Like an Unfamiliar Tune (Carvine's Roleplay Search Thread!)

Which of my characters would you like to see next?

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Can you even change the titles of these threads once they're posted? Well I'll find out later. anyways, this is my general, all purpose thread for seeking roleplay partners. Any general/random ideas I have or come up with will be posted below. I'll probably change the title of this thread on occassion, if possible, to random musics. If you can guess/find out the title of the song these lyrics belong to, I'll probably love you and/or suck yo ****. So, let's start with the rules. I'll keep this short because even I roll my eyes like windmills at these.

Have some common sense. While I am a flippant person, I am capable of being offended and I obviously have likes and dislikes. If you want to add something, remove something, do something specific, ask first, unless it's something so vanilla that I can't possibly say no without looking stupid. Srsly, you have no idea how often I have this problem. But anyways, that's my one rule. Have. Common. Sense.

There, done. See, that was painless!

A List of Characters grouped by "Universe":
The 'ToRN' Universe:

ToRN doesn't stand for anything. This was a name coined by my friend and original story building partner.

This universe is very similar to our own, the key difference being that 'supernatural elements' are present, but obscured from the view of the ignorant masses. Gods exist, Heaven and Hell aren't quite how you think they'd be, and the Embodiments of Emotion make sure mankind doesn't see what's right under their nose.

Daniel Horatio Carver - Retired Military Special Operations Soldier: A 35 year old male who lives in Salida, Colorado. His family has a storied past of dealings with various supernatural elements, Daniel himself having ties with all sorts of craziness in his past. (Now available in Modern Realism flavor!)

Carmina Avali - Sorceress, Cyborg and Magi Academic: A 20 year old woman also living in Salida, Colorado. Her parents were part of a Coven of Witches up in Newfoundland. She moved to Salida after hearing about some of the anomalies pervading the town.
She has thus far removed her right arm and replaced it with a technologically advanced one that can store and release aetheric energy at will. (Available in Modern Realism flavor as well!)

I'll probably add to this later.

Basic Pairings:

Essentially what it says on the tin, though I made add 'specialized pairings' for characters listed above, as an idea of what does and does not work with each of them. I'll be sectioning them by age.

Best Friend/Best Friend, Opposite/Opposite, Nerdy Guy/Popular Girl, Popular Guy/Nerdy Girl, Shy Guy/Shy Girl.

Young Adult/College/University:
Bartender/Patron, Barista/Customer,

Older Adult:
That's all for now, but I will add more to this later (Just not when I'm tired and awake at 6 am)​
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