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Hey all! So, obviously, I am looking for some male characters for my rps below! As for a roleplayer, I'm searching for someone who can rp decently, and is a cool person that can talk to me outside of rp if they want or need to!

I myself am always up for conversation (if it's desired that is), and am super flexible as a roleplayer. I'll match your post lengths, can accommodate kinks and interests, and will try to make a fun roleplaying experience for us both.

All of the roleplays here can be played with or without romance, clean or not. As long as a little bit of plot at least is kept in tact, it's all good!
If you think you have the chops to "be the one," feel free to PM me, and we can discuss details!

:) Thanks for the read, and happy roleplaying!


In a world of a decreasing population, males are the dominant gender and head of the household, while females are still respected but seen with slightly lower status, and their main purpose is to reproduce. Both genders begin education until twenty; afterwards, men are then assigned a career based on their talents and interests, and women are left to run the house, take care of the kids, make dinner, and please the man. Though, their lives are quite easy and enjoyable, since they go to school until age eighteen, then stay at home to enjoy the pleasures the man is taught to give her. At age thirteen, the girls are fitted for a chastity belt, of which the key belongs to the father until age eighteen. However it can come on and off as the keyholder likes, and also for sex ed, which both sexes are signed up for once they hit thirteen.

My character would just be coming of age and would be introduced to this new way of life.

This rp can include multiple characters and kinkier themes if desired.

If there was one word to describe this night, it'd be... arbitrary. Loud. Bright. Blurry. A word to describe Madison? Wasted. Remorseful. Angry. But why? So it makes more sense, let's go back a little: back when Madison (or Mads, for short) was younger, say thirteen, fourteen, she was the most well behaved kid that a parent could raise. Not only that, she was different than the average child; she was insightful, curious, kind, intelligent. Rather than caring about materialistic things like popularity and clothes, she had real goals and values. Her tendency to stand out drew people to her, and she made her parents proud to call her their daughter.

However, that was until she began to draw in the wrong crowd. They were delinquents, these teens Madison called her "friends." They drank alcohol, experimented with drugs, stole, and did almost everything imaginable. Because Mads was impressionable, it didn't take long before their actions rubbed off on her. It started with minor things, like stealing a keychain from a store or rolling her eyes at her superiors, but as time progressed, things got worse, as did her parents' relationship. Madison's actions were dividing her parents into two sides; her mom wanted to help her daughter, and steer her back into the right direction. But her father, he knew there was no stopping her. Madison, she began to resent both of them. She would sneak out the house just to get away from their presence. Like tonight, she and her mother got into a big argument, and Madison just left. Her father was out, and she didn't even think he'd be back tonight anyway.

And so here she was, aged eighteen with a fake ID, at a club a few houses down from one of her friends' house, with her criminal group of friends. Though... she wasn't sure where they were now. They were all at the bar with her, ushering her drinks to clear her mind. And then they were gone... weren't they? Already too drunk to stably stand, she bumped her way through the sweaty, dancing crowd, looking for her friends. Thinking maybe they were in the back alley, she went to the back of the club.

After opening the door and walking out into the cool air, she tripped and stumbled down the few stairs, falling into someone's arms, causing her drink to fly from her hands and shatter on the ground. Little did she know she just fell into the arms of her first [lover/dominant/etc.]. "Ssor...ry..." She slurred with her cheek pressed against the stranger's body.

It was another night she had to get away. Run, run... Those were the only words that her brain could process. She'd been running for what felt like a mile; her legs were tired, threatening to give out any second. And just when she thought there was no chance of escaping, she saw an alley to her left, just a few more strides ahead.


The girl heard the screeching horn of her father's car not too far behind, the sound piercing her ears and motivating her to run faster. Just a few steps more.

Oh God- "Mph!" Suddenly, she rebounded backward to the hard ground, after running into what felt like a wall.

"Oh!" A masculine voice said with concern, eyeing the girl he'd just ran into by accident. He extended a hand to offer assistance up, however it seemed the girl could handle herself, and got up in a hurry. "I'm sorry miss, are you-"

"Shh!" The girl hushed the man sharply while pulling him into the alley beside them, running a few steps in. Then, they both stood against the brick wall, their bodies glued as the wide eyed girl held her heavy breath. "Stay quiet."

A dark car drove down the hill at a slow, steady speed. The driver's window was rolled down, giving the driver a good view to find his daughter. "Oh Jaaylyyyn!" An amused, male voice called out tauntingly. This was a game for him, like hide and seek. Luckily the dark night sky made her silhouette almost invisible in the even darker alley.

"III'm gonna getcha!" He laughed almost maniacally before finally passing the alley after what felt like eternity.

Just as the vehicle was out of sight, the girl, now identified as Jaylyn, let out a loud exhale that she'd been holding the whole time, almost gasping for breath as she fell to the ground, sobs overtaking her.

I don't have a prompt or start typed up for this one, though I do have the premise. It would involve your character having been stalking mine for a while, and soon, you finally reveal yourself to me -however, as my father's new friend.

After a war was declared between the Earth and another galaxy, the world was filled with various battles, where after each, the winning side would received an earned trophy, indicating their victory. After a won battle by YC's world, MC is offered as a medal.

I've recently started having a desire for a kidnapping rp. This could possibly include some darker themes, but it doesn't have to. Some pairings for this consist of but are not limited to (MCxYC):
DaughterxAbsent Father
Anything else you want to do!

As always, I'm super flexible and am willing to match your needs! Message me or reply to set something up!


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I like mild Fantasy, some modern, romance, yuri, bdsm, spanking, bondage, love, magical, myth, school, anime/manga,
I be interested in the coming of age role play. If willing we could talk more to the role play and even add some interesting twists. If willing pm me please.
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