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  1. Macbeth sat there, listening to the head angel talk and go on about who we were meeting today.

    Last time it was an Indian diety, they were tall and powerful, well respected. Even the head angel was intimidated.

    Macbeth noticed the head angel had stopped talking and looked to the door.
    "...well, he's here early." He sighed.

    "What is he?" An angel asked.
    "He's an angel but Im not sure what kind."
    Another sigh escaped.

    Macbeth looked to the door. A mask of hazel eyes,honey brown hair, thick eyebrows, and fair skin faced to the door. His hands grasped onto the end of his navy blue veil that covered his hair.
    He looked like the male version of Virgin Mary, which was why he was secretly adored by the men. Secretly.

    The door finally opened and macbeth looked to the man who just entered.
  2. Apollo enters the large meeting room, with many other angels in it, and closes the door behind him silently. He takes the dark wool covering away from his face to reveal his looks, crossing his arms and sticking the cloak under his arm. He wears a white toga, as is the fashion of angel garments, connected on the shoulder with a gold clip. He disregarded the other angels who looked to him with parts envy, parts adoration, and came to a stop next to Macbeth. Nodding in greeting, he turned his attention to the head angel to listen to the rest of his speech.
  3. Charles gave him a small look of suspicion, giving him small glances here and there.
    He was quite handsome...

    "Where do you come from?" The head Angel's booming voice said through out the room.
  4. Macbeth's glances hadn't gone unnoticed, but Apollo was just asked a question. In a slightly monotonous voice, he introduced himself.
    I'm Apollo... I just came back from being a Reaper on Earth.
    His wings spread out of their own volition, looking like Angel wings but with more black feathers than white and speckled areas. Leaving them spread out, Apollo took out a small knife. Looking at the Head Angel, he clicked a button under the hilt, and it extended into a full-blown scythe. He held it leisurely in both hands as he continued in a decidedly bored tone,
    I've decided to take a break from killing simple humans.
    His eyes flashed as he gave a manic smile to complement his now-excited tone,
    I can kill anyone you want!
  5. "Calm down," Macbeth scoffed,unimpressed with the show.
    "...Macbeth," the head angel said under his breath.
    "This is Macbeth. He will be your assistant for your time here." The head angel said.

    "He's a purity angel. That's why he has a veil on, like the Virgin Mary." He walked to Apollo and leaned in close to his ear.
    "He's a but too pure." He said, keeping it quiet.
  6. Apollo looked at Macbeth with his green eyes, which did not have circles but slits for pupils, and frowned at his statement. Brushing his black hair away from his face, he pretended not to notice the snickering angels around them as he turned his attention to the Head Angel.
    (( I thought the description of Macbeth was for my character, at first! Haha, ha... ha. ))
    As the H.A. speaks, Apollo presses the button again and the scythe shrinks into it's knife form. After the Head Angel admits to Macbeth being too pure, Apollo raises a skeptical eyebrow. How can an angel be too pure? Apollo backs away a bit, eyeing Macbeth then looking towards the door he had come through.
    I usually work alone...
  7. "Well, we all want to work alone. But we can't." The H.A said as he looked to him.
    "Macbeth, I want you to be Apollo', I should say, to the feast tonight."
    Macbeth raised his eyebrows as high as he could.
    "What do-"
    "I don't make the rules, Macbeth. And I think you know the rules."
    Macbeth took a deep breath.
    "Now escort him to his guest room."

    Macbeth got up, putting back on that dignified expression.
    " have to hold onto my arm." He said bringing an elbow out.
  8. Apollo scowled a little as the Head Angel completely cast aside his preferences, but his eyebrows rose along with Macbeth's in surprise at his "date" term. He gave the tiniest smile, however, as he looked to the floor in slight embarrassment. He looked up when the H.A. mentioned a guest room, and resumed his neutral position. Putting on his dark covering, yet leaving his hood off so you could see his face, he reached out and grasped Macbeth's hand in his own. Silently following him out of the main room, he released Macbeth's hand once the doors had closed behind them. After a couple of moments of walking in silence, he cleared his throat and asked wryly,
    So... date, huh? Are we supposed to wear tuxedos?
    Chuckling a bit, he crossed his arms under the robe as he awaited a response.
  9. "No... You can wear whatever you want." He mumbled.
    Macbeth walked around the room,making sure everything was in line and in order.

