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    Lily is the gate keeper of tartaros. Her legendary key has the ability to not only open the unbreachable gate, but is a very powerful weapon that is only rivaled by the death weapons.

    I guess that's just information on the main character. If your interested, I'll make cs and Ooc thread. The other characters could be wielders of the death blades. Each wielder will have a different weapon. Definitely limited.

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    Lilith is deaths apprentice. Her skill with the scythe rivals her masters. Every few centuries, death finally sleeps for a hundred years and has another, in this case the apprentice, take over and fulfill his duties, granting them his powers.

    Now, this could either be a 1x1 or group. I need your ideas for further plot and development.

    Thanks to those that respond.
  2. I was told to further elaborate on the background and add a sort of plot. So I'm doing just that.

    1st RP : the gate of tartaros is a very legendary barrier that keeps all the souls in the underworld. For those of you that know Greek mythology, the gate is impregnable. In this rp, it is a living world inhabited by creatures not known to man. The world can cause hallucinations, mass confusion, and paranoia. The main plot can be molded by you, the fellow rper. But for the most part, the main idea is she call on the legendary death wielders to help her deal with a threat inside tartaros thats trying to get out. Again, you shape the RP to your whim, within reason.

    2nd RP : this could be a 1x1 or group. Basic idea is she's having trouble dealing with deaths normal day to day work and needs help. Again, this is to be molded by the other rpers. This isn't all about what I want. I want you to have fun.

    I can't wait to hear from you.