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  1. I have been in the position before of needing some kind of information for a character but not knowing where to look. Sometimes people just need inspiration and that's where I can help! I have compiled links to other resources across the web that can be useful in creating your character. All credit goes to those who have taken the time to write these articles/blogs/etc. I take no claim to any of these as I am just saving others from going to google.

    If these are helpful please let me know and I might update/ create more lists!​

    Character Secrets:
    415 Secrets
    300 More Secrets
    More Secrets
    List of Phobias

    Sample Roleplay Careers
    Know what field your character works in but need a certain job? Look no further!
    12,000 Jobs

    Huge list of Hobbies
    Another list of Hobbies

    Mental Disorders & Addictions:
    P.S.A: I've seen people create characters with disorders. That is fine, but please be respectful and research in depth before using them.
    How to write a character with a mental disorder
    A list of Mental Disorders
    List of Addictions

    General Lists of Roleplaying Resources: (Talks about RP tips about anything and everything)
    RPH of Generosity
    The Writer's Archive
    Crissvera Helps
    Kazza's Goodies
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