Limit of Humor?

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Do they annoy you? Jokes that cross the line and go to the place in your hearts that offends you? What's your 'limit?' How far would you tolerate before you snaps and go, "THAT'S NOT FUNNY!"

For me, unless it's about religion or races or (obviously) intended to offend me, any humor is okay for me. I mean, I'm a very lighthearted guy, so the most I would do is throw back a big one at ya. =D

What'bout you creeps?
I'm in the same label as you, but if something were to offend me. I would just walk away from it or ignore it if it really offended me instead of whining about it.
It takes a lot to truly offend me.

Personal digs can get me riled, but rarely to a level that I'll bitch and moan about it.

Everything can be humor, as long as it's not MEANT as a degradation of other people.
If it's among my group of near friends, hell... almost any topic is fair game for jokes... we harrass each other constantly. If someone does go too far on a topic and decides 'okay, enough'. Then yeah, we change the subject, no worries.

Outside of the group? Depends... I'll keep the majority of my comments to myself. If someone tries to get a dig at me, I either dig back... ignore... or tell 'em to blow off.
You can't offend me. I'm usually the one doing the offending. ... Mostly in the sexual joke department, really. People can be such prudes sometimes!

However, you can... cross the line, so to speak. There is a certain 'brand' of humour that just makes me make a face, and I really don't dabble in. Oh, I've told my share of Holocaust jokes, but... They are in poor taste, admittedly. Anyways, the line for me is the joking about and making light of the grotesque; murders, rapes, etc..
For me there is no limit. I can find the humor in any, and everything. Even the most horrible of situations, and that's probably why people thing I'm so weird.

For me, that "weird" sense of humor is the only thing keeping my sanity between my insane work schedule, and my weak social life as of late.
I haven't seen/heard anything that has offended me yet. All comedy is funny, It's the sensitive whiners that get offended.
I think that all humor is funny unless its ( like others have said) meant to be personally hurtful to someone right there at the moment. but if its all in good, or even just in general....yeah i laugh at it all!
Jokes about me being stupid will offend me. t_____t I can ignore most of them, as long as they're from trusted friends, but others make me sad-face!

Otherwise, I don't get offended by a lot of jokes! I may not find something funny, but rarely get offended. It's just jokes after all. ...but sometimes I do get annoyed or roll my eyes at the really crude or dirty sex jokes. I mean the REALLY REALLY crude ones that make you go "WTF does this person think about?!". c__c
Extremely crude jokes about rape and racism really offends me, yes, but can I just say that I just saw a few comments on YouTube just now, and some of the offensive jokes there made by trolls are simply hilarious. I mean, the more crude they are, the harder I laugh, as long as it doesn't cross the line to rape and murder.
I rarely get offended from almost any jokes. Unless I can't tell if your joking or not..but then I'd ask..I'm a pretty hard to offend guy.