Lion King Themed Roleplay anyone?

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  1. So I had an idea for a Lion King themed roleplay that I was wondering the interest it would have on you fine folks.

    So it's set as a kingdom far from Simba's Pride to another part of Africa, called The Sun Kingdom. Another group of lions live as kings/queens of other prides, but they do not rule over those they hunt. instead, there is one royal family ruling over the other prides. but each pride has a pair of leaders (one male, one female). They struggle every day to stay alive.

    Soon, food becomes scarce because winter is fast approaching. Turning to the king and queen of the land, they hope to find answers. Like every year, the king and queen order rations, and a gathering of the different prides. the North and West Prides are paired, and the South and Eastern Prides are paired. According to each pride's gifts, that has always gotten them through a famine.

    But there is something darker looming; a new pride from the far, far North has invaded, and they do not follow the king or queen's rules, because they follow another monarchy. They are in search of food, and are willing to fight for the lands that this utopia holds. The invading pride is none other than the Pridelanders from Simba's Pride, back when Mufasa was killed and Scar was in power.

    A battle is fought and eventually, The Sun Kingdom drove the Pridelanders off their lands, but at great cost. Many prides were disbursed and ruined; the king fell. A new reign began over the lands as it began to pick up after the shock of battle. Years pass, and things haven't quite gotten back to what the lands were known for in the years before the Pridelanders. But it isn't as bad as it once was, food is much easier to find and new leaders have risen. Even those lions and lionesses who had once been part of Simba's kingdom have joined the Sun Kingdom in hopes of a better life.

    A new heir to the throne is promised to the kingdom, and hopes, moral and joy spread throughout the land; the barren Aziza is having a litter. Life starts to look up for the Kingdom, yet good always comes with bad news; bands of rouges have been sighted around the kingdom. There is talk of a rebellion, which repulses the most of the prides of the Sun Kingdom. Yet, some lions and lionesses join the cause of the rebellion.

    Are the days numbered for the Sun Kingdom's royal family? which side will you choose?

    Tell me if you are interested!
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  2. I wanna be a Lion :O
  3. This sounds awesome! :D I wanna be a non rogue lion :3
  4. Yes! I totally want in on this.
  5. So would you guys still be interested? Sorry things in my personal life got hectic. Hoping you guys are.
  6. I would like to join.
    Queeeestion: Is this realistic or can the lions wear armor? Either or I don't really care. Just want to know if I can use a previous character of mine or have to make a new one.
  7. Still interested =]
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