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  1. Hi there. I'm Lithël Aelfwine, and i'm looking for new partners to RP.
    Ok, you knew that, let's go to things you don't know:
    - I play both genders, that's not a big problem. I tend to play males and get along better with girls, don't know why, so i can play both but i mostly play male.
    - I like romance in my RPs, i really do, but i'm against the romantic RPs when the whole point is to have a romance. I like a plot that has romance, not a plot that IS romance. Sex is not a problem, i'm pretty good with writing romance and sex scenes (i tend to write more in that scenarios than in anyone else).
    - I do romance, but i've never really tried FxF or MxM. I'm willing to try it, though, if you don't hate me because i don't know what i'm doing.
    - I reply a lot of times daily so i spects that you post at least 2 times a day.
    - I like Group roleplays, but they always end up with people missing, so i prefer it when the group is little (3-4) and i like 1x1s. That's what i usually do, really.
    - Lately, i'm being ultra passive (this means i want YOU to take the lead, to decide what's going on next and who will come) but i sometimes feel like introducing a new character, a new plot twist, a new element, and i won't say anything to make it a surprise, or tell you if you ask me beforehand.

    Things i like to play: Anything in a Feudal Japanese setting, anything ATLA themed, anything in a medieval fantasy setting, anything about psychology or spiritual or religious themes (extremelly interested in these), anything historical and lovecraftian horror.

    Things i DON'T like or WON't play: furry, i just don't get the point to it and most times it has to be sex with them. I have a cat, dude. I don't like yuri of yaoi, not because i'm agains MxM of FxF pairings, just because this genres use the sexuality BAD (why all the ukes look like they're being raped!?). No Twilight, not creepypastas.

    I don't care about post lenght, really. I usually post about a 3-line paragraph and 3 8-lines paragraphs, depending in if i just have to answer a question or if we are in a sex scene with monkeys dancing above us. My grammar is sometimes bad but that's due to that i'm not a natural english speaker so sometimes i write nonsense. Please don't say anything.

    Plot ideas: I usually like to co-op to get a plot, so maybe these aren't the best plot ideas. Feel free to ask me for any other plot idea.
    -Paradise Lost: Based on the poem of John Milton, a group of angels that fight the war on heaven for mankind and then are condemned to the Abyss. May have something else, like go on in nowadays in a setting like Demon: the Fallen
    -ATLA: Canon, AU, anything here is welcomed.
    -Mages: Mages in their seek for power and knowledge. The magic as the control of reality or the combination of words such as Ars Magica

    If you came all the way down here and want to play, Write bellow or send a PM
  2. I'm interested in the last idea, but the wording of your post implies you're only interested in Libertine RPs.
  3. Sorry! No, i'm into anything, libertine or not. So, want to PM me to see what we can do for the plot? Or do you want to publish it here so we can try a group RP?
  4. Well, I'm currently working out an idea for something called "The Trading Club". Basically a club that does TCG stuff. I'm stuck on the exact details, though, so if you wanna work off of that, let's go. If not, that's also fine.
  5. I don't get how the Trading Card Games Cub has anything to do with the idea of mages but i can be missing something.
    I don't feel like roleplaying TCG (not Magic: the Gathering, not Yu Gi Oh, maybe something else like L5R could be because is more plot)
  6. Ah, whoops, misunderstanding. Let's stick with the mages idea, then. I'd meant to introduce as a separate idea altogether.
  7. Ah! Sorry, i didn't get it.
    So would you like the mage idea to be group RP or 1x1? What would you like to play in the RP?
  8. Let's go 1x1.
  9. Ok, so, PM me o we can plot it.
  10. This is still open, folks! (yes, i'm bumping this with style)
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  11. Please, somebody
  12. Hello :) i'd like to rp with you! If it's okay with you i really like to come up with plots by planning them out with my partner, it is a lot of fun to me. So if you'd like to do that with me then pm me :) i will reply multiple times a day.. unless it's the weekend, and i usually reply rather quickly. If you do pm me today and i don't get back to you it is because i have gotten off for the night and i will get back to you first thing when i get on tomorrow morning. :)
  13. So you sound like you might be interesting to plot with an role play so I was wondering if you'd like to shoot me a message and we can plot? *smiles shyly*
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