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    Limbos Cry is based around a horror-ish, psychological game that is held in a abandoned hospital. When you arrive you don't know how you got there or what day, time, or date it is. All you know is your name. The reasoning behind why your in a hospital? Why your on a bed with no needle in you or a robe? Well.. that is for you to figure out. The Hospital in question is quite clean and doesn't even represent the appearance of a abandoned hospital, the tiles, walls, and tools around you seem as if they were just recently cleaned but no body is around. Everyone will be assigned they're own ''Room'' and to be fair everyone will be paired up with someone at random . . .

    What will happen next? Well you will need to join and find out . . .

    The rules? There is no rules, Besides the basic Iwaku rules you will simply be thrown into a situation and you will be required to find a way out or even . . . make a decision. The last person alive will be able to leave and see freedom again.

    Everyone will have the same situation, however there will always be at least 2 different ways you can escape the room. Once everyone escapes the room then you and your partner will be sent to a room where you and everyone else who escaped they're rooms will decide the fate of the group who was last to escape. The last group essentially won't escape, once everyone escapes and one group remains the exit door to said room will lock and everyone will have to judge them.

    There will be other rooms to where you and your partner will go into and see the other group in question on a Hospital TV mounted to the wall. A bed will be present as well and a box with three buttons on it will be on the bed. The three buttons are labeled: Death, Life, Sacrifice. the Death button is red, The Life button is green, and the Sacrifice button is blue.

    The Judge box Rule
    • Death - Both people will die in a horrible way, ultimately eliminating them from the game.​
    • Life - Both people will live and the exit door will open automatically.
    • Sacrifice - Your Partner will die instead.
    The Judging will be based around a majority system. If most people vote Death then they will die, If most people vote life then they will live. Remember though, if they live then that will add time to how long you will be in the game. If you choose death then that obviously cuts time from you being in the game. The Sacrifice rule is a bit different from the main two options, if there is two votes on sacrifice then both partners of said vote will die. For example: If you choose sacrifice and bob in another room chooses sacrifice too then you and bob's partner will die. The Sacrifice option does not go by the majority rule!
    The Humanity Rule
    Everyone will have a small amount of explosive attached to they're heart, in case the Sacrifice rule is undergo the explosive will activate killing said partner immediately. If you attempt to remove it then it will activate as well. If someone falls asleep, gets knocked out, blacks out, or passes out then the explosive will activate causing your heart to explode and that will be the end of you.​
    The End game rule
    Once one person remains then they can leave, simple as that. Once everyone submits they're vote and the outcome started and then ended the door to the voting room will unlock and you will be sent to another room till you exit and then a voting process will begin again. This whole process will restart till one person remains victor. Once that victor leaves everyone can make another character and the situation will be different but the same rule will imply. Next time there might not be a hospital, maybe a school.
    Character Sheet Information
    Appearance(Picture and Description):
    Last thing you remember(must be small):
    History(before the event of which you were taken to Limbos Cry):
    Character Rule
    Don't look for a partner, I will match you all up at random when everyone has submitted they're CS.​

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    Name: Alexander Harris
    Nickname: Alex
    Age: 27
    Weight: 165 pounds
    Height: 6'0
    Likes: Drinking with his friends, fixing cars and watching movies.
    Dislikes: Spiders, needles, small spaces.
    Appearance(Picture and Description): He has black short hair that he likes to gel and dark brown eyes. His skin is pale and with a few freckles here and there. He's lean and isn't muscular. He has glasses, small square black frames that he needs to see.
    Personality: Alex will think before he speaks, he tries to find all the possible problems before giving an answer, but he never thinks for long. He's not shy and will talk to anyone who he thinks is listening. He has opinions on everything and isn't afraid to share.
    Last thing you remember(must be small): He was walking home from drinking with his friends. He made it to his bed.
    History(before the event of which you were taken to Limbos Cry): Alex was an only child and did many things to find entertainment, mostly taking things apart. When he was old enough, around 13, his dad took him to the garage and got him to help with the car. He loved and became a mechanic (he also fixes up old cars in his spare time for extra cash). He did okay at school, just scraping past with the grades he needed and is now learning to love life on his own, in a small apartment and being able to come home whenever he wants.
  3. WIP~
    Nikita Cole.

    Nik, Nikki, or Kita.




    Anime, Fun Hair, Hot Chocolate, Sushi, Her Pets.

    Spicy Food, Sporty People, Being Crowded, Claustrophobic.

    Nikita is average height for a female, though maybe a little lighter than average for her height. Her hair has ranged from her natural raven color to all different colors and shades, currently a vibrant purple color. Despite the ever changing color, she manages to keep it long, almost touching her butt, soft and healthy. She's got relatively pale skin, as do most who don't often see the sun, with greyish green eyes outlined with long, thick black lashes and gentle eyeliner, a small, soft, feminine nose, and soft, delicate lips usually left bare with the exception of boredom or special occasions.

    Can change at the drop of a hat, but retains her sarcasm whether it's used for a clever insult, or a joke with friends.

    Last thing you remember(must be small):
    Went to Ash's house, hung out, drank a little, drove home, got in the house, then... nothing..

