Lillith's Arrival in the Human World

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  1. *There was a mid-day sun, beating down over the desert town of Terral. It was a long ago abandoned town deep in a desert area in Texas. At the entrance there was a large wooden arch with the town name engraved into the top. The various homes and olden business buildings would be chipping paint with a few collapsed walls from a couple of the structures. Some of the residential buildings in the down were completely caved in. The town was filled with weeds, cacti, and tumble weeds as there was no longer anyone left to maintain the small town*

    *Just outside of the town's entrance arch, a thin black dot would appear. Slowly it would grow larger, spinning almost like a black hole, though remaining as thin as a sheet of paper if glanced upon from the side. Once the spinning black circle grew to the height of an average human, a woman would appear to be walking out from inside it, though she had not been on the other side. The woman stepped a few feet in front of the black circle and turned to face it. Behind her would come a dog. But not a normal dog. To a human with no supernatural abilities, the dog would be invisible, save for the very large paw prints forming on the ground. To anyone other than a normal human, the dog would appear to be a 7'5" German Sheppard like dog. The difference being that it would have no hair, it's eyes were glowing red and it's skin would appear to be decaying. The woman crossed her arms and showed a smirk*

    *The woman's appearance would be that of a 5'2" human teenager. About 15 in appearance. She had long white hair, light red eyes and two black scars on her left cheek. She wore a long black leather trench coat, knee length black leather 3 inch high heel boots, a plain dark red tank top and knee length black jeans*

    *The woman then turned her back to the dog and began walking slowly into the old town. Her arms would be crossed over her chest as she slowly made her way toward an old saloon. The dog was trotting happily behind her, keeping watch for anything that could be a potential threat to it's master. As she reached the saloon, she pushed in the double doors which opened with a loud creak. She stepped inside, her smirk growing a bit larger*

    Perfect... This is a great spot for us to set up...
  2. " Come here often stranger? " A male voice echoing through the saloon as if it was going to be endless, Small dust particle falling from the ceiling as. The sound of rushing footsteps came from the sky, Then a sudden swinging black object hung down from one of the rafters on the ceiling. He looked down at her as he caught his falling cowboy hat and said " But you look to young to be traveling alone " His crimson eyes showing through past his matching long crimson hair. He let his legs go and he came zooming down towards the table that was below him, dust soaring off it as his black boots hit it. the table crackled and creaked under his weight. He stood up straight as his long black trench coat and his black suit vest with golden buttons on it fluttering but then slowly calming. He slid his cowboy hat back on and flicked the trench coat back putting his hands into his black suit pants pockets. At this time he was suppressing his powers so that he would seem human and that is why he could not see the dog at the time.

    " But i guess this town is big enough for the both of us...for now " He lept backwards and landed onto the bar with a settle thud and skid. A small smirk still on his face as he jumped down behind the bar looking at her beautiful white hair and her light red eyes. But what caught his attention was the black scars on her left cheek, but he shrugged it of while saying " But how did you get out silently and quickly " His eyes locked on her while he placed a toothpick into his mouth.
  3. *the woman remained still and silent as the man spoke to her. Her head would lower slightly, her bangs covering her eyes. Upon hearing him leap onto the bar, she turned her head up to him, showing him a slight smirk. Her eyes would appear to have a slight glow to them, even though the saloon was fairly dark*

    No, my first time here....

    *The saloon doors would open slightly behind her, though it would appear to the naked eye that nothing had come through. Though if the man were paying attention, he would hear the light panting of a large dog behind her. The dog walked up along side her, it's heavy paws leaving large prints behind it, with every step, the dust on the floor would rise up and settle around it's paws. The woman made a quiet "shushing" sound at the dog before turning her attention back up to the man*