    "By assist, I'm just here to feed...your needs. If want to call them that. That's why I'm here. Nothing important." Macbeth sighed as he closed the closet door, after seeing he had all his stuff.
    "Of course I assist you on the job but that is mostly what purity Angels do. They break us in..."

    He headed to the door, turning back at him. "Once you see the sun set we need you at the hall."
  10. As Macbeth and Apollo enter the guest room, Apollo stops and takes it all in. One of the walls is completely glass, and it showcases a complete expanse of clouds, colored the creamy white of milk; completely opposing the stark blue of the sky, different hues everywhere. It was as if he was staring at a living painting, and it was beautiful. The layout of the room was just as heavenly ((Hee hee hee!)) as the view, the floor being an opalescent rainbow held in marble. The decorations were limited, but it was made up for in the lavishness of the current furniture; the bed having exquisite-looking pillows and blanket, as well as having the size of a King bed and magnificently carved posts on every corner, showing cherubs and such. The bedside tables were simple, yet held neat lamps which could light up enough for you to read a book in the night. The armoire was a finely-polished wood, oiled to a sheen, and in it was held the most diverse collection of clothing, for the most diverse of visitors. He looked inquisitively at a bowtie suspended on a string connected to straight black pants, and blushed at the thought of a sort of butler-type wearing this and serving drinks and such.
    When Macbeth was about to leave, Apollo turned back and asked,
    Wait... The Head Angel said something about rules?
    Blowing a piece of his raven-colored hair out of his face, he continued,
    I don't wanna, like, offend anyone by not following some set of 'rules'.
    At this he rolled his eyes and chuckled, imagining something set where angels had to burp to show thanks for the meal, or weird things like that.
  11. "its basic table manners, but obey the rules when you're under this roof. As long as you take me on a date and show me off, they'll be fine. That's what they're looking for. That's why I'm here."
    Macbeth walked over to him, looking him the eye.
    "Im the lowest of the Angels if we are all honest. I'm high rank, I work with people who are well respected." He paused for a moment.

    "This place is as unholy as hell. It just looks nice."
    With that macbeth left and went to the hall.
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  12. Apollo listened to Macbeth's explanation, nodding to show he understood. As he came closer, Apollo was unfazed and stared back into Macbeth's golden eyes with his own feral green ones. When Macbeth left, Apollo sat down on the unsurprisingly soft bed and pondered on his last words. Looking around himself, he could at least admit that it did indeed look very nice. He recalled the Head Angel's rather mean demeanor, and smiled as he remembered that that attitude is what Apollo was trying to achieve, as well. Still, it was no use distancing himself from his partner-in-crime to-be.
    But... my past is too dark for Macbeth, being absolutely pure, for me to reveal to him. He would despise me for the things I've done... I'll protect him in that sense. Yes... I'll help him keep his innocence.
    With a small smile, he looked to the window, and watched the featureless mass of creamy white. He closed his eyes and sighed, laying back against the pillows and resting a bit. Looking at the clock, he judged that he had about 2 hours before the feast started, and he'd have 1 hour of rest before needing to get ready for the 'feast'.
    Removing his cloak, he tossed it on the floor carelessly and took off his military boots. Reaching into the backpack he had lain beside his bed, he retrieved a rather thick-looking book. It was completely black, except for the yellowed, wrinkled pages and the silver engraving on the front, entitling the volume Theories of a Madman: Angels and Demons. Apollo was interested to see what humans thought of supernatural entities; but about halfway in, he had realized the theories were indeed taken from the mind of a madman. It was a compelling read, though, and he wanted to finish it.
  13. Macbeth waited for him to come, sitting there on the table with the others, with a empty chalice and the sounds of other Angels blabbering.

    He didn't quite know how to feel about Apollo. He knew that apollo was developing a certain feeling towards him but he couldn't figure it out... Not even looking in his eyes helped.

    Macbeth looked to the doorway, waiting for him. He started to feel embarrassed that he was taking so long.

    He could here all the Angels whispering behind his back. They were whispering about how he would have to share a bed, because, of course, that was one of the rules of being a purity angel.

    "C'mon..." He whispered to himself, still looking at the motionless door.
  14. Finishing the book, he sighed and replaced it into his backpack, then glanced at the clock. 2 hours had passed?? Shit! Apollo hurriedly found a clean-looking black suit, some dress shoes, and a black fedora within the closet. Having hardly any time to prepare, he mussed his hair a bit and placed the hat on his head, while putting his legs into the pants. Putting on the jade-green shirt, then the black overcoat, he viewed his reflection and smiled.

