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    Lucy awoke in the morning to the sound of the town bell ringing. "Another Killing." Lucy got up out of bed and grabbed her red cloak and walked outside. Lucy lived in a small village, not many people lived there anymore, since the killings. Lucy's family had a descents of people who could speak to beasts. like the ones that killed her villagers Lucy's great grandmother was the first, when this type of thing had just started with the wolves and all. Lucy had never really been into wolves or animals for the most part, but because her family was of such importance to the village, she had to have an interest.

    Lucy walked into the town. There was a dead body right in front of the church, it was the priest. "weird." Lucy said to her self. Wolves ussualy avoided the church, most people believed it was because they were creations of the devil, Lucy though they just preferred not to go there. The Villiage council was already there, so was her mother and father. She walked up to the council and the council just stuck up there noses. The council always seemed jealous of Lucy's family.

    Lucy knelt down and looked at the body, a scratch right across the face, and eye. It was a reaping, wolves only attacked and left this mark when it was to warn some one. The town had recently been going on hunts, to find wolves and kill them. I guess the wolves knew. Lucy stood back up and told the council and shrugged her shoulders. It was sad that the priest had dies, but it wasn't like she could bring him back, she wasn't a witch doctor. She looked over at the corner and noticed a boy she had never seen standing off in the distance, staring at the body.

  2. Ash stood off in the distance, wanting to stick around and see if the myths were true. That there was a girl that could communicate with the wolves. He watched as a girl in a red cape bent over the body. He caught the looks the other people gave her as she crouched next to the priest. From where he stood, he heard a howl. His great grandfather.
    At that moment, the girl looked over and noticed him. He quickly glued his eyes to the body, making it look like he was staring at that instead of her. The moment she looked away, he whirled around, dashing into the shadows with out so much as the sound of footsteps.
    After he was clear of the village and in the cover of woods, Ash transformed, shifting from human form to wolf form in a matter of strides. He howled to his great grandfather and followed the sound of his returning howl.
    What did I tell you about watching after the pack kills? Great Grandfather Moss, barked angrily. Ash lowered his head and whined.
    I wanted to see if the myth was true. Ash replied, not looking at Grandfather Moss.
    A growl, bark and bite on the shoulder would make Ash think twice as he limped away, back to the edge of the forest where he was to be standing guard.
    After a couple hours of that, he got bored and wondered back to the village. He aimlessly wondered the streets, wondering if he was gonna see that girl again.
  3. Lucy left the crowd of people when a man walked in with a casket made of wood appeared. She walked threw town, wondering if she would see that boy. The towns people looked at Lucy like she herself was a wolf. Lucy didn't care she just wanted to live life and, one day met a wolf, she had never actually talked to one, her family believed that she wasn't able too. She walked over to a girl that she had been friends with since she was little, Ruth.
    "Hey, did you see that priest this morning?"
    "yea, I did, my mom made me go, did you see that boy standing off to the side, I have never seen him before."
    "yea I saw him, he was kinda cute." Lucy giggled, she had never actually had a boyfriend or any kind of relationship with anyone. Ruth was married already, he family made her get married when she was 15 to a blacksmith.
    Lucy walked around with Ruth for a little while longer, she kept glancing around for that boy, but she couldn't find him. Lucy, while walking around with Ruth bought an apple and some meat for her grandmother, she had to visit her tonight. Ruth left after awhile because her husband wanted her home by noon. There weren't clocks around town or anywhere for that matter, so everyone told time by the sun. Lucy walked around town for a little while longer until she stopped at the top of a street and caught glimpse of the boy she had seen.
  4. Ash paused at the top of a hill. He sniffed the air, the hair on the back of his neck rising. He quickly glanced around, wondering where the smell was coming from. He closed his eyes, sniffing the air in every direction before deciding on the west. He carelessly strolled over the roads, his heart starting to pound faster than normal as the smell got stronger.