    Heh.. It may seem that way to you..
    Hmmm, how? I took a shortcut...
    So..... Are you human, or something else?
    Either way, what is your purpose in an empty old town like this...?
  4. " Heh human....what a despicable term...more like a title per say..." He runs his hand across the dusty bar and leads it into a loud clap that crackles through the room, " Why no my dearest visitor i am not human " He smirks and waggles his finger in the air " and that dog of yours is not either " His eyes had changed from crimson to blue, the blue was a lightning style blue with lightning strikes in bedded in them. This was a hint at his power but it wasn't all that he had, He smirked and then said " But i was guessing that you werent from around here since..most people dont come to this heh...deserted town anymore " He paused and thought for a second. " My purpose? hah well its my home....ive been here a while trying to...survive the harsh enviroment and working on a few projects....why do you ask? " His blue eyes still scanning over her.
  5. As they spoke, a man stood just outside the doors to the saloon. He wore a federal style suit and dark shades, which covered his ember-like eyes. He watched them with his hands in his pants pockets, observing the scene. The lightning-blue eyed cowboy, the odd woman, the hellish dog. "Hm." He turned and faced the wind blowing through his short, ash grey hair. he looked to be about 27, but a few wrinkles on his face revealed otherwise. He sighed and turned back to the saloon, before walking in through the doors. "Good dog." he said as he walked past the monstrous creature and the girl, over to the bar. He stared at the selection of various liquors for a time.
  6. *As the new individual walked past the woman and the dog, the dog let out a snarl that sounded nothing like a dog. It sounded deeper and more vicious than even the most feral dog or wolf. It's breath reeked of blood and decay. The woman reached her hand up and stroked the dog's side, calming it down and it went silent*
    Interesting... I come out only for the first one I find not to be human... Though this is a human town.. I can smell it.
    No, I am not from around here... And I ask because I intend to set up shop here.. No humans to slaughter for the territory. The environment means few visitors and little to no attention brought to our presence.. So I'm afraid I must apologize, sir.. But I am taking this little town as my own.

    *She then turned her attention to the new arrival, glancing at him from behind her bangs. But remaining silent to his presence, figuring he would at some point announce why he was there*
  7. The man in the suit continued to look at the selection behind the bar. "Do you run this establishment?" he asked the cowboy looking man. His voice was cold, emotionless. He took off his sunglasses, and spun around, observing the small gathering. The cowboy seemed friendly enough, and the girl must've been the cause of the temporal rift he felt earlier. The dog was either from Hell, or a Hellish world. Something like that.
  8. " Sell? this abandoned town? " He rubbed his chin looking at the man who thought that he would sell liquor to the ghost town, but he then said " Yeah i have something " He grabbed a bottle from under the bar and placed it on the bar " But its moonshine heh " He popped off the top and grabbed to glasses from the bottom of the bar again. He put down the two glasses and poured the moonshine into the glasses and said to the girl directly " You can have the bar...if you wish but hah you cant get rid of me" He puts his arms out wide and say's " I Practically own this place " He then took down some of the moonshine and let a small grunt escape his mouth. He smirked and leaned on the bar tipping his hat up.
  9. The suited man takes the glass and swirls the liquid around before downing some. "Thanks." He pushed off from the bar and reached into his pocket. he places a coin on the bar, silver on one side, gold on the other, bearing he symbol of Artemis upon the silver and of Apollo on the gold. He placed his hands back into his pockets and walked past the girl and her hellhound, out of the bar. He walked almost to the end of the street before disappearing around a corner.
  10. Well... I'm afraid I won't just be taking the bar. I do believe I hinted just slightly that I will be taking ownership of the entire town... There are too many of us to just use the bar..

    *The woman chuckled deeply at his implication. As the woman chuckled, almost a half dozen more black spinning portals formed throughout the town. Once grown, one by one, twelve men and women started walking out from each portal in single file. Though they each looked like normal humans varying in height, skin color, gender, their clothes and eyes were the same. They each wore black suits with black undershirts and each of their eyes were pure black where their irises should have been. The 60 individuals who has crossed over all began to gather around the saloon in a circle. Once they had all reached their places, the portals they had entered through closed and each of the people remained still. Not entering, just watching*

    *The woman walked to one of the windows. It was far too dirty to look through, so she simply smirked. As she did, a strong heat came to the glass, melting it down over the wood. Once melted, it cooled almost immediately. She then would step to the side to allow the man to look through the window, if he did, he would be able to see the people just outside. She giggled innocently to herself and showed him a polite smile*

