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  1. I'm curious if anyone else would like to get involved with this?

    I know not everyone has nor wants an LJ account, so perhaps if more then three people are interested we can do a club for it. Thoughts? Ideas?
  2. Wow, NaNoWriMo totally drove me nuts and went nowhere, but this looks fun! :D
    I'll be back by then, so I'd definitely give it a try.

    8D What language will you learn?
  3. I'm interested. I think I'll go for Catalan since I saw it on practically all of the signs in Barcelona and it made me go "Ah! What? Not Spanish? ;_;." EDIT: scratch the Occitan, it's practically dying, XD.
  4. I was going back and forth between Japanese and Spanish, I think I'll go with the Japanese since I have more material and I've got a large desire to regain everything I've lost in the last 13 years. Which isn't much, only 4 years of HS Japanese, but still!
  5. I'm up for it!

    I could cheat and choose something structurally close to Greek, because I am fluent in Greek... but...

    I really wanna learn German and Russian.

    Actually, Russian words sorta look like Greek. No idea how close they are otherwise.

    Think I'll probably go with German, because I would love to rage in German.
  6. Answer these questions at the end of each day

    1. <b>Language(s): </b>
    2. <b>Time: </b>
    3. <b>Approach: </b>
    4. <b>What I learned: </b>
    5. <b>Goals for tomorrow: </b>
    6. <b>Other: </b>

    Or some other way of recording your practice for the day.