INTEREST CHECK Literal Mother Earth (Crazy idea, check it out!)

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  1. I'll give you the idea in a nutshell and lets see how it goes! If more people are interested then I'll expand more on this idea, and feel free to give me your own crazy ideas into the mix!

    So the legend goes that there was this Goddess the size of a planet who was in charge of safekeeping an Earth-like planet from harm. However, she was slightly naive and didn't realize an evil plot by one of her fellow Goddesses, her sister no less, who secretly unleashed a race of her own creation to meddle with this Goddess's creations. These evil beings were monsters that were feeding on the planet's energy in secret. The Goddess failed in her duty to detect them and stop them in time, and by then her power had faded too much to defeat her sister. The planet was too far gone, but the Goddess managed to scoop up the surviving lifeforms into her hands and then escaped into a realm where her sister couldn't find her. Knowing that the lifeforms in her hands would quickly die in this current state, she sacrificed herself so that they might live on. She refused to make them all pay for her mistakes. She curled up into a ball and went into a deep hibernation, for all intents and purposes dead, and used her energy that had kept her living to pass on to the life forms. An atmosphere and earth-like gravity was created around her (as an example you can walk all the way around the circumference of her arm and remain upright the entire time). Plantlife grew out of her skin, creating vast forests. Her "sweat" turns into seas. Many other materials also formed onto her skin such as rocks, diamonds, etc. She became mother earth.

    The lifeforms not only survived, but due to her great sacrifice they managed to thrive. Majestic cities have formed in the palms of her hands, but they have expanded all over as well. (In case you're wondering she doesn't have any reproductive organs and the only openings (besides small pores in her skin) are on her face). So anyways, although it starts out as just a rumor, people begin to find out that the Goddess had, in her haste and desperation, accidentally scooped up some of those monsters who had lead to the destruction of their previous planet, and they have been multiplying and draining the energy from the Goddess keeping everyone alive. Luckily the Goddess's sister who had created these monstrosities hasn't found them yet, but even without her the situation is still dire. These monsters are separated into classes and Class C and above can be extremely tough for normal people to deal with, so elite teams were created to eliminate them before they can cause too much damage. These monsters can retreat through pores in her skin and travel insider her body, which is very dangerous to humans, who cannot follow them for very long without dying. Luckily the monsters have to travel to the surface to drain the energy (the Goddess brought her energy to the surface to sustain all the life forms, after all). When they come up to steal the energy, that's the time to strike!

    This won't only be a battle roleplay, but we will also have a lot of character related stuff and exploration of this unique and bizarre "world" that we live in. That alone should keep us quite occupied with interesting experiences. Besides humans there will be a lot of other races, such as some with cat ears and tails. Some real and fantasy animals can be here as well as completely made up ones unique to this roleplay. For technology, I can go with either fantasy or fantasy with some sci-fi thrown in depending on which one most of you prefer.

    So, anyone interested? Any ideas? Any questions?

    P.S. For anyone wondering how I came up with something so crazy I was inspired by Xenoblade, a game where you live on a giant monster-like thing.