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  1. Synopsis: After getting expelled from school, slapped with a Restraining Order and barely escaping Assault Charges, a troublesome teen is sent to Seattle to live with her Widowed Aunt -- Who's Seven Months Pregnant.

    My Character

    Name: Angela Aimi Kang
    Aliases: Angie, AK

    Age: 25
    Date of Birth: May 30 1989
    Time of Birth: 5:30pm

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosextual, Straight

    Description: East-Asian Female, Brown Hair, 5' 6" Tall, Sitting at around 145 lbs., Expecting Mother (Seven Months into her Pregnancy). Frequents Dresses, Cardigans, Boots, Stockings, Bracelets and has a Wedding Necklace that she wears to honor the memory of her late husband.

    Personality: Since High School, Angela tends to be very shy and is hard to approach. If one can look past her shyness, Angela is a nice and caring person. She is generally easygoing and lenient with people she meets.
    Likes: Spending time with her Family & Friends, Reading, Relaxing, Cuddling, playing with Animals (Especially cats and dogs), cleaning, writing, socializing
    Dislikes: People touching her (This only amplified when she got pregnant), sharp objects, foods with a strong smell, spiders, rodents, cigarettes
    Strengths: Solving Mysteries, makes a good Therapist, tries to keep in high spirits (Because Stress is bad for her and her baby), Well-Prepared for most situations, Nice and Caring, Athletic, Multilingual (Knows English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese, also Fluent in Russian, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish), can reach out to people
    Weaknesses: Pregnancy (Well, you can't really do much when there's a baby inside you), Aichmophobia (Fear of Sharp Objects), Constantly has Nightmares about C-Sections as a result of Aichmophobia, Mood Swings (She's having a baby, she can't help it), Insomnia, Heartburn, Backache, Uncomfortable with Heights

    History: Angela was born in Seattle, Washington to Korean-American Immigrants. Her Father is a Civil Engineer and her Mother is a Family Therapist. Since Junior High School, Angela has the natural talent of picking up other languages when she hears them enough and puts her mind to it. As a result, she can speak up to eight other languages next to English and her native tongue. After graduating from High School, Angela would go into College, aiming for the same major as her Mother, which was Psychology. She would then follow her Mother's Footsteps in becoming a Therapist. In her profession, she began working with troubled teenagers and families, much like her mother before her. Two years after College, Angela got married to her boyfriend of nearly nine years, two of which they were engaged. After two years of marriage, the couple wanted to start a family, so it was a happy moment when Angela announced that she was pregnant. Sadly, her Spouse would passes away two months short of the baby's impending birth.
    Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
    Relationships (Immediate Family):
    -Parents: Retired and moved back to South Korea after she had graduated from College
    -Two Older Siblings: Has an Older Brother in South Korea working as a Police Officer and an Older Sister who is a Nurse and taking care of their now Elderly Parents.
    -Two Younger Siblings: Has one younger brother who is studying Computer Engineering in Oklahoma and a Younger Sister who is a nurse.
    -Husband (Deceased): Together for Nine Years, only married for two; Marriage was cut short...
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  3. (Character Sheet)
  4. Name: Charlotte Kimberly Young
    Char, young, CK

    Age: 16
    Date of birth: may 6, 1998

    Gender: female

    Personality: easy to get meet, trouble maker speaks English.

    Doesn't have likes and dislikes

    Parents- mid 30s
    Two younger sisters
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