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  1. Is it possible to opt out of this feature? I receive quite a bit of dislikes because my opinions differ from that of the politically correct norms, I guess. Or, I have no idea why I get them for every post that I make. I always thought that this feature was or something else other than stroking of online egos.

    So, is there a way to disable it?
  2. People did not like your opinion. So what? Isn't that the point of having one? It's not like you're going to wake up the next day with rating-transmitted aids. It doesn't mean anything. Feel free to 'smite' me, to 'no just no' me, or whatever you feel like. I'll go about my day just the same. And that's the exact same thing you should do.

    This is coming from someone who doesn't hand out negative ratings (and in case you checked my profile; the cat like typing one has it's context right here) precisely because they don't mean anything to me. If you can't handle a little negative feedback you should not have an opinion ever. You got some down-votes for what you said and there was this one guy being a douche, but what consequence did it have? Do you feel you're worth less as person now? Do you doubt your ability to reason? Did you wake up with rating-transmitted aids? None of those? Well fantastic. What are we doing here?

    Seriously though. My advice, and I say this with the best of intentions, is to let it go. Don't play the victim-game, that just will hurt any position you'll ever take in any debate in the future far more than one controversial opinion and a few down-votes ever will.
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  3. 1. When a like/dislike feature substitutes an exchange of ideas and opinions, it has no point. When you dislike someone's opinions, you either ignore them or inquire the reasoning behind them in an orderly fashion. No, I don't care about it, but I do think this culture of "likes" is utmost toxic and if there is an option to be excluded from it, then I'd like to consider it.

    2. See 1.

    3. See 1 again.
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  4. When there doesn't need to be a discussion, the like button is useful. When you use terms like "politically correct norm" expect people not feeling the need to have a discussion over why they disagree with you.
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  5. He I assume? is right Prisk. Don't let a rating system, online no less, determine whether or not you speak your opinion or not. Sometimes when it comes to believing in something you often find yourself staNing alone. Does that make your opinion any less important? Hell no, you just choose to stand firm. At the end of the day the ratings don't matter.
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  6. The ratings feature is meaningless in the bigger picture of things HOWEVER it is a perfect way for members to give thumbs up or thumbs down on things. It's both a way to give good props to people who do great, and way to show displeasure in people that are making bad posts. These ratings are completely subjective, but it reminds people that what you post has consequences. We have no intentions of disabling these ratings because we feel they are a good way for members to self-moderate the community!

    If we find people abusing them as a means to harass someone, we DO delete the ratings and punish the people.

    If you find yourself getting BAD ratings from A LOT of people, that is a hint that maybe you are doing something that is annoying or offending many people and that you might need to rethink how you interact on the site. We want all members to share their opinions and voices, but sometimes they WAY you share your voice might be completely inappropriate. Ratings are a good simple way for people to let you know this.
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  7. Well, I disagree with you there. I don’t think a “like” feature is useful for anything. Sooner or later it will turn into a popularity contest, which it already has here, akin to Facebook. This is also why it is a poor self-moderation mechanic.

    You can begin by looking at the three members that “loved” your post and see if they are harassing anyone else besides me.

    I love this argument and in most cases I would agree with you, but not in this case and not because it pertains to myself. I go to great lengths to make sure that what I say has an appropriate tone. However, I don’t use smilies or words that resonates sympathy, which for the younger crowd will come off as “offensive” or “inappropriate”, so I can understand how they would consider my “way” of saying something to be bad. And no, these ratings are not a good way of letting someone know that you don’t like their choice of words. This should come out of a discussion or inquiry as to why someone says something in the way that they do. For example: "what were you thinking here? When you say this and that, what do you mean by it?"

    I really think your judgment concerning these ratings is flawed. I guess this is what I wanted to say, so I can let it go. Thanks.
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  8. When you post something someone really doesn't like, I don't see the problem in hitting the negative ratings. You could always ask that person why they gave you that rating in the first place. Personally, I give negative ratings to people's posts that rub me in a way that I do not like. But instead of just letting the person hear why their post was so offensive (especially when someone else has said why it was, the negative ratings are there to show that I didn't enjoy the statement made. I don't need to add in my words when someone has already said what I would have).

    Besides, ratings are just, well, ratings. They are people's opinions, and that should always be taken into account. Just because you have a few negative ratings does not make you a bad person; it makes you human. You made a statement, and because you got that rating you should actually not be ashamed of it. It means that you stood up for something, what we say isn't always going to be liked. People are going to disagree with you, and not like certain things you say, so the easier and lesser of two evils really is just the bad rating and moving on with their day. Some people just don't like having long drawn out discussions about things, and find the rating system to be the best voice they have.

    I explain to people (when asked) as of why I gave them that rating, but if I give that rating typically I really don't address that poster unless it is directly in the debate because my point was made by a simple click.

    I wouldn't take the rating system as a bad thing, in fact I think it is rather wonderful in ways where you can thank someone when you cannot find words to thank them, or just telling someone you don't like what they posted.
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  9. Everything you feel is completely reasonable. Many people agree with you on that front, many people don't. The administration obviously doesn't and we feel it's been a beneficial tool for Iwaku. :D

    This comment on the other hand:

    Is a perfect example of what I mean about being careful how you say things. Calling my judgement flawed because I don't agree with you is insulting my intelligence and a little rude. This isn't a situation where my information IS genuinely flawed, this is a matter of opinions. We all have them, and not all of us will agree.

    Based on that and some of your past posts, I am willing to bet those kind of comments are what got you negative ratings. :/ Remember, you have every right to your feelings and opinions, but once you start insulting people or trying to make them feel stupid, they are not going to respond well.
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  10. I'm just going to leave a +1 here.

    I agree ratings shouldn't substitute discussion, but you did get discussion. You say ratings don't bother you, but you deleted your posts which I can only I assume was to get rid of them because the content of your posts is preserved in quotes. If you want to have a discussion about anything, you should be candid. You're not. I want to defend your right to have an opinion, but that's where the line is drawn. If we can't have an honest and open discussion, I think this topic has served it's purpose.
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