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  1. ~ Original RP by La Blue Love. ~
    "Wake up sleepy head , we don't want you to miss out on anything"

    ~ This voice where is it coming from.. You look up only to see what seems like a man. ~

    "Ahh , your awake good"

    This voice seemed cold and heartless. But then again , it couldn't be any other voice could it be. And where were you?

    "Then let me start explaining now... You few are the selected brides that I picked out since you seem decent enough.. The master was specific upon what he wanted for his son's."

    "Brides? What the hell is he talking about?" You quietly think to your self.

    "Since it seems they need to marry and make well... Heirs. You all are chosen to be their lovely brides"

    An Escape plan sounds good to you right now. But of course , this man had to ruin it.

    "Also , don't bother running away... You can't escape this place so don't bother trying that. Since , there is a magical barrier that binds you to this place."

    "A barrier?" you simply murmured, but he heard it.

    "Yes , little bride... A barrier... Oh? You didn't notice.. Yet, we are all demons and creatures of the dark , silly one."

    Demons you thought with a clear surprised look upon your face.

    "Well, I will be back later.. You go look around your new home now and also... Don't be foolish , Little One's"

    You are in a mansion with seven demons and six other human brides such as your self. The worst part about it you have to marry one of the demons. Of course you don't decide they choose you. And you can't escape. There is only two options find your other human brides and try to work together to escape or be married to one of those demons.

    We will add on more later but , we want to keep some of our plot candies and twists hidden until we know we have more people wanting to do this! We also want to work with all to make this brilliant and I want to be able to add in some similarities from things like Diabolik Lovers and all to this. We want to build up something brilliant.

    I am one of your lovely GM's along with my darling , @Justinholic

    CO - GM Spots are Open! RL Face Claims as well!

    Roles For Male Leads:
    Pride ~ Taken


    Roles for Female Leads:
    The Original

    Silent One
    The Brave One
    Scaredy Cat
    Bad Girl ~ Taken by Me
    Goody Two Shoe's

    Other Roles: To be Revealed
  2. Loudmouth!
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  3. Can I get details on the original one like what does that mean if I dont like it ill go for the brave one

  4. Think All american girl/Sweetheart , Hun.^^
  5. Holy shit, I remember this roleplay<3
  6. Oh hehe okay....hmm...
    Original or Brave.
  7. It was our baby , I had to bring it back to life at least.^^
    Pick , Pick , darling one :)
  8. Lol surprise me dear I'll go for either or
  9. Is Gluttony taken for the males? I'd like to reserve that one
  10. Mmmm... I will surprise you!

    Done Deal!
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  11. I'mma pass on this guys. Thanks for the tag as always @Shayla :)
  12. Pride FC
    Mariano Di Vaio

    Demon Form
  13. If it is fine, I'd like to reserve wrath.
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  14. Done!
  15. Holy freaking hell! :bouncy:
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  16. I'm guessing you like my Pride xD
  17. A few bites and a dark room or shower won't hurt him..
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  18. FC ==Megan Fox


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