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  1. ART - Isla's Aesthetics

    So, I used the "click here for original size" thingy and it messed up on the second, third, and forth tab. It'd previously done it with the size of 200, but I moved it all down 100 and it was fine when I saved everything, but now they're messed up again and I don't know what happened.
  2. I was looking at your code, and firstly, I've never heard of the image hosting site you used and that could be a reason it isn't showing up..
    Because the BIMG tag should show some kind of scaled image, but yours isn't showing up because I think your links are broken. What kind of site is imgsafehouse?
  3. it's an image hosting site that doesn't need you to make an account for it to show up and apparently all of the images work on mobile. ugh, now it looks like i'll have to go back through and rehost everything through photobucket x-x such a pain in the butt
  4. are you unable to use imgur? I think that's highly regarded as the best image hosting site atm.
  5. I'm really wary of imgur because on another roleplay site I used, they banned the host because people were uploading pictures for their roleplays.
  6. You can upload pictures on imgur without publishing them, and no one without the link would be able to search for it. Hope this helps!
  7. Thanks for the idea, but they still get deleted. :|
  8. I am a member on Imgur and have never had any major problems with them. My photos don't get deleted, and my images always show up when I link them. You should try Photobucket URLs first and see if that fixes the issue. If not, I highly suggest using Imgur. ^.^
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  9. I'll be using photobucket, out of safety and concern knowing for sure that my pictures won't get deleted. (: Thank you for the help guys!
  10. Or you can use TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

    It is better than photobucket in a way that it doesn't compress your pics too much.
  11. Yeah, Tinypic doesn't like me very much lol xD Thank you for the suggestion, though!
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