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  1. just curious if anyone would be intrested in a lionking fandom. i was thinking it could take place during Kovu and Kiara's childrens generation.

    im not picky on how much you write as long as you give something to work with and the rules here are the same as this site

    other than that the characters are oc so have fun with it ill post my character soon and maybe throw some pictures for anyone to use if your feeling lazy or dont have any ideas for your own cat
  2. I'm interested ^^
  3. Cool I'll put my character when I get home :)
  4. sergzf.png
    Name: Kopa

    Son of Simba and Nala. Older brother to Kiara. Was attacked as a cub by Zira for playing with Vitani which left him with scars on his face and body(not included in the picture). He was left for dead and mourned as dead but he ended up waking up and started life on his own. Eventually he found another pride and worked his way into their ranks.
  5. I'm interested! Is there a plot though? Or is it just random prides meeting up with the pride rock prides eventually? Or is it that you can either be in Kopa's or Kiara/Kovu's pride?
  6. i have a few ideas in mind for a plot the first is a bunch of of branching off and comong together under kopa the other main one right now is rewriting the second movie with kopa in it as 'crowned prince' and older brother to Kiara
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  7. Ooh, I like both of those. :D
  8. Lol cool I have a few others in mind but I think they would be too complicated
  9. Oh no! Please share them. If you want to that is. :D
  10. its fine we can stick with those two
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