    See? There are too many all ready... So I'm afraid I must ask you to vacate the area...
  11. In the furthest corner from the door, a young woman had been sitting alone at a table with a glass of a sweet-smelling soda. Her bleach blonde hair fell in light waves to her waist, and her bangs shielded her eyes from the rest of the bar. It was clear that she was too young to be drinking any liquor the bar had to offer, but nonetheless she was there, reading a book quietly.
    Her pale blue eyes rose from the words of the book to the window, which was nothing more than melted glass now. Outside, her horse was tethered up. To a human eye, the horse was an unusually large Clydesdale, saddled and bridled. To any non-human, the horse was a skeleton, with wing appendages. It emanated a soft white glow that seemed to fill in it's frame, making it appear almost solid. It wore purple and black riding gear that was made of metal in some places, and if you looked closely, you'd notice that it's main and tail were nonexistent. However, the horse-along with the bar-was now surrounded, and it made the girl uneasy. Unlike a regular horse, though, hers stood steady, not flinching nor looking at those surrounding it. He was barely within the view of the window, as the girl had tethered him up practically on the corner of the building.
    She must definitely have seen Fóvos, She thought, referring to the person who'd melted the window, casually sipping at her coke. The girl slid a hand under her book and closed it, then slid it off the table and into a satchel that was hanging from her chair.
    Scanning the room, she noticed a cowboy leaning on the bar who seemed to know the girl. The girl recognized him-he either owned the bar, or practically did. She'd never spoken to him, so it was hard to be sure. It suddenly occured to her that he might be able see both Fóvos and the other girl's canine. I'm spending too much time in the human world.. I think I'm beginning to lose my touch, the girl thought.
    Right now, with the bar surrounded and her horse outside, she decided to lay low, and wait until action was absolutely necessary. The newcomer here obviously seemed to hold some serious power, and a fight with her involved could end up destroying the small town. Calmly, the girl leaned back in her chair to watch what would happen next.
  12. From the rooftop of what used to be a tailor shop, the suited man watched the beings emerge from the rifts. He noticed the horse tied to the side of the saloon, as well. He observed the scene cautiously, waiting to see whether the newcomers were friendly or not. Either way, he was just here to find out what happens.
  13. *The people surrounding the Saloon remained still, despite the number of people around their master within the structure. They needn't worry, they were after all there on her command. She could handle herself even if a fight arose with multiple opponents. They also knew better than to make any moves on their own without her orders. They would pay for that with their lives*

    *The woman showed a smirk as she slightly turned her head, glancing at the young blonde woman in the room with them. It only being her intention to let the young woman know that her presence was known, the woman then turned to face the cowboy again*

    I trust you do not wish to fight for this little speck of a town... You wouldn't want to create unnecessary casualties... Like the man outside, or this girl and the.... "horse"...
  14. " you can have the bar....hah you can have the town...but im telling you right now...this town is me..." He lept over the bar and landed on the floor sparks soaring in all directions they traveled up the wall and all around but then dissapear posing no apparent threat, He clapped his hands together " Make sure you feed all these Men in Black because i don't want to have to be picking up dead bodies later. He said as he made his way past her laughing as he took down a swig from the moonshine bottle but he then stopped and said " One question though...why do you want my town so bad? " He didnt let her answer he walked out the door and a lightning strike hit him. It would appear as if he turned to charcoal but he did not, just a random bolt of lightning from a clear sky and he was gone leaving a mark on the floor with the words " Ghost Town "
  15. [Nejiss Wing] She stood up sharply. It wasn't the town she cared for, it was merely a place for her to stay for the time being, but the way this person thought she could so easily dispatch Nejiss and her steed like she was a mere human irked her. True, the newcomer did have considerable power and a small army to fight with, but Nejiss still couldn't stand being treated like that. She didn't say anything or give anyone incentive to start a fight with her, though, as her own self-pride was really a stupid thing to quarrel over.
    "Yes, please tell us why you so desperately want such a seemingly useless town?" Nejiss asked, speaking quietly but still loud enough to hear. She walked closer to the center of the room, her bag hanging from her shoulder.
    She watched the cowboy walk outside and seem to disintegrate into nothing but dust, pressing her lips together ever so slightly. Surely, he couldn't be dead-Unless he was never alive? Where he had stood, she could just make out the words "Ghost Town".
  16. *She stood still, watching as the man was reduced to dust by the door. She chuckled to herself lightly, shaking her head ever so slightly. She then turned her head, watching as the woman who had been sitting moved across the room, asking the same question the cowboy had asked just before*

    Not that it is any of your business.... But I am going to set up shop here in the human world. The environment here is perfect for us... Very similar to home. It has plenty of buildings and almost nobody to have to get rid of... It is perfect for me to bring my army through.. Are you happy with my answer?

    *She glanced at the woman, a slight smile across her face. She hadn't bothered answering the man's question of food, as her men did not need food in the way a human or animal did*