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Lilith's Love

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Six Million Dollar Man, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Lilith Was the run of the mill demon. Her special abilities included possession. And great lust. One day, bored with her life in her realm, she departed for Earth, and made her way to the big city...

    …And possessed a prostitute with money. Not only did she enjoy the sights, and the things living people did, but she LOVED the body she had…in fact, she gave herself a test run.

    Oh Yeah.

    I mean, that is until everything screwed up. Lilith had gotten the body killed. As a result, she was banished to live in the world of the humans, her option to return only by her finding the 'perfect' body. Of course, she didn't understand what it meant…She tried to possess the most beautiful of bodies, and came up with nothing.

    Now she uses different bodies in a big scheme, amassing money for herself she keeps in a pocket dimension her parents bought her, as she lives her days out among humans...

    …Until she meets a guy she falls in love with. And when he finds out her secret, he learns to get past it. Of course, thats bad, because now, she'll use all sorts of different bodies on him...

  2. Hey I actually started a RP with Lillith, causing I always found her rather interesting, her being a sex demon and all, but I always thought it was funny how no man could resist her, even if she didn't want them XD anyways thought I would say that haha