    He walked down a hill and stopped, the smell so strong he sneezed. As his eyes re-opened, he caught sight of her standing on the top of the next hill. He raised a hand in a wave, a small smirk on his lips.
    'Damn.' He thought. 'She looks even better from down here.' Then he can to his sense, shook off the appealing smell of her and kept walking to the south, back to the forests. The wind blew from behind him, carrying her sent, making him shiver. He felt his skin ripple and ran into an alley. He shifted to wolf form, lost his sense of direction from the overwhelming smells, and ran toward the only thing that was recognizable.
    He ran up a hill, freezing when the sent was strongest. Staring at the girl from before. He blinked black wolf eyes at her.
    You? Why do I keep running into you? He wondered, not thinking she could be the wolf whisperer.
  5. Lucy saw the boy and she slightly waved back. He was cute. Lucy continued to walk after he had left, she didn't really have anything else left to do except go to her grandma's so she continued on her path. She walked up and hill and threw any alley, she could hear the patting on paws on the snow, She figured it was just a local stray or someones dog. Lucy walked up another hill, but became nervous when the patting of paw prints became heavier. Lucy almost ran into it, before she stopped in fear.
    "A wolf" Lucy gasped, she had never actually seen one before, it was so tall.
    You? Why do I keep running into you? Lucy heard it in the back of mind, it wasn't her voice it was another's
    "you talked to me!" Lucy gasped again and fell on her ass, she scooted back so that she was not inches away dorm it's face, in case the wolf deiced to attack. Lucy remembered then everything her parents had said, about not showing fear, when you first talk to a wolf. Lucy slowly stood up.
    "Did you kill the priest?" Lucy pulled her red cloak around herself as a cool breeze blew in behind her sending her blonde hair to cover her face.
  6. Ash sat down, his tail thumping the ground lightly. He watched as she fell, but made no move toward her. He could smell that she was afraid.
    "You talked to me!" Ash grinned, showing the points of his fangs.
    Yes in fact, I did. And you talked back. I knew it! He thumped his tail harder on the snow. Wow. This a first for me.
    "Did you kill the priest?" The girl demanded. Ash slowly shook his head. His black eyes wide, tail not moving. He stood up, turning away from her and crouching to bound away to the woods.
    I'm sorry. I never should have come. He looked at her for a long moment, wishing he could stick around, but knowing no human would want him here. He shook his tawny colored head, winked at the girl and left, bounding back to the forest.
    As he cleared the trees, his alpha was waiting for him with a bite on the flank.
    Ash yelled, tucking his tail in and running off to his cave. He made himself as small as possible, tucked his muzzle in between his paws and fell asleep, dreaming of that girl.
  7. Lucy was surprised that she could talk to the wolf. When the wolf wagged it's tail Lucy kinda giggled, it was cute, he looked happy. She was kinda shocked that he didn't kill the priest. When the wolf said that he shouldn't have come and turned to leave, Lucy reached out to grab his fur, but missed. "wait, if you didn't who did?" Lucy watched the wolf run into the woods. When the wolf was no longer visible Lucy turned and continued on her way to her grandmothers. Once she had arrived, Lucy walked in and said hello to her grandmother, they conversed for a little while until Lucy had became tired, She went into a spare bedroom that her grandmother had and laid in bed, falling asleep she could not keep that wolf out of her mind, or dreams.
  8. Ash jumped to all four feet. 'Four.' He thought grimly. He padded out of his den and to the edge of the forest, tail low, head lower. He heard a deep growl and shot out of the woods at a full run. He ran with his ears pinned back. He ran until he meet the first row of houses, he quickly dashed between two and shifted into his human form, sniffing the air.
    'Hmm. I can smell her still.' He puzzled over this mystery as he roamed the streets slowly. A girl about his age walked past, glancing at him every now and again with a smug smile on her mouth, but Ash just ignored her. She wasn't the girl he was looking for. 'I wonder if she can hear me.' The idea made him grin as it was almost dark and the stars were peeking out. Any normal girl would be in bed, tucked up and safe from the big bad wolves by now. With a chuckle, he closed his eyes and projected a picture of himself, and a picture of the girl, then a picture of the town fountain.
