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  1. "Welcome to our cafe. I hope you enjoy your stay." Says Lethal the owner's neice. She had long black hair and exotic silver eyes. (I'll do photo and what not on OC)
  2. Isla yawned, rubbing her eyes before entering the Cafe. As she pushed inside, she pulled her hair back from her face and plaited it into pigtails before tying them at the front of her neck. She always had her hair this way when working, though it was unusual. However, her hair never fell out, that is, unless it was pulled. A puzzling fact and Isla yearned to know why. No, she wasn't complaining, she was just a curious girl who liked, no, loved knowledge.

    Yonan sighed, staring around the Cafe before taking his seat. He was a regular here, though he sometimes thought of changing to a new cafe. This one seemed a little... Different to him. He was never able to put his finger on it, though.
  3. Aspen sprints into the cafe, hair falling out of her ever changing hair style. "Sorry I'm late," she says as she runs to the back of the dining area and into the kitchens, where she fixes her hair, straightens her clothes, and, after putting on her biggest smile, goes back out and searches for a customer in need of a server.
  4. Lethal looked up at the clock. "Ugh. So early. To early for a vampire that is." She though before walking back to the kitchen to make some of the baked goods. Most things were prepped the night before and all that was needed was the cooking. "I need to put up the signs for game day." She reminded herself.
  5. "Morning Lethal!" Aspen cheered enthusiastically, "are you ready?" Aspen began skipping around restlessly ready to help with anything, all the while straightening little things on her uniform.
  6. Lethal looked at her. "Its to early" she complained "to make things worst tomorrow is the day we dress as jappanese warriors. My Auntie is such a pain." "Who is a pain?" Asks a woman's voice. Lethal looks up to see he auntie.
  7. "Good morning Auntie!" Said Aspen with a smile, "feeling well this morning?"
  8. "Good morning my little Aspen." She greats with a smile. Lethal tried to make an escape when Kai appeared. "Shit." She mutters "Lethal." His voice sturn.
  9. "Kai! Tell Lethal she needs to be more enthusiastic! I tell her every morning, but unfortunately she does even try!" Apen sighs, and then goes up front to play hostess to any customers that might come along.
  10. "Changing this devil child's mind is like training a werewolf." Kai mutters before helping with kitchen duties. Auntie looks at Kai. "If anyone needs to let lose and have fun it be you. I see were our beloved princess gets it. None other then her tutor." She laughs before walking away.
  11. The front area of the cafe was rather quiet in the early hours of the day as the various denizens hired on as employees began gearing up for another day of serving and entertaining. With a puff of red smoke, Thio stood in his usual spot beside the host stand, ready to greet any customer who entered with a charming smile and a glint of mischief in his bright red eyes. His elegant porcelain-skinned hands carefully adjusting the cuffs of his sleeves while he surveyed the seating area and took note of all who'd arrived. Pearly white fangs glinted in the light as he ran a hand through his spiky white hair, his pointed red-furred tail whipping about excitedly. "Ah, another day in Paradise..." He purred to himself before taking notice of Aspen, who had been standing in front of him, looking the other direction when he appeared. "Oh, good morning, my dearest Aspen." He slid up beside her, a bit closer than most humans would probably feel comfortable with if not for the calming aura that seemed to emanate from him. "I must say, you are looking as beautiful as ever..." His red eyes locked with hers as he gave her a rather smoldering look, which was all quite normal for him. Just then the tingle of the door bell signaled a new arrival. Spinning about his smile instantly vanished as he recognized the regular customer. "Oi, you freakin' alcoholic midget! Don't you have any other establishment to bother?!"

    Talen walked in lazily, his vibrant green butterfly wings catching the warm breeze that accompanied his entrance and fluttering slightly. Green could not begin to describe his outfit, which was reminiscent of a field in spring, though the style was quite dated. A human might think he was someone who enjoyed to cosplay and was apparently very talented at making a 'convincing' costume. "Oh, hullo Thio... Aspen." He yawned, wiping a bit a sleep from his eyes and clearly not noticing the annoyance in the demon's voice. "I tell ye, the new stuff ye had the other night really gave a bang in me head! Strong stuff!" His boyish face radiated from his warm smile as a small fist bumped against his head before he continued in his light Irish accent. "Tell me the label so's I can go find the brewery that made such a lovely stout."

    "Any beer is 'strong' if you drink thirty bottles of it!" Thio growled, rubbing his temples. "And you know damn well no brewery's gonna let a ten year old come within five-hundred yards of the place! They'd probably call the police the second they got a whiff of your breath!"

    "Yer probably right, mate..." Talen let forth a musical chuckle, clearly taking Thio's tone as a joke. "Well I suppose the cafe s'all I have then!" Gliding past the demon he made his way straight to the bar and climbed up onto a stool, leaving Thio to grumble a few colorful insults under his breath.
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  12. Lethal who walked out to the bar spotted Talen. "Oh... Your back." She says "Let me guess would want the strongest I can make? Its been a while since I have made some drinks and quite frankly I am always doing other things." She says with a mischevious smile. Lethal was well, lethal. Their was propbably no one that could kill you faster.
    Lethal or Lilith Von Voltair (open)

  13. Talen's wings fluttered in excitement as Lethal slid behind the bar, the fairy's head tilting slightly as he gave her a smile that was even warmer than the breeze that seemed to blow whenever he was around. "Ye know me too well, lass." Reaching into a small leather pouch on his waist he pulled out a seed and, with a tiny wave of his other hand, it immediately sprouted and began to grow. Within a moment he held a vibrant purple and black viola out to her, figuring the colors would suit the fine lady. "So'what events are on tha calendar this month? I swear... never a dull moment 'round the cafe."
  14. Aspen saw Talen, and immediately ran over and gave him a hug. "Talen! Hi!" She noticed Lethal, "Aw, are you already being served by Lethal?" She complained, "darn."
  15. "A young girl like you should work the bar." She says. Kai pops up out of nowhere as usual. "No one other then me that is. Auntie has made it clear." He mutters but sees Lethal ignored him as usual. She mixed a drink and slid it to Talen
  16. "Killjoy," Aspen teases as she flits off to find a new person to talk to. All the while fiddling with the many trinkets hanging off her uniform and in her hair.
  17. Auntie wonders around the shop making sure things run smoothly. "Tomorrow is dress up day." She cheers.
  18. Lexis walked in the cafe and went straight for the counter where Emma was working. Emma gave her younger sister a smiled and said "sup,sis how ya doin' " Lexis replied "fine" "can I get you anything" Emma asked. "Hot chocolate please" the younger girl replied " sure thing kiddo " Emma said
    (Hope that intro to the characters wasn't too crappy)
  19. (Nah)

    Lethal looked over to Kai, who had currently been sitting in his chair watching her. "Sempi!" She calls to him and he threw a book at her. "Shut up your royal pain in the ass."
  20. Yonan rested his head on the table, growing a little tired of waiting to be served. Today had seemed to be a slow day to him, so what was taking them so long?

    Isla sighed, walking into the kitchen to see if any orders were ready to be taken out to their customers.
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