Lily and Sam with a dash of mischief

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  1. Lily was born a twin but separated at birth. This may seem like a typical story between two long lost twins. But it is far from it. Their parents were an angel and a demon. It was forbidden love and so they knew they couldn't keep the children together. For one resembled her mother, the angel, while the other resembled her father, a demon.

    Lily was given to a nice family in Arlington, Texas. While Sam, the demon twin, was given to a family in Queens, New York. It is now their junior year in high-school. But Sam won't be going to the same school. A tragic event killed her "parents", and now she's moving to Arlington to live with her "aunt."

    They live only a mile away, but they do not meet till school starts. And they also don't know of their heritage. Maybe a twist of fate or even life will change that.

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  2. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Sam said staring up at her new school. “Who would want to go here?” she mumbled as her aunt walked up behind her. The touch on her shoulder made her jump a little when her aunt smiled apologetically at her. “Don’t do that, you scared the hell out of me.” She snapped. Her aunt only looked down sadly. This was the first day of her day in Arlington and already she was being rude to her mute aunt. This was the worst day of her life. Not only did her parents die in an tragic, yet suspicious event, but she was forced to live in Arlington, Texas.

    “I’m sorry.” She said to her aunt her told her something in sign language and waved her away. Yawning Sam turned from the retreating figure of her aunt and back to the school. It was so bland compared to the one in Queens, New York. Adjusting the backpack on her shoulder she started to walk toward the front doors. There were other kids there but she ignored them as she walked up the steps, through the doors, and somehow managed to find the principles office without asking for help. Her combat boots, black torn leggings, knee length lacy skirt, corset like black top, short chin length midnight blue hair and matching makeup completely stuck out to the people she’d seen here so far. Maybe she might run into someone like her. “Maybe not.” She muttered as she walked into the office.
  3. Lily walked into the principals office. She was an office aide during first. She always got there early so she could help file papers. Which, in turned allowed her to leave early for class.

    As she entered, she noticed a new student. She looked awfully familiar, but she shrugged the feeling off as paranoia. Her, oversized sweater vest slipped down her shoulder in doing so. Trying to fix it, she ended up dropping papers and books. All cascaded down the floor and ended up near the new student.

    Embarrassed, lily's cheeks flushed red as she ruffled her lime green Tutu. The neon pink bordering seemed to make her stand out more. So she wiped her hands on her black skinny jeans and knelt down to start picking up her stuff. Who knew dressing nicely could end up making a fool of myself? She thought to herself. Then, looking up at the new girl, she smiled. "Hi, I'm lily." She offered, extending her right hand.
  4. Sitting in one of the chairs to the principal’s office she swung her legs and with her hands on either side of the chair she rocked back and forth. This was completely boring, where was the principle? Grumbling under her breath she noticed a new girl walk in. well not really new but someone younger than the old fogies she’d seen in here already. Sighing she watched the girl carefully, interested in her choice of clothing. Sam liked it and made a mental note to both tell the girl and ask her where she bought the getup.

    She’d been about to stand when the girl dropped her things. Smiling politely she took Lily’s hand and said, “Sam.” Bending down she helped the girl pick up the things she dropped. “I like your outfit.” She said a part of her wondering if she’d seen the girl before but quickly shook it off as nothing. “You work here?” she asked to keep her mind off of how familiar Lily looked.
  5. Lily chuckled at the question. It would be odd for a worker to wear something like she would. "No," she said giving a warm smile that could melt hearts. "I am a student. I just help around the office." Pointing out all the paperwork, she gave another look at the new kid. "Are you waiting for a schedule?" She asked, curious of whether or not she would be in any of her other classes.
  6. “I didn’t mean.” Sam started but stopped herself. She did not intend for it to be asked if she actually worked at the school but that was besides the point. “Yeah, yes, I am. I just moved here from Queens and I’m not used to being the new kid. This is all completely different than what I was used to back home.” she trailed off a but shook it off. One of the things she’d learned, though she went to school in Queens, she really wasn’t from there. She was actually closer to one of the more dangerous parts of New York, somewhere no one speaks of because of all the trouble. If she were to compare it to a comic it would be the asylum all the Batman villains were taken to.

