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I'm curious if anyone else would like to get involved with this?

The 2010 Linguathon is beginning!
Hello all,

The 2010 Linguathon is just around the corner! For those of you who haven't participated before, Linguathon is a month-long challenge in which everyone first chooses a target language (or languages) to learn, and then tries to progress as far as possible in their language studies over the course of a month. It's sort of like a NaNoWriMo for languages, except that we all come up with our own lists of goals and draw up plans to meet them before the end of the month. The object is to keep a constant pace by doing a little bit of language study every single day; to that end, we track our progress through daily logs in which everyone reports what they accomplished that day, as well as connecting (commiserating?) with others who are studying the same language.

This year's Linguathon will begin on Sunday, August 1st at 00:00 in your time zone, and will last until Tuesday, August 31st at 23:59 (again, in your time zone). Any studying you do between those times counts toward your goal!

Our community is at Come by and introduce yourself! Meet others who are studying your target language! We'd love to have as many participants as we can get.

I know not everyone has nor wants an LJ account, so perhaps if more then three people are interested we can do a club for it. Thoughts? Ideas?
Wow, NaNoWriMo totally drove me nuts and went nowhere, but this looks fun! :D
I'll be back by then, so I'd definitely give it a try.

8D What language will you learn?
I'm interested. I think I'll go for Catalan since I saw it on practically all of the signs in Barcelona and it made me go "Ah! What? Not Spanish? ;_;." EDIT: scratch the Occitan, it's practically dying, XD.
I was going back and forth between Japanese and Spanish, I think I'll go with the Japanese since I have more material and I've got a large desire to regain everything I've lost in the last 13 years. Which isn't much, only 4 years of HS Japanese, but still!
I'm up for it!

I could cheat and choose something structurally close to Greek, because I am fluent in Greek... but...

I really wanna learn German and Russian.

Actually, Russian words sorta look like Greek. No idea how close they are otherwise.

Think I'll probably go with German, because I would love to rage in German.
Answer these questions at the end of each day

1. <b>Language(s): </b>
2. <b>Time: </b>
3. <b>Approach: </b>
4. <b>What I learned: </b>
5. <b>Goals for tomorrow: </b>
6. <b>Other: </b>

Or some other way of recording your practice for the day.