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    Our story begins not too long ago, yet longer than most would ever recall. Upon a hot July day, three men met with one another. Angry, fed up with their lives and the way the world was turning, they all made a pact to change things for what they thought was 'best' for the world. 'Best', a twisted ideal sense of what the world should be. One idea, a dream. That was the day it all began, when the pact was made, the eternal promise to change a corrupt world for the better. Even in good intentions, darkness can emerge. It finds it's way into the heart, sullying even the best of intentions. A darkness that creeps along, under tunnels, and railways. It Is the kind of darkness that we all know is there, we see it in each other- but yet, we know not from where it comes from. Something approached one of the men that day, when the others had left, and he was alone. Promises of an eternal life, a solution, a new start for him and the world, if only he could create something. Fools are the ones who play with fire....

    It is February 6th 2008 when it became apparent to everyone.
    It just started out as some really weird attacks on the news, people disappearing in the dead of night, on the streets in the cities it was soon after that they started evacuating people from the towns, the hospitals were not safe, no where was. You wake up and find that the day is no longer the day. It's the night. As the days crawl by the daylight becomes shorter and the darkness, sooner. At first it is a freak occurrence, governments and scientists arguing over this and that. It isn't until people start disappearing that panic erupts. They disappear for two days. Not a trace, not a sound. What comes back in their place is not what was taken. It looks like them, even sounds like them sometimes. These creatures, these- things, monsters they are not human. Black bile drips from their lips, their eyes are black, an perhaps the worst most disturbing thing about them, is that they whisper. It's hard to make out what they are saying, but it is always feint, always near silent as it exits their lips. They only stay in the darkness and when the light came, they disappeared. More and more appeared as shorter and shorter the days grew.
    And still, no one could figure out why or what was going on, answers were left as vague theories, why it spread so quickly, no one really knew much about what is happening. Is it a virus? Some suspected as much, others theorized the second coming, even more said the end of days, but before the television stopped broadcasting, this is what they said.

    "These things that return in the darkness, they are not your loved ones. They are things....The light keeps them at bay, they will not go near it. Stick to any source of light at any cost. Don't get caught in the dark or they will take you."

    It has been three long years since this day and over a year ago, the darkness descended. Light is your only friend- it protects and guards you from them. Once a day the sun emerges for three hours. The light upon your pale face feels good. It is the only time of day that anyone feels safe from /them/, however, what protects you from the dead doesn't protect you from the living. There is no government anymore. There is no society. There is only survival. There is only light.

    What will happen to those who survived? Join us and decide for yourself.

    Summery: So short, sweet, and simple version of this. One day people started vanishing as the days got shorter, replaced by these vile husks of humans that whisper and drag all that step into the darkness to god knows where. Needless to say light is the new currency and people are hardly playing fair. There are so many questions, not enough day to figure it out before /they/ come back. Guns only slow them down, light is the only thing that stops them. Can you survive?

    Setting: So I wanted to do a post apocalyptic roleplay, however, I didn't necessarily want wasteland fallout nor straight up zombies (because they are slightly overdone.) So I am going to give this a shot. Where we start out is New York, New York. New York is completely dark, the street lights occasionally flicker on and off but primarily it's black. The streets are filled with abandoned cars, signs of salvation posted here and there, places looted and torn asunder, yet other just looking abandoned.

    OOC: If you have any questions just feel free to let me know. Least on my end and all.

    Whisperers/Blights/Monsters/Darklings: There are many different names these creatures go by. Many different people call them different things. You may call them whatever you desire. They look like humans, with black bile that bleeds from every open cavern of their body. Eyes, nose, lips. They move like ghosts in the darkness- seemingly soundless. You blink and they have taken ten steps toward you without having made a sound except that infernal whispering. That's all they do is whisper, just always out of ear enough to not understand what they are saying. If one spots you, more are always sure to follow. It's not like they cry out or signal, but like moths to a flame they follow you. If they grab you, it will not be long until your comrades see you in the same condition.


    If Paris is the city of lights, what then is New York? From its downtown government center where buildings crowd each other like subway passengers, to its midtown glitz of luxury hotels and four-star restaurants casually dispersed among ultra-ultra shops, to the uptown splendor of its high-rise co-ops and condos, New York stands as a symbol of cosmopolitan success. Airline pilots love to bank low over the city before landing at New York Airport, treating the passengers avidly lining the windows to the magnificent skyline. Viewed from above, New York by night resembles nothings so much as a ribbon of diamonds artfully arranged on a pad of deep, rich black velvet.

    But closer to ground zero today, the view changes. Everything changes. Ever since that day.

    The now black velvet has an illumination all its own—the cold garish darkness of the lightless sky, the feverish hollowness in the dead eyes of all the 'blights', the inadequate streetlights every blue moonedly flickering here and there. Deeper down in the cross-town depths of the city, the only light is the man-made as evil itself.

