Limitation between Teens and Adult members (nudity)

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  1. Hi, so i would like to have a clearer understanding of that rule

    Does it ban COMPLETE discussion over this topic?
    Does it remove any adult or teen member to be like '' my character walks naked towards the kitchen after forgetting to put his boxers and oh god, he is embarassed?''

    Like, i would just like to have a clearer understanding over it
  2. I believe fade to black is ok, it's just going into actual detail on sex that's the issue.

    I'm not sure if simply saying the character is naked and leaving it at that counts though.

    If I go to the ruling directly it says:
    And if I'm reading that right, there seems to be a difference between 'questionable content' and 'sexual content'.
    And since simply being naked, end of story isn't really sexual at all it'd probably be fine under a spoiler tag.

    But then there's this:
    Which seems to suggest that difference mentioned above is only intended for non-libertine RP's between people in the same age group.
    If so, then it's might not be allowed.

    The issue here is really what counts as crossing the line is at least somewhat subjective (like there's a ton of obvious don't cross zones, like anything that's actual sex. But at a certain point you hit the "Is mentioning this counting as sexual?).

    And ultimately it's based on whatever the law makers wherever the Server is deem to violate sexual content laws.

    TL;DR - Maybe, logically speaking simply referencing nudity should be fine. But it's really up whatever the law makers of (insert servers state here) deem inappropriate.

    I'd definitely wait for Staff confirmation first though, they work with this stuff often would have been trained/briefed on the specifics.
    +I don't partake in any libertine RP's (or any non-libertine that even get's close to mature content) atm, so this is a lot of guess work with the rule's wording.
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  3. No, it's not a complete ban of anything at all to do with nudity between the age groups. The age group rule pertains to sexual content, and nudity is not inherently sexual. The example given of just saying a character is nude should be fine no matter the ages of the roleplayers involved. However, if you were to explicitly describe that nudity then that's a grey area and it'd need to be judged on a case by case basis, though I think even a basic description not obviously intended to be erotic would be okay too. I can't guarantee that though, so I'd suggest playing it safe and being sparse with details when it comes to nudity in mixed age group roleplays.
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  4. Thank you very much :)
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