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  1. Hello to everyone! My real name's Mariano, i'm a 20 years old guy from Argentina and i'm looking for new partners.

    Ok, first off, let's go with what kind of things you can expect of me, alright?

    - First of all, i post on a daily or almost daily basis, and many times a day since i study with the computer, so i'm fairly active.

    - I like playing lots of characters, but usually i play characters that are controversial or in some way special in their world (Imagine Aragorn being lazy, an AI that turns jedi, a Klingon scientist, a Dwarf rogue, a Hobbit warrior with a shitty bully attitude), the unscrupulous badass that usually does things for the grater good, rebels or people in some way casted away and finally, refinated diplomats or masters of some kind. So, yeah, although i play a lot of different characters, they usually share some base idea.

    - I play male and female characters, or anything in between, really.

    - I like some romance in my RPs, and i can do smut, but usually i don't plan ahead, it just happens because the characters are like that and feel like it. Homo or bisexuality are no problems, and polyamorous couples (or groups, i think?) aren't either.

    - I don't like Furry, nor cute anime style RPs (But something like Madoka could be), i won't do yaoi or yuri just because (but again, no problem with gay romance), and i think the other things i wouldn't play are just because i'm not interested.

    - I have no length requierements, nor grammar requirements, but this doesn't mean i want to roleplay one-liners or with someone that writes in Czechoslovak. If you tell me what happens and i can understand you easily, it's fair game because i usually have some grammar mistakes (don't hate me, i usually use my ipod and english is not my mother tongue, so i can commit mistakes) and maybe if our characters are chatting and nothing's happening around for a bit i might have short posts.
    If you need to know how much i'll write, my regular posts are around half the size of this post, more or less (depending on how many characters i got and how many description i need). I often use photos to illustrate characters or places.

    - I like replied from once a day to more often, but even once every 2 or 3 days it's ok. I usually reply quickly (i forgot if i don't).

    - I like RPing either in threads or PM. Whatever floats your goat XD

    - I like other people to be dominant, but i can be dominant too (not that i can't, i'm always the dominant and i want to take arest for a change) but i always like to bring plot bunnies and twists into it, so be ready! Also i usually have a couple of NPCs so i'd like my partner to have some of the same costumes.

    Ok! That was a lot of Me Me Me!!!! bullshit and nothing about roleplaying! Let's get to it, will ya? Ok, first off i should tell you what i like to RP. Know that i can and love a lot more of things than the ones i'm writting here, but i can't possibly remember them all, so if i didn't say i hate them, just ask!

    I like Fantasy (medieval, modern), Sci Fi, Historical, Horror, Action/Adventure, Real World Fiction, Mistery (although is hard for me to play it, maybe if you take the lead i can follow you), Apocaliptical, Superhero (more gritty ones, but in the comics they always are, so no problem), Spionage, Mythological, Pulp, Cthulhu Mythos and a LOOOOOOOONG ETCETERA!

    I also like some fandoms (Capital for what i like most): ATLA, MASS EFFECT, maybe Warcraft, HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC 5/6, WARHAMMER 40K, GLORANTHA, Star Trek/Wars, The Walking Dead, Fable (Once Upon a Time), Paradise Lost (the poem), THE INVISIBLES.

    I play Tabletop Roleplaying games, so if there's one you play, we might bring it here, too.

    If you can read spanish, i'm doing my own setting for any kind of games, so if you're interested, i can hand it to you.

    Now! A few Settings i got and never used (or never lasted):

    Void (L5R Spin off (open)
    The empire is in full blossom. 2.000 years ago, the 10 kami of the clans faced the black kami (and their brother) Fu-Leng, king of the Okoku Kage (SHadow Realm), accompanied by the great sage, Shinsei (New Way). The Heroes that, along Shinsei, came back to the empire made a tournement where all of them would take part, and the winner would rule among them.

    Musashi, the Green Dragon, didn't take part on the tournement because he already knew who would win. AS predicted by Musashi, Hantei the First rised with victory as the new emperor of the Hisui Teikoku (the Jade Empire).
    AS suck, every brother sworn fealthy to Hantei, and founded a Clan to help him.

