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  1. My name is Ris, I haven't role-played in close to five maybe six years and I'm kinda hoping I can get back into the swing of it. I used to be pretty dang good at role-playing, quick responses, was always semi-para to para. Semi-para more often than not though, I'm more likely to do future than present and past, though I do all three. I say Future but what I really mean is after human kind, End of The World type.

    I have several characters, one to match each type of world there is, including my own worlds. Ask and I'll give details of both characters and my own worlds, I just hope I can get back into this...
  2. Hi Ris! Welcome to Iwaku and also welcome back to the world of roleplaying! I think you will find that you chose the right place to get back into roleplaying. If you need help or are feeling a little rusty you can check out the roleplay academy. It is a good place to talk to others and figure out what skills you need to brush up on. So by end of the world type of roleplays are you talking about post-apocalyptic stuff? Because that is one of my favorites to play in! I absolutely love it. Zombies are a great addition to it as well, but I can managed without.

    Anyways, check out the chatbox if you are looking to meet new people!