    (( G2g now, will edit it later ))
  15. Macbeth continued to hear all the talking behind his back.
    He finished his wine and looked out the window.
  16. (( I'm back! ))
    Running out the door, he looks up and down the hall. Uncertain of which way to go to reach the 'feast', he briskly walks left, down the hallway decorated much the same as the guest room, except with less windows. Walking back into the large meeting room from when Apollo and Macbeth had originally come, he stared in shock. The room had completely changed, and instead of looking corporate like it had, now it featured long tables piled with delectable foods, and over a hundred chairs; that excluded the large visiting area secluded to the side. There was heavy electronic dance music pumping through the air, buzzing Apollo right down to his bones with each thud of bass. Much laughing could be heard, and from the angels dancing and standing around everywhere, he could tell that the party had already started. He muttered to himself,
    Where could I find Macbeth?
    Many angels were dressed... interestingly. In costumes ranging from a human's visual of angels, to strange alien beings, one thing was made certain; this was the wrong place to be. Many couches laid sprawled about the area, housing the masquerade of individuals, some inebriated beyond the point of mere incoherent babbling. Apollo searches these first, wondering if Macbeth would even want to be here, judging on his 'pure' standards. But then again, the H.A. seems to be pretty demanding, and he feared what would happen if Macbeth were to disobey him.
    Damn, where could you be?

    Apollo looks to the table, walking up and down and searching for Macbeth, but to no avail. Was he in the wrong place? Walking solemnly to the doors, he takes one more survey of the room.
    I don't know where you are... I'm sorry.
  17. "Apollo! Get back here!" Macbeth yelled from the distance.
    His hand reached for his collar and he yanked him.
    "C'mon lets go. You entered the wrong door." He sighed and dragged him to the right door.
    "Invisible doors." He mumbled.

    Macbeth dusted himsel off as the entered the right room.
    He fixed his bowtie and then fixed Apollo's.
    "Take that hat off," he sighed as he took it off and put it on a rack that sat nearly by a decorated painting.
    "For someone who likes to show off, you sure seek lost half of the time."
    Another sigh slipped out of his mouth.
    He grabbed onto his arm and gave him a small, sympathetic, kiss on the cheek.

    "Now, we have a date. Behave and use manners."
  18. Apollo didn't hear Macbeth, and was about to try searching for him again when Macbeth jerked his collar against his neck, producing a cough from Apollo. Walking backwards clumsily, he trusted Macbeth not to lead him into a wall, and blushed slightly as Macbeth told him of the invisible doors. As they came away from the 'party/meeting room', the music died down and Apollo did not see the door again... invisible.
    Once Macbeth had released him, Apollo rubbed his neck with a smile, but put his hand down to his side when Macbeth moved to fix his tie. He scowled a little as the hat was removed, and blushed again as he gave a retort to Macbeth's statement.
    Well, no one told me whe--
    His statement was cut off by the surprise of Macbeth kissing his cheek. He was silent as he looked at Macbeth, eyebrows creasing in confusion. Did he just...? Macbeth proceeded to warn him, as if nothing happened, and Apollo nodded meekly. Trying hard to stop the blushing, he focused on the now-pretty piano music and quiet mumblings of the more polite angels, though there were some that he could tell were staring. Smiling gently at Macbeth, he placed his hand on top of Macbeth's and replied,
    I'll be a perfect gentleman.
    Winking slyly, Apollo squeezed Macbeth's hand and led him to the table. Viewing the spread, he saw that every seat had clean plates and silverware, including a goblet, already set. He found that the food-spread was much more exotic and elegant than the party's, and he wondered what this whole gathering was for. Taking a seat and pulling Macbeth down next to him, he took one of the glasses and poured himself some blood-red liquid, and took a drink. Holding it in his mouth for a little bit, he tasted the wine and smiled as he gulped the sweetness down. He held up the cup and asked,
    Would you like some?
  19. "...I would love some." He smiled sweetly to him.
    Macbeth took a drink and sat down.

    Everybody was sitting down and eating or talking or drinking heavily.
    Macbeth stayed silent as he kept on sipping his wine, thinking about whatever the hell that wink meant.

    The head angel tapped his glass with a knife, getting everybody's attention.

    "I'd like a toast, to our new guest, Apollo. Hopefully everything will work out well with your work... And hopefully that assistant will be to your liking." The head angel said as people snickered as Macbeth looked down at his plate .

