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  1. Looking for MxM roleplay (without any mature content), please do not post here. If you're keen please PM me. I'm new to this site and is still trying to figure things out a little.

    #001 (Available)

    :::: The Auburn Dream::::

    Genres: Modern, Mystery, Action, Romance, Angst

    Ira Flores, the owner of a small cafe clocks out exceptionally late one night, deciding, in his rush to return him made a bad decision to take a shortcut through the local park. Making his way through the darkness, he inexplicably stumbles upon a serial killer finishing off his latest victim. Having left his phone behind, he tried to run away but was caught and in a struggle loses consciousness.

    Hours later, Ira woke up on his own bed, with a headache, alone and no idea if what he saw the night before was real or a fragment of imagination. That ended, when the serial killer shows up at his store, his home, and seemingly everywhere else he goes. He was not aware that the serial killer had taken a morbid sense of fascination on him. Going insane, Ira decided to confront the male and was threatened that he’ll be killed if he tells the police or anyone else who he is or what he has done.

    Ira, incapable of living his life in fear was about to put his life on the line and turn the male in when he was attacked by a violent criminal. The serial killer comes to his rescue, taking care of the man for good and he finds himself waffling between going up against the man who has not only killed two people in front of him, threatened to kill him himself and the awful truth of the male saving his life.

    **Plot-twist of the story: The serial killer actually knew Ira from before, he was his partner in crime (murder) but when he got involved in an accident five years ago, he loses his memory and decided to start anew in a new town. The two were actually lovers and the serial killer is determined to restore Ira’s memory and rekindle the love between them.**
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.