on the boy's crotch. "You wanna rape me now, ye furry-fiddling ponce?!"

    The brother howled in pain as he ejaculated all over the morning star, his blood and semen mixing into a frothy cocktail that he was compelled to lick up while shoving his thumb up his arse.

    "YOU'RE ALL FAKKING SICK!" Gribble yelled, before hurling himself through the window in a shower of glass. He hit the ground running, making his way across the garden. "I NEED MORE FAKKING HEROIN!"
  2. WHUMP!

    As he entered the next garden, Gribble collided with a large, furry leg and ended up on his back.

    "Oh... hey..." said a wolf, which had been standing aimlessly by a tree. "Did I hurt you?"

    Gribble sat up, rubbing his head. "Nah, Treacle, yer fine. I've 'ad worse."

    The wolf sniffed at him, then looked over his shoulder to Kal's house. An ambulance had already arrived and the three occupants were being rolled out on stretchers with their genitals in bandages. How the father had come to damage his genitals was a mystery... for now. A news crew had also turned up, eager to learn of the dark deeds perpetrated in that house of bestiality-rapists and their connection to the infamous underground veterinarian cage-fighting network. "Looks like you've caused a stir."

    "Bah, tell me about it, mate!" Gribble got up and sat against the tree, next to the wolf. He took out a beer and passed the wolf a joint. "There I am, enjoying some grass in the field, when BAM! Some inbred cunt shoots a dart in me scrotum and next fing I know I wake up in a cage. Next two years were no fakking picnic, let me tell ya! I mean, I'm all for discipline and good parenting, but these wankers need to get their act together. First they punish me for pooping in the cage, then when I don't poop they punish me again, then when I look at them they punish me, and then I get punished for not making eye-contact. I mean, FACK SAKE! Let's 'ave some fakkin consistency!"

    The wolf sucked on the joint. "Oh yes, humans are very cruel. It's enough to make you convince yourself that you're an animal despite all glaring evidence to the contrary."

    "Exactly, moi son!" Gribble pointed at him with the beer can. "Wot they need, right, is an 'andbook that tells them when and when they can't mutilate their cage-fighting stock. Y'know, cos animals don't need the stress. Know wot ah mean?"

    " ... wanna touch my cock?"

    Gribble paused, mid-beer swig, and squinted at the wolf... who now had a dangling erection. "You wot?"

    "Well... I know we've only just met and all," said the wolf shyly, "But I had this idea about kissing you and I can't seem to shake it, and I just think it would be really good to put my cock inside you."

    "Piss the fack off..." Gribble muttered, putting down the beer can.

    "No no!" the wolf insisted, "It's not that I'm crazy or anything. It's just.. y'know, we animals are uninhibited and better than humans. We live in a world where social interaction is hypersexualised and everyone is a potential partner regardless of their age, gender or genus. And it's kind of implicitly assumed that everyone is in the mood for sex constantly. We wolves are a proud people."

    "I'M A FAKKIN RABBIT, YOU TOSSER!" Gribble yelled, leaping to his feet.

    "That's cool, man. I don't judge." The wolf started dry-humping Gribble, rubbing the length of his bright red, sticky cock on the bunny's ears.

    "I'M GONNA FAKKIN 'AVE YOU!" The flick-knife was in Gribble's hand. He shivved the wolf, hard and brutally, between the ribs. And as it howled he stabbed again, kicking the beast over and pinning it to the tree. "WHAT'S A WOLF DOING IN A FAKKIN GARDEN ANYWAY!"

    He carried on screaming and stabbing, till his little arms got tired.

    Then he picked up the joint and carried on walking, leaving the wolf carcass for the rats.
  3. With an "ooph!" Gribble dropped over the next garden fence and landed in the street, beer cans and amphetamines rolling around him. There was screaming in the yard he had come from, as some Weeaboo girl discovered her pet fox with a dozen knife wounds and stinking of weed.

    But he didn't have time to explain himself. Spotting a young woman by the bus shelter, he got up and tottered drunkenly towards her, colliding with lamp posts along the way.

    "Ah, fack! Uurgh... Alright dahlin', you ain't got a phone ah can borrow, 'ave ya? Need to call the rozzers. Some cunts are tryin'a commit unsavoury acts on me sphincter."

    The woman turned towards him, and was revealed to be wearing fishnets, a corset, suspenders and a studded collar. She winked at the little bunny. "If you want my number, just say."

    Gribble squinted. "Er, nah, luv, Ah just need to call the police. You see, there wuz these blokes..."

    The woman winked again, causing the rabbit to falter. "Maybe you should call a firetruck. Cos we're smoking."

    Gribble frowned. "Er, yeah, that's good wordplay, Treacle. But seriously. Ah'm in trouble an'..."

    "Oh, I think I'm the one in trouble!" the girl winked again then sashayed over to the rabbit, swinging her hips and leaning forward. "My breasts are just so pert and juicy and they're about to fall out of my tight little corset."

    "Er... well... maybe you need a refittin' at the tailors."

    "I think YOU need to refit me, RIGHT NOW!"

    "Well, that's real pucka of you, luv, but I just 'ad an 'orrible rape ordeal, so ah'm not really in the mood."

    "Maybe someone should PUT you in the mood!"

    "Er, that's kinda sinister, dahlin'. Could ah just..." Gribble stopped again when the woman winked a third time. "Wot the fack? Are you 'aving a stroke or sumfin?"

    "Oh, just come here you stud!" The woman suddenly grabbed the bunny with both hands and rammed him between her legs.

    "Oh bleedin' 'ell!" Gribble screamed, thrashing around as he was clamped between her thighs. "WHAT THE FACKING FACK! 'ELP! OH GOD, NO! YOU'RE A FACKING 'EADCASE! SHIIIT! EEEEELP!"

    The woman giggled and moaned and winked and purred, shoving Gribble further and further between her legs, until the wet and sticky sounds of distress began.


    Then Gribble shouts were drowned out. With a slimy cacophony he was sucked past her labia, then past her clitoris, and lodged forcibly in her vaginal passage. He vomited, choked, then blacked out.