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  1. Not to say you have to write like Stephen King, I can deal with 1-2 paragraphs as long as they're nice and meaty; but if you can do more, please do! =D

    Right now I'd have to say medieval fantasy is my preference, I never aim for romance but if you MUST have it, I won't say no; but my character ultimately has to decide for him/herself. I make no promises. xD

    I have about a million unformed plots buzzing about my cranium at any given time, so if you're low on plot ideas just start brainstorming with me. ;3, I love brainstorming. ^^

    Dragons, werewolves, talking animals, time portals, insect people, undead, evil forces clutching at powerless worlds...c'mon! It all sounds fun to me! ;D lol, And I enjoy antagonistic roles as much if not more than protagonistic ones. xD, So, reply here or PM me if you wanna' cook up somethin' fun! ;3

    Things I enjoy:

    Creepy ruins
    Psychological aspects
    Character interaction & development

    ((If it seems like I've forgotten you...I probably have! xD, I very often get scatter-brained and forget to reply to a conversation because I previously read it and didn't respond right away etc. so know how it is. xD, So feel free to nudge me, flick me, kick me, bite me - chances are I'm not avoiding you on purpose. ;3 ))

    Current Plot Ideas:

    • Two prisoners in a royal prison, both imprisoned for separate reasons, conspire to escape; one to right a wrong within the royal family, the other for personal gain. Will they work together to help save themselves? Or will they seek to help end the turmoil in their kingdom?
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  2. Might want to change the title, man. People will throw rocks at you.
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  3. Haven't had any rocks thrown at me yet, just RPs! ^-^
  4. Ro-ocks~

    In seriousness it may help your search. 'Literate' is kind of a dirty word around here
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  5. I'd love to RP with you!~ Throw me a PM if you'd like!
  6. And yet here I sit still getting people messaging me to get RPs goin'. ;D

    Think I'll go ahead and not fix something that ain't broke. lol ^^
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  7. Added a plot idea I'm currently interested in developing to the original post. =)
  8. *coughs and throws rock at you from a distance*
  9. *flicks pebbles*

    If you're searching for RP partners with a particular writing level it might help to use the terms Iwaku puts in their searchable tags. That way people will know exactly what you're looking for.
    Just some friendly advice ^^
    Good luck with your search.
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  10. Your profile image just made me /really/ happy! (Total borderlands geek.) but anyways. I'd love to rp with you! nvn
  11. We had a PM going but I believe you got a bit sidetracked. Does this give me leave to throw rocks at you? <3
  12. Y'know, for all the bitching I see it still seems I have no trouble finding partners, so throw all the E-rocks you want, I'm doin' jus' fine! xD

    And if "literate" isn't self-explanatory, or you need a definition, here ya' go! =D

    Amo: I'd love to RP with you! ^^, Will send you a PM shortly. ;3

    Sansa Stark: OF COURSE IT MEANS YOU CAN THROW ROCKS! I give permission for that very reason. xD, I did indeed get side-tracked, I intended to explain anyway. My room mate's car was recently stolen and we've been kept busy by police nonsense. Our household has been sorta' chaotic so I'm currently in the process of catching up. I have three more unread messages I think and then my inbox is clean. I may have lost a partner or two, so I guess I'll give a disclaimer: I can and will write quite a bit in any given situation, one character or many. I like to immerse myself in writing, being ill and bed-ridden, it's all I can do. Role-playing helps me forget my real life troubles and pain, so yes, I do get lengthy with my posts. If that bothers anyone in particular, they can simply ignore me now.

    On that note, because I lost a few partners, I'm open to a couple more. =)
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  13. Of course. Shall we start a new PM? Also, I'm so sorry about your roommate's car, that's awful!
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  15. I suppose I couldn't care less Mizz Pinky. :P Literate, as a word, has its definition. Go read it or get over it. What you or your online community THINK the term means, denotes or signifies does not make it so. It's self-explanatory, and I really don't concern myself with something like popular opinion. I'm easy going and open to most any RP idea in most any genre, if people here don't like the fact I use the word "literate", that seems exceedingly silly to a degree I cannot define. xD

    Chill out, folks. xD

    Still seeking some fun, engaging, long-winded, extremely literate, adventurous, crazy-awesome one-on-ones! ^^
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