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  1. Lilith's Children~

    Lilith is the Highest Order Chaos Demon in all of hell. She was once an angel but fell just like Lucifer had. But the reason was, different. She used her blood in the Holy Cup to create a new race of Chaos Demons. More powerful than anyone has ever seen the likes of. It is a small group of seven demons, going by the name Lilith's Children. They have caused more chaos than any divine power ever has. Each of them have a particular power for some kind of chaos. Like the four horseman of myths, but much more dangerous.

    The Seven Are:

    Famine (Female): Famine has a talent for killing off food supply faster than ever before. She can make soil unusable just by walking on it.

    War (Male): War can strike hatred into the heart of any human simply by touching them. He is the cause for all the great wars in history. Any battle, or fight, or hatred in any person is caused by War. TAKEN

    Drought (Male): Drought is a magnificent being, he steals water sources. Drought has caused many deaths, simply by drying up lakes, rivers, and even oceans. He can prevent rain in any area.

    Disaster (Female): Disaster is best known for her ability to make earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, any kind of natural disaster you can think of. She doesn't have a bad temper and knows just when to strike. TAKEN

    Hellfire (Female): Hellfire is one of the worst of the seven. She loves to watch the world burn. Destruction is her passion. She has a large temper and is the least calm. Any little thing can set her off, but she is also very intelligent. She can be your best friend, just don't get on her angry side. TAKEN

    Disease (Male): Disease is well, pretty self explanatory. Disease is always in action, every moment disease is doing what he wants, what he feels like. He creates different concoctions and evil mixtures to hurt humanity. He is a calm and collected person, though mad and tends to talk quite a bit. RESERVED

    Death (Male): Death. Death collects the souls of all the people if six colleges kills and uses it fuel their destruction. Death is the most powerful of the seven as he was the first created. He also has the most influence over humans. TAKEN



    - No godmodding

    - No fighting with players in the OOC chat. Characters may have arguments but I don't want to have to deal with feuding players.

    - Since this is a demonic roleplay, I wil allow sexual themes, but if it gets too graphic either fade to black or take it to PM

    - Nothing in this world is set in stone yet. I prefer it be like Earth, but your character can start off anywhere they'd like. But some time I'd like them to meet up all together. Maybe a big city like Paris or New York.

    - If you have a problem with the RP, or have any questions, please PM me. I would like to know any problems or complaints you may have, to make this roleplay fun for everyone.

    - The above characters have been given genders. Those are non-negotiable. Sorry.


    Character Sheet:

    Name (Earthly Name):

    Demon Name:



    Appearance (Please use pictures):




    Bio or Past:


    My Character Sheet:

    Name (Earthly Name): Annika Lynn Rommainev

    Demon Name: Hellfire

    Gender: Female

    Age: Hard to say exactaly, but pretty much since the fall of Lucifer

    Appearance (Please use pictures): [​IMG]

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 129

    Personality: Annika has a stone heart when you get on her bad side. The other seven have very little humanity but Annika has none and a passion for killing. Watching anyone burn is the reason she loves her job. Destruction and chaos are her calling.

    Bio or Past: Annika is known for fires. She is a master of pyrotechnics. Though she doesn't use C4 to make her explosions happen, she can tell you anything you want to know about explosives. Its easy to tell you that Annika can destroy cities with the flick of her wrist, she can light a whole city aflame just by walking down the street. Her wrath is one worth fearing, and like the most of the others she enjoys the fear humans have of her. Hellfire is.. not someone to be messed with. Ask any of the Lilith's Children. Back when Rome was still an Empire, Annika blew up a whole city because someone stepped on her foot. Annika has a history of killing for fun, and has no problem fulfilling the limits set by Death. Hellfire's closest friends within the children are War, Death, and Disaster.
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  2. Name (Earthly Name): Dahlia Vesera

    Demon Name: Famine

    Gender: Female

    Age: Not sure, but around the middle of the rest of the Children

    Dress in Hell (Imagine less see-through):
    On earth, she wears loose and flowy dresses. Most are either very short, very long, or high-low. She likes the colors grey, sliver, white, and black.

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 125

    Personality: Dahlia often grows bored with her life. She continues to do her job though, even if it is tiring. If it was her choice, the demon would just sit at home in hell and eat all day. Her love is food. She cares nothing about humans or the earth. The only thing she does care about is food and certain people.

    Bio or Past: Dahlia is known for famine. Famine is the hunger for something, whether that be food, love, alcohol and drugs, or sex. Her job is to create famine, to make the humans suffer in everyday things. Just being in a town can cause rotten food, dead plants and if she lets it, mass starvation and depression. The good thing is that she can control it to the most part, it only flaring up when she is bored and wants to something. Dahlia isn't close with most of the other children, Drought and Disease being the closest. Even though she is often occupied with either her job or eating, she would protect the other children no matter what. The food that she eats can either be human food or souls.
  3. Accepted!
  4. Name (Earthly Name): Kay Aliavra

    Demon Name: Disaster

    Gender: Female

    Age: One of the oldest. Pretty close in age to Death.

