Links breaking when editing signature?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by dragonesper, May 2, 2015.

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  1. Sometimes when I edit my signature the links lose half their URLs.

    I'm not sure if it happens because I choose to edit the signature or of clicking on the link text while on the edit page triggers the issue. Is it a bug or just some unlucky results?
    Have someone else experienced this? And has this even been brought up before?
  2. I haven't encountered anything like this before, but I'm also not quite sure what the circumstances you're describing are.

    Are you using the source editor or the WYSIWYG editor?
  3. Umm... Right. I use the basic rich text editor set as default when you edit the signature.

    The erased URL-text is noticeable when I click "edit link" which makes me wonder if that is the cause of the issue itself. When that happens I get broken links.
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  4. I agree. The [url] bbTag itself doesn't seem to be the issue, or I think more people would have encountered something like this by now. In that case, this is probably something that @Diana would want to hear about. :o
  5. Figures that I stumble upon that one possible coding bug no one really finds...
  6. It's probably adding extra bbcode in there OR bbcode is getting out of order. (Because you're also using size and color.)

    When it breaks, switch to the plain text version and see if it's doing one of those. O_O
  7. Always bbcode in the bbcode editor. o_____o The rich text editor is derpy and doesn't wrap bbcode properly sometimes.
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