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  1. (Try and find a Picture for your Character too, but in any case, I'll start)

    Its been four months since her spouse's death. However, not only it left her to become a Single Mother, but a deep wound in her heart as well. Last week, Angela's Older Sister gave her a call to let her know that she is sending Charlotte, her niece, to live with her because she, her husband and other two daughters are sick of moving every time Char gets in trouble with Local Authorities and Expelled. While Angela herself was okay with it because she'd appreciate the company, she was still having trouble coping with depression and heartbreak. Probably the worst combo for a pregnant woman now that she thought about it. First she's moody and depressed, reeling from her husband's death while getting ready to become a Single Mom and now she gets to put deal with a trouble-making Teenager...'Just Great,' she thought. Luckily it was a weekend, so she didn't have to worry about work and was going to take a week off to help her niece adjust to life in Seattle. At around 4pm, she spent the remainder of her Friday getting ready to pick up her Niece. As she took her scrubs and tossed them into the hamper next to her bathroom before changing into an appropriate evening Airport Fashion, even though she was just there to go pick up her Niece. Seeing that she couldn't really fit into her pants, she just slipped on a Purple Dress, White Stockings and a Blue Cardigan. Only piece of jewelry that she wore was a Wedding Ring Necklace, to honor the memory of her late husband. Afterwards she put on a pair of Black Boots before phoning a taxi. Driving during pregnancy wasn't exactly a favorite for her, mainly because she can now feel the steering wheel on her stomach, which she didn't like because something could happen to the baby, not that she has any complications, like a torn placenta. Either way, she wanted to be careful. After arriving at the Airport, she went over to the Baggage Claim and found a place to sit down and wait for her Niece, mainly because it was tough for her to stand for an extended period of time. While she waited, she began looking through emails on her phone.
  2. Her Niece came 45 mins later.

    Char wasn't happy with her parents and was planning on making her Aunts life hell for at lest the first week and then seeing how she feels. She finds her Aunt waiting for her by baggage claim on her phone. Once she's close so her Aunt can hear her see says "Oh like its the slut my parents sent me to live with and I'm " supost to help her" bullshit"
  3. On the outside, Angela was a bit unfazed because she expected the kind of attitude that Charlotte was giving her. She sighed because it was the first day. Hopefully there won't be any extreme pranks because the last thing Angela needs is a trip to the Hospital. Clearly the two didn't get along, but Angela was going to have to put up with the behavior for a bit. Deep down however, Angela was hurt and heartbroken, but really she felt underappreciated. "Just be grateful that you'll even have a roof over your head...If it weren't for me, you'd be sitting Juvenile Hall right now." She said coldly as she got up and slipped her phone into her purse. Besides the heartburn, backache and insomnia, she got to put up with her ungrateful niece whom she tried to show love and care to ever since she was an adolescent. Though around that time, Angela herself was still in High School, so things were different. She expected the Car Ride home to be entertaining. Because Angela didn't drive there, they got to take a Taxi home. As she relaxed herself, trying to stay calm, Angela held one hand over her stomach where her future little girl was. Now she was expecting another joke related to her condition and even a comment on her body among a host of other jokes that normally aimed at pregnant women. If she wanted to sneak out at night, Angela would simply let her; there were already cameras around the house and out all over the property and not a single blind spot. The feed from the cameras were being sent to her email usually every hour whenever she is not home, but every six to seven hours if she is, so being sneaky with Angela was practically impossible.
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  4. Once they got back to her Aunts house. She dropped her stuff found car keys and handed. "Don't wait up. Cuz I won't be home til early to midmorning tomorrow" she told her Aunt.
  5. Although Angela was okay with her leaving the house, she was not okay with her taking the car. When she saw her Car Keys in Charlotte's Hand, she immediately snagged them back and put them in her purse. "Um...No, you're not taking my car. The last thing I need is you wrecking it, getting a speeding ticket or even sending me to Jail because of your carelessness." Angela set her foot down and wasn't going to allow herself to be bullied by a bittersweet teenager. "You can go ahead and take the bus or walk, but I don't trust you with a car. I left a spare key under the mat for you so you don't have to lock yourself out of the house."
  6. "But Aunt Angela!!! I promise not to do anything to the car!" She told her aunt well looking down at the floor
  7. She doesn't care what her aunt has to say. She grabs her purse and grabs the keys. She puts her purse down then runs to the car.
  8. Angela shook her head. "If it weren't for your attitude at the airport when I came to pick you up, then maybe...just maybe I would lend you the car for the night, but you proved to me otherwise." She wasn't going to badmouth her niece, because their relationship was borderline estranged and bad enough as it was. "The Bus Schedule's on the counter. Go ahead and make use of it. I bought you a bus pass as well so you can make your way around." She took off her boots before slowly walking up the stairs to go rest. She had a long day and was really tired...not to mention she didn't have much sleep the previous night due to insomnia and her baby keeping her up. Not only she had her baby to worry about, but Charlotte as well. When she got up into her room, she put her car keys and wallet into a Safe in the closet, closed the blinds, set her phone on the nightstand and crawled into bed, relaxing herself. She yawned before resting her hand over her stomach. "Hope we'll be fine and your cousin decides not to make my life a living hell...I already have you to worry about since I have to carry you wherever I go..." After briefly talking to her baby, she took a deep breath before picking up her phone and started scrolling through social media.
  9. Char gives into her aunt and takes the bus even though she doesn't want to.

