Like Dying

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  1. Title of the Story:
    Like Dying

    Short summary of the story:

    A man who is haunted by his own conscious that he’d killed his girlfriend and committed suicide by putting a bullet through his brain.

    Period of time this story will take place:

    Country that this story will take place:

    Romance (in the beginning), Tragedy, Suspense and Psychological

    Characters in this story:

    First player:

    The Boyfriend

    Second player:

    The Girlfriend

    The Detective

    Expanded Storyline:
    The man over the course of the past couple of weeks had suspected that his girlfriend was having an affair behind his back. He stalked her and saw that she had been seeing another man, going on dates, holding hands and kissing in public (on cheeks). It drove him crazy, and as much as he’d loved her, he couldn’t accept nor adapt to the pain of betray. It overwhelmed him completely.

    And to add on to the pain, he had witness that the two of them entering into a hotel and did not exited until hours later. It drove him beyond madness because she’d acted like nothing had happened and all. To think that he’d even proposed to her three months ago.

    One day on the third anniversary, with the handgun he’d purchased from the black market, he invited her to his mansion located in the outskirts of the town. Tears overflowing in his eyes, he pointed the gun on her forehead and demanded for a confession that never happened. With a bang, the chapter of life for her ended on that night. He put her in a barrel and covered her in cement before sinking her to the bottom of the lake.

    She was officially considered to be missing from that day onwards, he was careful to cover his tracks and nobody doubted him because he’d always been so honest and he’d played the role of a grieving boyfriend.

    Until that man appeared, the man he’d assumed to be her secret boyfriend. It turned out to be her brother who was here on a business trip and she’d had intended to introduce the two of them the day after the celebration.

    Overruled by guilt, he began to see her everywhere. All the places he goes to was filled with memories of the two of them and his mind couldn’t take it anymore. As such he decided to take his own life.

    Special Notes:

    Basically this is a three people point of view, so the story will start with the detective finding the dead body of the boyfriend and he found his diary and started reading it. The diary starts from the beginning when they first met all the way he died. And the story will end with the detective writing the incident report and retrieving the body of the girlfriend.


    I'm looking for someone who is able to write properly (good grammar and spelling) but minor errors are ok. As long as I can read it without too much of a hindrance will be sufficient.

    My writing style and length of writing generally reflect the player (you) as such I'm looking at a minimum of one paragraphs. One-liners are discourage.

    Commitment is another issue, I don't mind if you can only post once a day or what but please don't pull a disappearing act on me without informing me--that is simply rude to me.

    Basically that's all, so anyone keen?

    p.s I'm pretty flexible so if you think there is some elements that you want to adjust, fell free to tell me here. And also if you're keen, I would strongly suggest you subscribe to this thread since I'm pretty responsive most of the time.

  2. I find the story very interesting, and I'd be happy to roleplay with you! I just want to warn you; I don't live in an english-speaking country, so there may be some minor errors (wich you said was ok though...), but I'm looking for a challenge since I'd like to improve my english. With that said, you can check out my roleplay resume and send me a PM if you like.
  3. So... we're gonna discuss it all here, am I right? ~
  4. And of course, is there something wrong with it?
  5. No, not really... not as I've thought of. It says that it'll start with the detective finding the diary of the dead boyfriend, and it seems that what's in the diary is pretty much the roleplay, am I right?
  6. Yup so you're taking the detective role?
  7. I haven't really played two characters at the same time, but I guess I could try.
  8. hahahs... then would you start the thread please? Since the story starts from the end
  9. OK, I'll get the thread started as soon as I can. Can I send you the link via PM?
  10. Yes please.