    "To appolo," everyone said as they lifted their glass.

    Soon, everything was passing, and the talking was louder, everyone was talking crap about Macbeth at this point.

    The head angel came to Macbeth, whispering something in his ear, nodding to Appolo. Macbeth sighed and walked to Apollo.
    He took one of his hands and gently guided him to the door that lead to the hallway.

    "...he said that I should take you to your bed now. It's what assistants do." He smiled tha sweet smile again.
    He let go of his hand, then placing apollo's hand on Macbeth's hip.

    They soon reached the bedroom, Macbeth opened the door.
    The room was covered in the stary night by this point.
    Macbeth looked at him and started to undo his bowtie, very gently, giving apollo slight glanes in the eye.
    "Okay, I'll start a bath for you then you'll go to bed." Al though the room was dark, his face was still flushed.
    He went to the bathroom and ran the bath, getting out towels and soaps and everything else he might need.

    He walked over to Apollo again.
    "I'll be in bed, sleeping," he said with a slight yawn.
    Soon, Macbeth was sleeping quietly on the bed they had to share.
    His face looking still and soft while he wasn't really snoring, more just breathing calmly.
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  20. Jace landed with the soft grace of an angel of his rank: a Power. Wings of the deepest red flapped once before furling behind him. As guardian against the Fallen, he has to fight constantly against the dark force with his mighty axe and flail. His green eyes, narrow with silent pride and his aura of no-nonsense usually made others not at all familiar to him to give him wide berth. All except one. Jace hid a scowl and it took tremendous effort for his eyebrow not to twitch and the added weight of his own assistant's arm around his neck and body flush against his side.

    "That was a wild one, eh Jace?"

    Axel was a Principality. A rank lower and should be stationed in a place beside a leader of Earth; some important human being. However, the Courts had decided to place this infuriating man in the capable, but tiring hands of Power Jace.

    The Power huffed and did not dignify his assistant with a response, flicking his shoulder length white hair, and Axel, off his shoulder. As he walked off, he divested his back of his axe, Azalea and held it out for a brief moment before letting it go, and unlatched his heavy flail, Heidigger to do the same. They didn't crash to the floor like the first time Axel had been on the job. The other white haired angel had learned fairly quickly to be fast on his feet and nimble with his hands when it came to the Power's weapons. Jace nodded to whomever found it within themselves to greet him as he made a beeline toward the room he, regrettably, shared with Axel.

    "One of those Fallen were new to their ranks, I think," Axel prattled on, quite used to Jace's indifference and ignorance to his chatter, "He was a bit frightened, but I do give him points for bravery before you cut him down with Azalea."

    "Axel," Jace spoke quietly.

    "Shutting up," the other angel agreed, but the white haired Power could hear the triumphant smirk in those words.

    Axel was fair skinned, just like Jace, with his own hair of white and eyes of the deepest red. His hair was much longer than Jace's as it served as his most powerful weapon. It was drawn back into a low ponytail, the ends separated by small, but incredibly sharp spade-shaped blades. He had the ability to control his hair like an extension of his body, using the heavenly gifts of an angel to infuse his deadly strikes with Holy auras. It was a great and powerful skill.

    But it was given to a less than worthy angel to utilize, in Jace's not-so humble opinion.

    Once in their shared quarters, Jace felt his muscle tension ease a bit as Axel scurried to put away the weapons and run the bath for him. The other unsettling part of this working relationship with Axel for Jace, was that Axel was also a Purity angel. It was his job to protect him as it was Axel's job to assist and to...fulfill. Ever since Jace had caught a glimpse of the other's personality, officially Claiming Axel [as the head angel had expected of him] had become far removed from the question. The other's mere presence was irritating. When the Principality opened his mouth, it was much, much worse.

    Oh, it went without question that Axel caught on quickly and was fairly proficient at his job, minus the fulfillment part that Jace has denied him performance, but...

    "The bath is drawn," Axel chirped. "Get in before it gets cold and my efforts wasted."

    Jace looked over at the towel-wielding angel and his frown deepened. He walked in Axel's direction toward the bath and snatched the washcloth out of the red eyed man's hand. "I'll be bathing myself tonight."

    ((i don't think i'm going to have many people to play with, so I jumped in with two characters. maybe they'll meet yours and maybe they won't, and maybe their meeting would be brief, but at least people would enjoy reading, right? i may even get to entertain you xD Meet Axel and Jace, my favorite [only] characters))
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