    'Let's see if that works.' He sauntered off to the center of town to wait for her to come.
  9. Lucy was asleep dreaming of the wolf, in her dream, she saw the wolf, her and the town fountain. Lucy awoke suddenly, and slide out of bed, she could hear her grandmother snoring in the room near her. S\Lucy slipped on a pair of black leather boots and she swung her read cloak around her neck. Lucy opened the door and looked into the darkness, Lucy wasn't afraid. She stepped out and silently closed the door behind running once it was shut. Her feet patted the soft, snow covered ground, her cloak flying behind her . Once in town. Lucy slowed down and looked around trying to remember where the fountain was, Lucy closed her eyes and listened for foot steps, water. Once she remembered Lucy slowly walked in that direction looking for some one that looked kinda like a wolf to approach her, nobody ever did, lucy reached the fountian and nobody was there, sitting down on the side if it, Lucy turned and looked at her reflection in the water.
  10. Ash hid in the shadows until the girl showed up. He silently crept up, standing behind her, his reflection cast in the water next to hers. "Hello." He said, in a deep bass voice. The voice you would imagine a wolf to have. "My name's Ash." He continued, bowing slightly. Never taking his eyes off of hers. "Pleased to meet you." He sat down, to the side she was facing. He looked her over, from head to foot, grinning at her for a while before saying "Your cape...You must be Red. I'm going to call you Red."
    He stood up again, hopped up onto the rim of the fountain and walked around it. Once he reached her again, he walked back. Continuing to walk, he wondered if she was ever going to talk. Or is she was scared like before. He hopped to the ground and crouched in front of her. "You don't have to be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanted to talk."
    'I guess the thinking to her works...why else would she have come here, in the middle of the night...or close to it anyways.' He thought, grinning to himself.
  11. Lucy jumped a little when she say his reflection in the water, turning to face him she watched him walk on the fountain and listened to what he had to say. "I am not scared, and my name is Lucy, It's nice to meet you ash." Lucy nodded her head, slowly as a sort of bow. "Are a wolf?" Lucy asked, he kinda looked like it, and sounded like it too. "what did you want to talk too me about?" Lucy was kinda nervous but she stood up and acted brave anyways. She had never actually met a wolf before until today, so a lot was happening. Lucy listened waiting for him to talk. In the distance she saw a light, waving back and forth, it was the night watch guard and he was walking this way. Lucy grabbed ash's arm and pulled him into a shed that was close by, they were inches away from each others face, but they had to be in order to hide form the guard, if he saw them, they would be in trouble, it was past curfew. Lucy stood and looked at ash's face, it was so defined and aged. Lucy waited for the night to go by, but he seemed to be taking forever, he stood at the fountain and admired it, or his reflection
  12. Ash was took a breath to respond, but lost it as Lucy jerked him into a tiny shed. He couldn't help but grin against the darkness. "Is this how you treat all the boys? Or just the half wolf ones?" He breathed, knowing that she could hear him. He shifted his ears to be wolf ears so he could hear better. Listening to the heartbeat of the guy at the fountain. "He's staring at this reflection, the jerk."
    He grinned down at her. "Want me to get rid of him?"
    Without waiting for an answer, he jumped out of the shed, keeping to the shadows. "Hey you! You really should be on guard! Stop staring at yourself. There's a wolf over there." He said, transforming as the guard looked up. He snarled, growling deep in his throat.
    The guard screamed, lowering his pike and threatening Ash with it. Ash reared up on his hind legs, batting at the pike in a menacingly playful way. He grinned a wolfish grin at the guard, dropping back to all fours and barking.
