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Lion's Roar (Animal Humanoid RP, 18+ Female Partne

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zachary-Sama, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys, Omega here. I'm here with a new RP idea. I need a new Rp, since none of mine have been really active in the last week. Well, this time it's a near furry RP. Humans with Animal DNA.

    Leo Domis (open)

    Name: Leo Domis
    Age: 19
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair: Blonde
    Race: Lion Humanoid
    Leo is a Leonis Sapian, a human Lion. He has no distinguishing Lion-like features, except for his long lion tail. He may be a lion, but his tail has the strength of a primate's, which he uses to hang from poles and such upside down. He is always lonely, and he feels like a caged animal. His animal spirit holds a great power.
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  2. Still looking
  3. "Hi im Katsumi Ryuu im a nine tailed fox! " as i slowly walk up to this mystery person . * smiles brightly *
  4. This isn't a jump-in so I hope you're just being cute. And if you apply PLEASE do NOT use the character your account is based on. Make a NEW character if you want in this RP.
  5. I was try to get your attention so yes im being cute and ok give me a second
  6. You need to give me an entire CS. And FYI this is not a Magic Rp
  7. Still looking for a partner for this. Still having good ideas involving this RP
  8. Seriously, still looking.
  9. you're a dude so no.
  10. Hello,

    I'm interested in this role play.

    I usually only role play within fandoms, but this idea caught my attention.

    What was the plot you had in mind?
  11. Well I was thinking he was homeless. And his lion blood would likely get him into all sorts of trouble. I was thinking that his love interest would be the only person who saw any good in him.
  12. Would his love interest be a full human or half breed like him?
  13. Could be either. Though if she's an animal-person I'd like it if she was one of the meeker animals, someone that in all forms of logic should be afraid of him.
  14. How about a deer?
  15. Yeah that would work. Though I have concerns about your resume. You say you're usually only on during the weekends. And while I'm not shunning you for your availability, I cannot see myself with an RP that I only get replies from once or twice a week.
  16. That's when I'm most active. I can manage a few replies everyday, so long as I don't get sick or life suddenly becomes chaotic.
  17. Okay that's fine then.
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