Like, WTF is going on.

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  1. Sorry for the title of this thread, but there's some neat things going on.
    I was sleeping, minutes ago, but I heard lots of people going to their cars, traffic, people being shot, punched, fighting, what the hell.
    It's not riots, people here are afraid of the government, it feels like the beginning of the "Last of Us" game, damn.
    I packed up a backpack with supplies and my knife, I'm just ready for the apocalypse. Is my location the only passing through this?
    Also, it's almost 4 a.m. here.
  2. Well, I have no idea what your location is, so I have no idea!

    Here, we are reading terrible smut roleplays and preparing to go buy groceries! Not nearly as exciting. D:
  3. Like, Diana, I'm scared ;______; Hug me in comfort, please D:
    I live in Azores, Portugal.

    I can't hug you, you'll get your doom cooties on meeee!

  5. OMFG DIANA! ;_______;
    All my hope is gone.
  6. As a gamer, I am ready for the apocalypse... Get your butt over here and I shall protect you my friend! <3
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  7. I will try... I WILL TRY! D:
  8. Remember, your goal is survival. Try not to get into a fight where possible. And, if you do get into a fight with a normal human being, hit the floating rib for a quick way to cause immense pain.
  9. So what was happening, anyway?