    History(before the event of which you were taken to Limbos Cry):​
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  4. I'll need to see some progress there bud or i will have to kick ya.
  5. Half the people on the check don't even have characters up lol. I am assuming you won't get started till we have 8 peeps at least, right? No reason to rush me if there is barely any progress aside from mines.
  6. yea but i don't like wips listed more than a week or even 3 days. I like to see them and accept them if possible in one go.
  7. I will finish as soon as my IRL schedule allows me to. Please don't kick me out of the RP for such a picky reason though.
  8. Name: Jeremiah Simons
    Nickname: Jay
    Weight:176 Lbs.
    Likes:Fighting, others pain, being dominated, girls, drugs, tattoos.
    Dislikes: Being powerless, weak people, not knowing, anything not his way.
    Appearance: image.jpg
    His wavy solid black hair is just long enough to cover is eyes, but combs it to the side. His hazel eyes can cut down others with his intimidation. His fairly pale skin is rugged with scars from past fights. He has matching gauges on both side of his ears. Tattoo's are ingrained with his arms, showing them off anyway possible. His arms are larger than most guys because of his constant fighting with others.
    Personality:Jeremiah is a very cocky person, seeing no one will say no to him. His arrogance can often lands into trouble which most often enough will lead to a fight. He may act like a prick towards others he is loyal towards people he respects. Jeremiah is extremely protective of the people he cares about, especially his younger brother.
    Last thing you remember: Walking his brother home.
    History: Jeremiah is a troubled guy from a troubled past. Most of his childhood was under his abusive farther, and a mom no where to be seen. If his farther wasn't beating him, he was often passed out drunk. Jeremiah promised himself that he will protect life no matter what would happen, he would do anything to make sure his brother was safe and sound. During his farther' rule he often sunk out and got into small fights and started to hangout with the wrong people. For the past four years he gambles his life in underground fight clubs. Trying to do anything he can to leave his home and to find a place for Jeremiah and his brother could live in peace.
  9. Name - Katharine Alkaev
    Nickname - Is usually addressed through her full name or the alias Kattie by pure acquaintances, yet the girl is known as Kasha among her closest circle
    Age - 20
    Weight - 110 lbs (50 kg)
    Height - 5'2 (1.60 m)
    Likes - Outdoor Activities and Sports \ Large Crowds and Nights Out With Good People / Long Summer Days
    Dislikes - "Lady-like" Stereotypes \ Feeling Underestimated and Powerless / Darkness and Anything Supernatural
    Appearance - Kasha is someone with an exceptionally androgynous body frame, being abnormally petite and lacking in any curves. To top it off, she has a rather well-defined body type due to hours upon hours of outdoors activities, which have also resulted in a tanned skin tone, only blemished here and there by small scars and bruises received from being too careless. The sole thing to set her apart from your average preteen boy is Kasha's hair - a medium, curly, and seemly untameable hazel mane, in which she takes pride, despite the fact that the girl doesn't take any particular care for it. As a result, her curls can usually be seen painfully tangled and all over the place. Yet, in her eyes, this is only another part of her signature care-free and casual charm, combined with lazy and comfy outfits as well as sharp features worn without make-up
    Personality - Active \ Open-minded \ Adventurous \/ Careless / Short-tempered / Superstitious - Kasha is a free-spirited adventurer, who takes the greatest pleasure in being outside in nature and doing something most people would consider moronic and dangerous. The girl has an appetite for adrenaline and thrives off of challenging others and herself, pushing her physical capabilities to the limit. And, well, her strength isn't the only thing the girl is trying to push, since this also stands true to any sort of stereotypes, especially gender roles. Being someone open-minded and understanding, Kasha is unconventional and doesn't want anything to do with already set norms. She pretty much craves for change. One thing she doesn't crave for, however, is security. The girl's life consists of spontaneity, which makes her appear as a carefree and careless airhead. Which she is, and this fact usually results in a lot of injuries as well as issues that she knows how to handle only in two extreme manners - either ignore them or rain havoc upon anyone to relieve your stress. Kasha is simply a very short-tempered woman, who lashes out at even the smallest thing if she is in a bad mood. Surprisingly, this isn't even her worst trait... She was brought up with supernatural stories and lived in fear of the Baba Yaga for many years. Unfortunately, Kasha simultaneously to being terrified of all these beings lurking in the dark also developed a mindset to make her think they actually exist. Well, despite not admitting to it and suppressing such thoughts, Kasha is someone terrified by anything paranormal, this making the girl traditionally superstitious
    Last Memory - Some friends and her foolishly decided on cutting their way home short through a secluded forest path. Despite feeling irked by the whole notion of doing so, Kasha obliged to what the majority wanted and followed them. At one point of horsing around and acting like complete idiots, the girl got separated from her group and soon lost any and all direction. Her paranoia slowly setting in, she began seeing things and deluding herself into believing that someone was following her. This superstitious fear getting worse and worse by the moment, it would appear that Kasha was unable to deal with it and blacked out
    History - Kasha's name was originally Ekaterina - a traditional Russian first name granted to her by her parents. And yet, upon turning 18, she immediately changed it to something more English-sounding, despite the fact that she never got used to this forced western style of living. Her family immigrated back when she was 9 years old, meaning that the girl left behind many things in her homeland - friends, relatives, and traditions. And she would miss it all no matter what. Hell, even the dark fairy tales that her grandma used to scare her with she would miss! And the girl hated them as they would stick with her throughout the years, making her superstitious to an unhealthy extend. Yet, they were a part of her culture, as was her accented way of talking and celebrations her family participated in. On the other hand, these were all small aspects to separate her from her new peers, who saw the girl as slightly strange, thus avoided her. Kasha truly never went through bullying but was rather lonely, seeing as she had a tough time relating to any other children. That was until she began participating in different sports clubs and found people with similar mindsets. While making her way through the world of swimming, to soccer, to boxing, she stumbled upon other foreigners with whom she bonded over the sense of missing one's motherland. As a result, she build up a circle of trustworthy buddies for herself and has stood loyal to her friends till now, always glad to be around them and take her thoughts off of the nagging feeling that there is always some monster lurking around the corner.
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