    She comes back at 10 am the next day wasted and with a guys number.
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  10. As Angela came downstairs to find her niece wasted, she was furious. "Oh my god..." Luckily for Charlotte, Angela had a day off. She bent over to help her Niece get over to the coach at least before sitting down in a recliner herself mainly because her back started hurting. "You went out drinking last night, did you?"
  11. "No" Char said lying to her aunt
  12. Angela got even more annoyed. "I can smell the alcohol in your breath. Don't lie to me. Either you can tell me the truth, or you can go back home and spend some time in Juvenile Hall."
  13. "Noooo I don't want to go to Juvenile Hall Aunt Angela"

    Char this to herself "sweet I'm not in trouble for getting wasted"
  14. "Then you better start being honest...Now were you out drinking last night or not?" She asked with a demanding tone in her voice. Char probably chose the worst time to get wasted because normally Angela is normally very moody in the morning. Of course, it's not entirely her fault and she did kind of have the right to be. Her hormones were jumpy as well, which didn't exactly help. One more wrong move and Char would learn the hard way on why one shouldn't aggravate or piss off a pregnant woman.
  15. "I don't know was I Angela?" She asked her aunt
  16. "You seem to be having quite the hang over. I can smell alcohol in your breath AND you smell terrible." Angela tried her best not to yell, but she did to an extent shout at her niece. After a few seconds, she tossed a towel at Char, before slowly standing up. "Now go wash up, you smell horrible." After practically lecturing her niece, Angela walked into the kitchen to grab some tea. While boiling the water, she tied her hair into a ponytail before stretching her arms followed by yawning.
  17. She goes to wash up and change cloths. Then go down to talk to her aunt
  18. By the time her niece came down, she was in the living room, sitting on the couch, drinking tea while relaxing on the couch, reading a book. Normally on Saturday, Angela takes it easy because of the delicate condition that she was in.
  19. "Aunt Angela I am sorry about lying to you. Have you talked to my mom?"
  20. "No, I haven't. I'll let it go this time. But if you do it again, I'll notify her. I may not be as strict as her, but I still expect you to behave." She set her cup of tea down on the coffee table before continuing to speak. "It's okay. Just don't put too much stress on me. Your Uncle passed away four months ago and it's been really hard for me without him as you can tell." Angela didn't expect Charlotte to understand how she felt, but at least understand what she's currently going through.
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