DISCUSSION WORLDBUILDING Linguistics of the word "Kobon?" And nation/land names in general?

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'Ello, I'll jump right into it.

I am developing a race of batfolk who have several subraces, one of which are the Kobolds. Now, I've been bouncing thoughts about and can't quite decide upon something official, but "linguistically speaking", how sound does the name "Kobon" seem for their native lands? Or, their nation. Another possibility is Koberon. Others have suggested "Krater, Kratter," I've based "Gatter" on that. Just a bunch of phrases being slapped around.

Er, thanks for taking a look and considering, by the way.


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For me personally, anything that is too closely related to their sub-race comes across as a little on the nose. My two cents would be, don't hold back from having their lands called something entirely unrelated to them. At the end of the day though it is your world, do what feels right to you when you say or talk about it.