    Kisada sworn to protect the borders, so nobody could enter and he could face Fu-Leng, the one that had killed his son and founded the Crab Clan whose coor would be grey.
    Musashi sworn to learn and teach the power of the body, and the power of illumination over it And founded the Dragon Clan whose color would be green.
    Suzumi sworn to protect all arts and forms of the human soul, be it dance, be it the art of the sword And founded the Crane Clan whose color would be white
    Leyamee sworn to excell in the arts of the occult, magic and science, so he could lead the way of the empire And founded the Fenix Clan whose coor would be orange.
    Han Sui sworn to learn all the secrets, know all the corners and accept the weight of the shadows, and founded the Scorpion Clan whose color would be blue.
    Motoko Sworn to protect the emperor and his peace, and if his peace was broken, to punish the guilty, and founded the Lion Clan whose color would be red.
    Kuomo sworn to protect the Mother Earth, and it's balance over the empire, to give the emperor Mother Earth's wisdom, and founded the Wolf Clan, whose color would be brown.
    Miyu sworn to honor the sea, and protect it, so the lords of the waves would provide them with all they need, and founded the Shark Clan, whose color would be yellow.
    Han sworn to protect the hearts and minds of the people, and heal them all: earth, sky, sea, men and beasts, and purge what Fu-leng taunted, and founded the Lotus Clan, whose color would be Magenta.

    AS your forefathers did in times foregone, you also will pledge allegiance today to our emperor, Hantei the 89th and your clan, your mission and your family, to start this Gemppuku ceremony. Honor your elders and the empire.

    This is a medieval japanese fantasy setting where magic and honor make the way for humanity. And, well, a lot of steel and politics too.

    Abombwe (african setting) (open)
    THis is a Sword and Sorcery setting with an african setting. There are four clans inside a tribe: the gorilla clan, the rinoceros clan, the pecker clan and the snake clan. THey all live in semi-harmony and are conected to their totems, these animals, with who they share everything.
    Every Clan has a specific function in the society:

    Pecker: the Pecker clan is the clan of shamans, clerics and mages. They heal and protect the others.

    Rinoceros: they are the common people: farmers, craftsman, little people that live one day at a time. Most of them take up arms when they need to protect their families.

    Snake: creators, artists, messengers, people that lives with hapiness and creativity and face life with a different view. They are aldo renowned rogues, spys and assasins.

    Gorilla: the gorilla clan are fighters, guardians and leaders. They protect the holly city of Abombwe, and the other people on their midst. The gorilla clan has developed a new kind of martial art they use in couples with the gorillas.

    Abombwe: a city in a valley walled with two huge walls. It is used to hold against any siege (like the Helm's keep)

    The idea i had was that maybe the gnolls start pushing them in organized waves and start taking part of their territories so from then on they gotta start facing them to recover their lands. I got a little else planned for the RP but, maybe you can add to it.

    If you want more about gnolls: In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, gnolls greatly resemble humanoid hyenas. They are usually between seven and eight feet tall, weighing around 250 to 320 pounds, and use armor made of horn, metal, or leather. Gnolls are generally depicted in the game world as feral nomads who kill and pillage without warning. Their whole bodies are covered in reddish-brown fur which becomes shorter as it surrounds their faces and clawed hands to reveal grey colored skin. Their pelts vary from mono-colored to spotted and their eyes are either yellow or black.

    Gnolls feature in the Discworld series novel Jingo (and others in the series) by Terry Pratchett. They are small, matted and dirty enough to sprout fungi and grasses on their hides (and seem to relate to soil as trolls relate to rock), and act as street-cleaners in cities like Ankh-Morpork; as Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson puts it, they "pick up this, pick up that, maybe bang it against the wall until it stops struggling..." In the case of at least Stoolie, if not every gnoll on the Discworld, there seems to be a tendency to drop the vowels in words, reflecting a croaking sort of voice.


    Also, i got a couple of ideas i've not been able to fullfill and some others that died out but i'd like to play, still. Here are some.

    -One was about a world that was only a mega-chain of mountains beneath where the dwarves lived. All chars were dwarves, slave to the giants, and we were revolucionaries.
    I loved my char and loved all chars there, and we worked really good.

    There was also one i played here, let me bring it to you: Four Sword's Frontier (Lucifers Sairen x Lithël Aelfwine)
    I love the setting we made together, it just needed to get a little more development. THis other is the same story, taken from another angle.
    The Frontier of the Four Swords

    This was a seed i wanted to plant but never had people interested The Forgotten Sun/El Sol Olvidado

    And one of my favourite fandoms: ATLA Avatar: The Three Element Company
    I love my char here, most of all. And the little story behind them.

    Moreover, i belive i got a pretty neat idea: a transgender girl (from boy to girl) meets a regular new age boy and they immediatly get cought by each other's charms. THey'd meet in a college residence so that they leaved together in the same building and maybe in the same room? some error in the paperwork and they end up in the same room?
    THey might go to the same college or something.

    I got a lot of ideas, but not a real plot prepared in mind just now, so feel free to post here or send me a PM. We could also play a group RP if there's people interested.
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  2. DUUUDE i'm still looking!
  3. I'm interested. Maybe I could introduce you to my fantasy universe I created. Just pm me if you are interested.
  4. I'm still looking, people! All you can RP!
  5. I'm up for a Warhammer 40k rp. PM me but I work tomorrow so I may not respond right away.
  6. Totally! I'll PM you
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