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I started to put tags on my profile, but I noticed when I clicked to submit them, I wasn't allowed to use a tag that already wasn't pre-made. Is there a list anywhere of possible profile tags that can be used? If not, can this be added somewhere? And if this is just a stupid question that has been asked a million times, feel free to just show me the door. lol



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Right now we don't have a list up, but since Diana is far from done with all the updates there is a chance that she already have planned to make one, she just haven't had time yet because of all the bugs.

As far as I can see, when you write in a tag, they come down in a drop down menu, which shows you exactly which ones exists. For example, if you write "sci" two items will be listed "scifi" and "science fantasy", so that way you can see if the tag exists or not until a list comes.
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