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I'm looking for some interesting RP's so what follows are some of my RP ideas. I will also accept RP ideas, so If you have an idea you're more than free to send me a pm and we'll see if I'm interested and if I can make a decent character for you.

Fantasy ideas

Against all tyrants
In a medieval fantasy world a religious group rules over the citizens like tyrants; they demand absurds amounts of payment, constantly scheme amongst each other to gain more power and even go as far as make human sacrifices all in the name of their God.
Meanwhile below the streets, in sewers and basements, a resistance is formed; rebels who want nothing more than to be freed from oppression. They are ill-equipped, few in numbers and many honestly believe in the God that has been force fed to them over many generations so morale isn't all too high.
We will be playing parts of the resistance.

Strength of the mountains
In a land of nothing but mountains and valleys, an empire from the south expands and claims the high land for its own, eager to take the riches that lie deep in the rock for its own. Despite heavy resistance from the natives, the empire succeeds in conquering the land and establishes a firm grasp on the area.
Many of the original inhabitants still desire freedom however and flee into the mountains, away from civilisation, and wage a never-ending guerrilla war against a foe much larger and stronger than them. The rebels are few in numbers, but ruthless and value strength above all.
Again we will be playing the rebels.

Historical RP

Daggers in purple
Roman RP set in the time of Claudius' rule in 51AD, a plot to assassinate the emperor has been suspected by the imperial spies. Unknown whether it is true or who might be involved, two outsiders are called in from the legion to join the praetorian guard in order to act as undercover agents and as secure and trustworthy bodyguards to the emperor.
We will be playing the undercover agents.

Fandom RP

Elder scrolls: under the wing
During the time of Skyrim's civil war a lot of young men and women turn to war for profit and become mercenaries and sellswords. My character will play a veteran to battle and war who recently had an experience that made him think twice about his life and eager to make himself be remembered, while your character is a green newcomer looking for experience and adventure.

Elder scrolls: blood and gold.
This is an elder scrolls roleplay revolving around brigands and bandits. We will at first start off at Robber's gorge as part of the bandit group there, after a raid on Dragon bridge, the jarl of Hjaalmarch has had enough and sends imperial soldiers to clear out the bandit camp. One way or another our characters survive and have to set out to find a new path in life.

Fallout: fed to the bull
In this fallout RP we will be part of the NCR military, the regular troops, stationed at a newly set up outpost at the El Dorado gas & service station. Our job will be to patrol the roads and keep traveling merchants safe from raider gangs and troops from caesar's legion which manage to get across the river. However we will be severely undermanned and ill-equiped and in time things go from bad to worse.



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Im intrested in doing a fallout,skyrim or a fantasy rp with you
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