    The guard dropped his pike and ran away. Ash quickly shifted back to his human form and pulled Lucy out of the shed. Spur of the moment, he pressed his lips against hers for a quick second. Pulling away and disappearing into the dark as the sun showed up.
    Meet you here tomorrow night. He paused at the edge of town waiting for her reply before going back to his pack.
  13. Lucy shushed him when he spoke to her in the shed. She tried to stop him when he ran out and attacked the guard, but again was too late. she watched as Ash scared him away. When pulled out and kissed Lucy relaxed her body under his arms and kissed him back. When letting go Lucy heard him in her mind. 'Tommrow night it is' Lucy saw the sun come up and turned to run back to her grandmothers, the snow patting under feet, she could hear Ash's breathing in the back of her mind. It sounded so heavy. Lucy arrived at her grandmothers and slowly walked in, only to be caught.
    "and where you, young lady, out with a boy." Her grandmother smiled and started a fire.
    "Of course not grandmother, I was out walking, couldn't sleep." Lucy walked over to the fire and sat down her cloak surrounding her body. She felt warmin front of the fire. Her grandmother didn't believe her of course and continued to question her throughout evening about her night. Lucy thought best the she keep quiet about last night.
    "Grandmother please, be quiet and believe me I was seeing no boy." Lucy smiled 'I wouldn't consider him a boy anyways.' Lucy thought in the back of mind. hoping that her thoughts could not be heard by the wolf, Lucy giggled.
  14. Ash ran in to his cave, trotted in a circle a couple times and then curled up, nose under his tail. He ginned in his sleep remembering Lucy's last words. He yipped in his sleep, feet twitching as he dreamed of running.
    He dreamed of wolves chasing Lucy, his alpha and his female. They chased her, nipping at her heels causing her to stumble. When she fell they jumped around her, snapping at her hair and face. Her beautiful face. They pulled on her hair. Ash tried to chase them off, but they just bit him instead.
    He bolted awake. He was on his paws and dashing to the village again. He ran to the fountain, sniffing the snow, finding her scent and following it. He followed it to a door, whining at the door.
    He barked once when no one answered to his whining.
    Lucy! You need to come with me. Lucy! Please, come talk to me. He shifted to his human form and waited anxiously on the step. Lucy please. Please. He was begging and crying but he couldn't stop.
  15. Lucy heard Ash running, his heart beat was so fast. She sat and listened and for something, where was he running too? Lucy heard a soft whine, She figured it was just her imagination playing tricks, and the she heard his voice in her mind. She stood up and ran to the door, opening it and seeing Ash standing ther crying. "oh my god." Lucy stepped out and shut the door behind her.
    "what's wrong. Are you hurt?"Lucy looked around him, for a cut or for blood, nothing.
    "Ash whats wrong!?" Lucy was cared she couldn't sense what was wrong with him.
  16. Ash looked her in the eyes. "You have to come with me." He shook his head. Hugging her to him, he rested his chin on her head. "You just gotta trust me. I had a dream. My alpha...he's planned for you to die next. Him and his mate are coming soon." He pushed her away a little too look at her face. "You have to trust me. I know your people hate me. And I'm sorry to be the one to steal you away. But I really need you safe." He took a step away, dropping his hands to his sides.
    Conflicted emotions ran through him. He wanted to touch her, to hold her. But to run from her, let the alpha get her.
    He rubbed his eyes, his ears becoming wolf ears as he listened for the crunch of wolf paws. Ash looked at Lucy. "Please. Come with me. I can protect you. I can keep you safe." He touched her face, sliding his hands behind her head, his thumbs in front her ears. He begged her with his eyes. "If you want to, go pack some clothes. We'll move away, settle down elsewhere, then after about ten years, I'll come back and make sure its safe." He let go and stepped back, waiting for her decision. "Please, hurry up though. Their at the edge of the woods." He ran a hand through his hair. "You'll have to ride me if we're going to get away." He blushed and looked away.
