Literal Or Jokester?

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  1. This really peaked my curiosity because my brother and I have completely different ways of handling situations, discussions, and really, because I'm the literal person and he's a jokester, we have many miscommunications. I'm curious, whether it be a family member, a friend, or even a coworker, what is it like for daily communication with that person a complete opposite of you or the same? Are you the literal person or a complete jokester? What are ways you solve problems and situations without making the other person be offended/rude about what you say?
  2. Jokester.

    Comedy in general takes more skill with timing and delivery than drama. As such, the Jokester perhaps can manipulate the emotional battlefield of a conversation a touch easier than the Literalist.
  3. I'm in between. If I know a person well enough to know they can take jokes, i'll be a jokester with them. I'll be quite normal around a person I just met or don't know very well because idk how their humor will be. When a situation comes where joking is not acceptable then I follow it. I know how to separate the jokes from the seriousness.

    A solution would be to get to know the person well and see if they can take jokes. If not then don't joke around with them like that.
  4. I'm a little bit of both, really. It depends on the situation, the person, and how I feel about it in general.
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  5. Do you have any solutions to suggest for siblings? My brother is younger than me and he often jokes about every little thing, careless about whatever the situation is.
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  6. I have an older brother that's so serious looking and speaking that when he makes just sounds's caused quite the rift between us before.
  7. I mean it really depends to be honest. If your brother is just a little kid then it's expected since kids can't comprehend or don't understand what's going on or the serioussness so you have to teach them. If he's a little older than that as in a teen or something, then you can talk to him about why it's wrong to joke about that and explain to him exactly what he's joking about.

    I remmember I was the same way and my brothers would tell me not to laugh because it was bad. Lets say it was a deadly disease or something, they would say something like "That's not funny. People actually die from that." I would know not to joke and it would actually make me curious and want to know more about it.
  8. Okay, thank you! :)
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