EXERCISE Likes and Hates

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  1. A lot of role players put a good deal of themselves into their characters. Some even describe their characters as being like their children, or like extensions of themselves.

    There's nothing wrong with being attached to your characters ( provided you're still able to accept criticism and see when things need to be changed/fixed), but making characters who are similar to you can lead to becoming stagnant!

    In this exercise you will create a character who either passionately HATES something you LOVE, or passionately LOVES something you HATE!

    If you're a vegetarian or vegan, try writing a hunter or butcher who loves what they do

    If you're an otaku, write a cynical realist who doesn't see any point in fiction

    If you're a pacifist, write a warmonger

    If you love thrills and excitement, write a hermit

    You get the gist. The main thing is to go into detail about WHY they hate/ love this thing. Tell what they do to enjoy it, how they react when they see/experience it, what causes them to feel this way, etc etc

    What they love/hate:
    Why do they feel this way?
    Did they always feel this way?
    If not, what made the change?
    How do they react when they encounter it?
    Do they rant/rave about how much they love/hate it?
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  2. I love animals, but I'll give this a shot :)


    Ryan Rodriquez is a friendly fellow who is loved by all. Aside from his pleasing personality, nothing really seems to be extraordinary with this guy as he looks and acts like your average Joe. The only thing that sets him apart from the rest of his friends is his obsession.

    Always out for a drive in his Ford Ranger pickup every morning at the break of dawn, he does so to appease this certain addiction of his..

    He collects bones from roadkill remains.

    Some people found this revolting, while some appreciated his willingness to clean the roads before rush hour. People have always associated his work with the desperate need of a part time job, but that wasn't really the case. He did this out of love for a certain being he once met.. A siren.

    He attempted to voice out his adventure to his friends when he went on an island vacation, but no one really seemed to believe him. A siren after all is known to be a mythical creature. Oh how he fell deeply in love with her pretentious ways, and even until he arrived home, she was still in his mind.

    He wanted her to be his and his alone forever.

    From then on, he resorted to giving live sacrificial offerings to her: stealing small, live animals, skinning them alive and throwing their remains at the nearby beach, leaving the bones behind for him to be reminded of his efforts. He thought of her as part diety, and encounters with dieties required sacrifices. Because of this, he was always out at dawn in search of anything he could give to her.

    His hunt for small animals didn't go too far though, as the authorities have been notified about the strange disappearances of the animals. Of course, he never wanted to be arrested, and so he resorted to collecting things nobody ever wanted: Dead, rotting remains.

    No one ever asked what he did to the remains, and he never told anyone. All he wanted to do is to collect what he can to throw at the sea for his beloved who will most likely never return, and scrape and bleach the meat off the bones clean so he could store them in his closet.

    All for the glory of love, he believed.
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  3. Russel Lyons is his name && Music is his bane.​

    What they love/hate?

    Russel despises the sound of music. Classical, country, techno, or rock; anything else in between, it doesn't matter. To him, it's just pointless noise and he can't even stand to listen to people talking about it.

    Why do they feel this way?
    Most assume that his aversion is attributed to tone deafness. Russel knows otherwise. A bunch of sounds played together are still just sounds. That's his reasoning.

    Did they always feel this way?
    Even as a child, when his parents would sing him lullabies or play music for him as he laid in his crib, he'd only cry. They thought perhaps he had an ear infection or had Misophonia, and so they had him checked out by a doctor. They could find nothing wrong. "He just doesn't... like music," the pediatrician said with a shrug. "Not everyone does."

    If not, what made the change?

    How do they react when they encounter it?
    Russel simply cannot stand the sound. When forced into a setting with music playing, he tends to tune it out, and become unresponsive to most who speak to him. All his attention is focused on trying to ignore the sounds that he also winds up ignoring the voices of those nearby. He curses in startled anger when in a silent setting, suddenly a sell phone rings out. His own is always set to vibrate, and his television always set to mute with captions.

    Do they rant/rave about how much they love/hate it?
    No, Russel tends to keep his hatred of music to himself, though anyone who meets him in a social setting can typically tell right off the bat that there's something bothering him, though they may just assume it's the particular style or song, not music as a whole. He doesn't voice his opinion openly, but he does grumble to himself on occasion that he wishes all music would just cease to exist. Despite all of that, he knows that while he hates it, most people love it; he is - more often than not - willing to grin and bear its grating sound without a complaint.
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  4. Valeria Asthera

    What they love/hate: Valeria despises art in all it's forms, shapes and sounds. She simply sees the whole concept as a waste of time as well as money. Energy is best put into useful ventures, such as making money. Money is important and makes her own little world go round. She also hates people who waste time daydreaming about frivolous things.

    Why do they feel this way?: Valeria has long felt that time, money and energy should be spent responsible and efficiently. She noticed the lack of prudence in her family which brought their growth in wealth to a grinding halt. She blames the heads of the family for spending too much on trying to look rich rather than acting wealthy. She will not make the same mistake while she gathers her fortune.

    Did they always feel this way?: Only when her own fortune took a turn for the worse, caused by her family, did she start to take this point of view.

    If not, what made the change?: Her family, a group of people she has learned to loath because of their lack of control when it comes to funds and power.

    How do they react when they encounter it?: She will eagerly criticize anyone she thinks is too frivolous when it comes to matters of money, as well as influence. She scoffs at artists, musicians and anyone simply spending their time being unproductive. Especially any ruling body is quick to fall prey to her criticism, as people spending more time planning actions than doing things are, to her, overpaid idiots with far too much power. Detestable.

    Do they rant/rave about how much they love/hate it?: Every chance she gets, to whomever she feels should be the target at the time; regardless of whether they are interested in her story or not. She doesn't really spend time explaining why she feels this way. Her style is basically grab a random person to speak with and, should they have the indecency to disagree with her, she will grind them down until they simply give up or start a fight.