  17. Lucy became scared as she listened to everything he had to say, she didn't know what to do, she wanted to go with him but at the same time she did. Lucy looked around and felt her head spin, she was so confused, she didn't know what to say. "I-I -I can't I want to but I cant people will come looking for me, I just i don't know what to say, i can just leave with you I just met you today." Lucy looked around some more, Grabbing Ash's hand and pulling him in the house and into her bedroom, before her grandmother could see them. "Listen I want to go with you Ash I do, cause I don;t want to die, but I can't just leave I just met you and I just I don't know what to do or say." Lucy exhaled and caught her breath.

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    Ash groaned. "But you gotta. I can't get they get you, Lucy. I love you. I know you just meet me and I you, but you have to trust me." He flopped onto her bed. He slapped his hands over his eyes, trying to think of a way to save her. "I don't know what to tell you to make you come with me. All's I know is if you die, I will too."
    He sat up on his elbows and looked at her. "There's an old myth about a girl who can talk to wolves. The story goes that she meets a wolf that changes at will." He closed his eyes and sighed. "Yes, I'm that wolf. No, no others can change at will, it goes by moon cycle." He grinned at her for a second. "She meets him, falls for him, and him her. Then the alpha finds out and kills the girl. All because the boy ignored the warnings of his great great grandfather." He flopped back down.
    "I don't want that to happen with you Lucy. I want to be like my Great grandfather. He saved his girl." He got up, walked over to her and tugged her into his arms. "I want to save you." He said, feeling the tears running down his face again. "Please. Let me get you away from here. Please." He breathed, kissing the top of her head.
  19. Lucy started to cry as Ash told his story. She had heard this myth but she had never thought it would happen to her.
    "I l-love you too, and I want to go, I just...I don't know." Lucy hugged him back and let herself cry, this was so much for her to take in, in a day, but it was bound to happen, eventually. Lucy took a deep breath and grabbed her cloak off the ground and slipped on a pair of shoes. She stopped and looked at Ash, she wasn't sure if she was making the right decision, but she wanted things to be okay, she didn't understand why she had developed feelings for this boy so fast, but she did, and she couldn't deny them. Lucy walked over to Ash and smiled up at him.
    "Ash, I trust you I do and I want to be with you, and I really don't want to die. If you can get me out of here, then I promise I will never leave your side." Lucy reached her hands up to Ash's face, standing on her tip-toes she kissed him, leaving herself back on the ground she looked up at him with a tear running down her cheek.
    "Save me Ash."
  20. Ash sighed, his shoulders relaxing. "Oh god, Lucy." He said, wiping the tears that were running down her face off. "I know you don't want to leave your family. I don't want to take you from them, and if it were anyone but Alpha, I'd stand here and defend you, but alpha's the best and his mate is even slimier than he is."
    He watched her with a sad gaze, knowing how much it hurt to leave her family behind. "Lucy, if it helps, I wish i didn't have to save you. I wish I could have meet your family, seen how they were, laughed with them, almost fought with your dad. All the stuff normal boyfriends do." He watched as she thought, then when she stooped to pick up her coat, his ears perked at the sound of a warning howl.
    He cussed in his head, worry making him shifty. When Lucy walked over and smiled at him, he reached for her. She touched his face. Where she touched practically sang with happiness. 'You trust me? You trust one of the species that's trying to find your house right now?' He thought, looking into her beautiful face. "My beautiful Lucy. You really can't leave my side. I can't protect you if you wonder." Ash saw her go up onto her tip-toes and he leaned down a bit to make up for his height. He felt her lips touch hers and held on to the kiss for as long as he could. He used his thumb to wipe away the single tear that rolled down her cheek. "As you wish." He said with a small smile.
    His ears picked up the footsteps of a human. "I believe your grandmother is up. I would like to talk to her while you pack." Ash said, kissed Lucy on the forehead and slipped out the door. Speaking to her grandmother for a while as he waited for Lucy.