Literate 1x1 Superhero Rp anyone?

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  1. Well hello there.

    Okay. Let's get started. Basically I'm looking for a 1x1 Role-play, a very specific Role-play.
    What is this very specific 1x1 you may ask? Well my friends, sit right down, grab some popcorn, and let little Ol' Neon here tell ya'll.

    What I currently want to do is a 1x1 Superhero based Role-play.
    Now this Rp can be set in the Marvel or DC world. Or our own world/ a completely new world/any world you would like!
    My only requirement is that we use only OCs.
    Let me expand on this: I have nothing against any of the actual heroes, I just can't play them with out there being a horrible, horrible outcome. So in order to save my partner from the horrible emotional scars that will surely come about if I attempt to play them, I refuse to play any cannon characters. On the same note, if you really want to involve the actual heroes and think you can handle 6+ characters [seeing as how if we do involve them, I would looooooove to do Avengers (The movie)] being dumped on you [along with your own OC, if you chose to have one] and you can do it well- then okay. I will forever revere you as the most amazing person to have ever graced the internet with your presence. Continuing with that thought, I will most likely only have one OC [A girl], but I will happily play any background characters we need. /Whoknows,maybeIcanevenbeforcedtoplayFury.Maybe.

    And that's all I got. Thanks ya'll for reading! And.. Yep. /scurries back off into corner.
  2. hmm im intrested but am i making my own superhero character?
  3. I'm interested in this, though I'd definitely prefer using O.C.'s. I'm terrified of butchering the cannon characters ^^;
  4. Re: 1x1 Superhero Rp anyone?

    @Kronas17 and @One Must Wonder

    Would either of you be interested in doing a sort of group Superhero Rp?
    More then likely just the three of us, and purely OCs c:
    [I know I did say 1x1, so I totally understand if not ^^]