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"You are exceptional in what you do, and you have even greater potential in what you can do in time." - J. Willard Kralersaut


You received a letter bearing only these words on the lip, upon further inspection, you find an invitation, bearing these, distinctly different words:
"J. Willard Kralersaut Training Facility - Bern, Switzerland

You have been identified for your exemplary skill in your field, and are invited henceforth to participate in an educational and health-based training program, designed to help special individuals such as yourself to better reach your potential and to help the greater good. Should you choose to accept our offer, full accommodation and transport will be provided to you, though do know that everything you have in your life must be left behind. We believe in fresh starts and a carte blanche to help our participants in the most effective ways possible and hope you understand.

If you have accepted the responsibility and technicalities of this decision and choose to accept our offer, simply resend this letter as it was sent to you, and further instructions will arrive shortly.

Warmest regards,

Some chose to resend the letter, and accept the invitation by this mysterious organization, those who did were greeted by an impossibly rapid response.

A knock on your door.

"Get in."

That's all you remember.

1. Romdeaux is god of this roleplay, see that hand reaching down from the clouds? That's them.
2. No playing god, it's not cool.
3. No killing without permission, also not cool.
4. You may have as many characters as you want.
4.5 Provided you can keep them all up.
5. This is a LGBTQIA(+)-friendly roleplay, no worries.
6. Respect everyone, no racism or sexist behavior, or any other kind of hate. Don't ignore players, no one likes to be left out.
7. Leave "Megacorp" somewhere in your skellington, so i know you read this.
8. Romance is, welcome. just don't get out of hand.
9. Intermediate skill.
10. Don't quote the first page.
11. Highlight the entire post please.
11.5. Lol you did it? the absolute madman!
12. All out of character posts will be made in the OOC thread.
13. I'm overwriting rule #7, leave "godsend" in the spooky bones, instead.

Please follow every single rule on this list and nobody gets hurt, see?

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