    “It is nice to meet you.” She said smiling politely. It was difficult to be so nice, but when you move to a new area you had to adjust right?
  7. "I'm Lily by the way. Come into the counselor's office and she'll give you your schedule." She said warmly. It would suck if she had moved to a different school. She wouldn't want to be treated differently, so she would hang out with Sam and be her friend. "It's nice meeting you too. Now, I would go get my schedule if I was you. Don't want to miss a lot of work on the first day you attend school." She said with a smile before putting up papers into the principals filing cabinet.
  8. Sam got up and smiled brushing off the dust from her leggings and skirt. “Alright.” Taking Lily’s advice she walked into the councilors office after she knocked and heard the small ‘come in’ from the other side. Peeking in she frowned a bit at the way the councilor looked at her. It was almost as if the other woman disapproved and thought of saying something but chose not to and instead took on a smug look of ‘I’m better than you’. Taking a seat she dropped her backpack at the foot of the chair and crossed one leg daintily over the other. If she were going to make a good impression she had to start with manners. It ticked her off but what was she to do?

    “I am here for my schedule, the girl Lily told me I should come here.” She said smiling even more to be as kind looking as she could but her outfit wasn’t helping matter much.

    “Your name.” the woman behind the councilors desk said looking down at a sheet of paper.

    Frowning slightly with narrowed eyes Sam said, “Sam Baxton.”

    “Here is your schedule, be on time for class, Lily will help you find it.” the woman said without looking up. Her arm was outstretched and holding a schedule. Where it came from Sam had no idea.

    “thank you ma’am.” She said and got up grabbing both her backpack and the schedule. Walking outside without looking back she went straight to Lily. “Apparently the dragon lady has said you would help me out, sorry if this inconveniences you.” She said her voice sincere for the first time in quite a while.
  9. Lily looked over to Sam. Grabbing her schedule, she began walking down the hallway, motioning Sam to follow. "So Sam. Where ya from?" She asked, trying to make small conversation as she skipped down the hall.
  10. Sam smiled and followed Lily her mind drifting a bit till the girl next to her asked where she was from. “Queens, New York. I moved here to live with my aunt until I graduate.” She didn’t want to say anything about her parents, it would probably make things weird and it still hurt to think about it. Changing the subject she said, “no offence but I don’t think I’m quite cut out for small town life.” It was supposed to be a comedic jab at the town but it probably came out as rude, Sam didn’t really know for sure.
  11. Lily smiled again. "That's interesting. I've always wanted to go to New York." Lily thought about the things she wanted to do after graduation. Travel the world, eat delicacies, and meet new people.

    "Well, it may not be much, but there's a lot to do here. It may be a small town, but we have lots to do. It may take time to get used to, but its ok." Once they arrived, at the room, lily gave the other girl a hug. "Here's your class. It was nice meeting you." Lily then began skipping down the hallway to the office, waiting for her next class.
  12. “I look forward to checking out some of the local hang outs then.” Sam said a bit skeptically. Small towns, at least ones she’s heard of, always wanted to make themselves seem like they were more than they actually were. Instead of showing her thoughts she smiled politely and followed Lily to the class.

    At Lily’s hug she stiffened slightly unsure what to do accept to pat her back as an attempt to hug her back. “thanks.” She said that smile still plastered on her face. Wow, I hope everyone isn’t this huggy. She thought as she watched Lily skip down the hall. With a sigh she walked in the door of the classroom and paused until the teacher called her to the desk in front of the class. The room wasn’t much to look at. The walls were plain light tan, the floor a speckled tile, rows of bookshelves covered two walls on either side both of them blocked the only windows in the room, posters of people like Hemingway, Poe, and Shakespeare lined all four walls above the bookshelves. English, where the teacher talks about a bunch of dead guys and how great they were.

    She introduced herself, told the class a little about herself though all she wanted to do was take a seat and pretend she was somewhere other than here. When she was told to take a seat she smiled and sat in an old wooden desk that had a hard seat and you had to somehow manage to slip your feet under the desk that was pretty much made for a preschooler. Could this day get any worse?

    When the class was over she gathered her things and headed to her next class, if she could find it.