    Appearance (open)

    Height: 5'2"

    Weight: 106 lbs

    Personality: Kay is terrible. She is cold hearted and has barely even a sliver of her humanity left. There are very few things that can evoke any sort of emotion from her. As such, she is calm for the most part. She is patient and usually won't act without cause. However, if you manage to make her angry, her piercing eyes might be the last thing you see. She loves to just toy with other's emotions and enjoys breaking human heart almost more than causing disasters. She's ruthless and you most definitely don't want to get her angry. Her power is felt by all and though she may not look like much, she is capable of wiping out the entire planet if she really wanted to.

    Bio or Past: Kay is ruler of all that causes destruction and disasters. And she enjoys it. She loves to see things blown apart and shattered under her will. She toys with cities and countries, pushing them to their breaking points and destroying their hard work. She loves to watch humans build up their empires and cities only to flick her wrist and have it all crumble. She used to have a huge heart and foolishly fell in love with a human. However, he betrayed her with another human. Pompeii was the result. She is closest to Drought, Death, and Hellfire.
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  5. May I reserve a spot for Death? I'll quickly have something up after the maintenance ^ ^;;
  6. Name (Earthly Name)::Lucas 'Luke' Ares Roberts

    Demon Name::War


    Age::Not quite sure, but he is the youngest out of Lilith's Children.

    Appearance (Please use pictures):[​IMG]


    Weight::177 lbs.

    Personality::Lucas probably has a bit more humanity than the other Children. While he is just as cold and cruel, he isn't always like that. He actually has a pleasant, positive side. Others might think this weird. Why would he want to be nice to anyone? But he knows what he's doing. He gives people hope and happiness and any other positive emotion and then snatches it right back when they least expect it. He also likes to watch humans destroy themselves and each other.

    Bio or Past::War is hatred. Pure, unadulterated hatred. His job is to create fights, battles, and wars. To touch humans and watch them destroy each other and themselves. He believes that there isn't a better job. Causing deaths indirectly is his passion, his calling. He is close to all of the Children, but is really close to Hellfire.
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  7. Yes. Both of you can reserve spots.
  8. May I reserve Disease?
  9. You may!
  10. Name (Earthly Name):
    Lucian Thanatos

    Demon Name:


    The Beginning

    Appearance (Please use pictures):



    Indifferent, aloof, and passively neutral all describe Lucian Thanatos. What makes him different from the others however is his strange interests with 'humans' or more particularly their souls. He denies his pity for them, stating that the millenniums have all but washed away his sympathy. But despite his claims, Lucian still offers each one his 'condolences' and rests their souls peacefully instead of further torturing them. This however is not always the case. He's not one to see things as black and white but out of pure boredom he occasionally picks out particularly interesting souls, interacting with them either in two ways. If he finds them fascinating or at least able to satiate his curiosity, Lucian treats them with a little flashback of any part of their lives they so choose. Then there's the less fortunate who he might find annoying and distasteful, which in this case would result in severe mental torture until the said soul is thrown into insanity. Despite his obvious set backs Lucian can be considered the most lenient and kind out of the seven. Another thing to note is his inquisitive and enigmatic nature.

    Bio or Past:
    Death is something inevitable, unavoidable, and constant.
    That has always been the basis of Lucian's existence.​
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  12. I love it! Both Disaster, War, and Death are accepted. I think we're waiting on Disease to finish and Drought to be claimed.
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  19. Earthly Name:
    Jeremiah S├ęcheresse

    Demon Name:


    He's forgotten the exact number but he's easily one of the youngest children while not being the youngest



    142 lbs.

    Of all of the children, Jeremiah is easily one of the most energetic and light hearted of the bunch. He smiles and jokes with the others constantly, acting as a sort of beacon in the dark angst that makes up most of his 'siblings'. He holds his brothers and sisters in high regard, adoring them to the point of smothering even if the feeling isn't mutual. While on the surface it can be seen as playful teasing or even a joke, his intrigue in all of has crossed the line over just being friendly more than once and his advancements haven't slowed down with time. He loves embarrassing them almost as much as helping them and even under all the energy and flare he can't hide his sadistic side. He finds humanity interesting yet pathetic, always enjoying the show as he watches them slowly die out from his work. He isn't above taunting or torturing humans for fun as he waits and he's been known to go berserk if shown any defiance by those lesser worms. While he claims to love the other children all equally, he is extra affectionate to his 'dear, sweet sister', Famine.

    Bio or Past:
    Water is the corner stone of all life and by right Drought is life's greatest enemy. Lakes, rivers, oceans, the very land itself. Nothing is safe from his touch, not even the human body. To him what he does isn't work, it's art. The cracking of dry ground underfoot, the slow withering of plants and those who live off them. The light going out of a man's eyes when his stomach is empty and his skin is dry, curled up in the shade alone and tired. Nations fall before him with a snap of his fingers. The Dust Bowl was his master piece yet but he won't stop until the whole world becomes his magnum opus.​
  20. Accepted!
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