    Lucas clutched the flashlight in the midst of one palm, a gun in the other, cold sweat leaving the metal slippery as he tore open his bag.
    "Come on you piece a' shit- where are you?!" A quick placement and the gun was down, hand writhing around the interior of the satchel. "Come'on, come'on, come'on!!" His voice, frantic, breath leaving into the night air in a cold mist. Then suddenly, it happened again- the light flickered. One flicker, two, three. Upon the third, there was a delay. The darkness seeped in around him as his eyes widened. Lucas frantically smacked the flashlight, "Don't you- not now!"
    Thankfully the light returned after a few blows. The man looked at it, the expression upon his features were that of utter joy as he continued in. It wasn't long before his hand met the cold cylinder that he was looking for. A battery. Quickly Lucas snatched up the battery, this being a familiar gesture in it's entirety and pocketing it. Every last drop. Every last one was useful and that's when it got scary. He looked around hastily, sapphire gaze following the light as it shown around the ally. Nope- no blights, thank god, that was close. The man rose to his feet, flashlight firmly in grip as he would recollect his possessions from the ground. His attention turned to a nearby doorway. It had to be it. The entrance to this indoor hell hole of a shopping center. He remembered when he and his brother were younger, they came in with their mother. Little hell monsters she called them, what sorta look she would give him now, what she would have thought about all of this. "Johnny, I am on my way...." A swift gesture and the door echoed in the dark forgotten halls as he stepped inside. As if blights weren't bad enough, what the darkness did to some people, heh- was hard to tell the two apart sometimes. In a world where the darkness took over the land, some people couldn't help but loose themselves as well to it.
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  2. The subtle velvet darkness swarmed the subway station, constantly moving and stirring. The darkness seemed alive, holding everything as close as it could. There was no light down there, save for three candles. Two by the door and one by the furthest wall. There were more candles around the room, all unlit. The flickering flames added an eerieness to the room that went along with the swarming darkness. As it seemed, there was no end to the cruel, eerie world that people now called home.

    Laying in the center of the room on a folded, partially torn mattress was a single male. His dark hair was in shambles and dark, going down to his eyes sometimes which caused him to cut it himself. His skin was pale, losing all the possible chances of having any tanned part from the lack of sunlight. The male stirred and sat up, giving a yawn with a large stretch. He wearily rubbed his eyes before standing up slowly. His hair hanging in his face.

    "Damn, I have to cut it again myself soon," Jak, the male, groaned sleepily. He rubbed his eyes again, stretching his back more. He knew he had to wake up soon completely because his lights were flickering. He looked around at the other candles. He only had a handful of full candles, a few half burnt and mainly burnt out ones laying around the room. "Looks like I have to go to the store."

    He went over to where the fall wall was and kicked a part of it in. The false wood moving easily with the brute force. He had kicked open a small cubby containing all of his supplies. He took a quick step back, waiting to see if anything was in there, letting the light burn into the cubby. He shuddered from long ago memories and sighed.

    He pulled out a large bag, two flash lights and a few weapons. He pulled out a regular looking pistol, an odd looking plastic gun, and an odd looking sword. All the weapons looked worn, weary and aged, yet they all worked in perfect order. They were constantly fiddled with by Jak to make sure they worked. Which luckily they did.

    He was about to walk away when he remembered the third flash light. He grabbed a newer looking crank flashlight. Jak gave a small grin, remembering his luck just a few days ago. He had found the flashlight along with a few cans of food, all of them not expired and not having to be cooked.

    "Let's have some fun today, please," Jak whispered to himself before walking out into the teeming darkness, one flashlight on in front of him. He looked around the stations electrical room before continuing to move, heading into the heart of darkness that he lived in. It was the safest place from other human, he wasn't too worried about the blights at all.
  3. The creak of glass was the only sound that ebbed out into the darkness, as step by step he took. The towering walls of the indoor shopping outlet looked a bit worse for ware but nothing too unbearable. An overall display of abandonment, too far out of the main district to have been heavily raided.

    Lucas adjusted his ball cap, hand attempting to brush the cold away from his rugged face with no success. With each step he took drove him deeper into the lonely bowels of this fragmented memory. What caught his gaze was the automated train in the center of the floor. Rust now chipping away at the bright red paint, the gold still sparkling against the light as he would shine it over it. Memories came flooding back to the man. Two small boys, fighting and laughing as their mother commanded them to sit still, trying to get a picture with that stupid bulky camera she had. She always wanted to be a photographer, even won one of those calendar picture contests, you know the ones they used to have? Lucas remembered that picture of him and his brother hanging proudly on the wall of their shack of an apartment. Memories, pouring in like rain, drop after sentimental drop. His fingers traced across the plastic fence, the clear coat of white visible underneath. He knew he wasn't the only one who lost people, but damn if it still didn't sting even just a little.
    As Lucas stood, starring into a window of the past, from above the second floor, a brief second, something.

    Snapped immediately back to reality he turned, head darting with the aid of light to the floor above. Quickly it scanned the overlook, from his current position, nothing. His frame tense, breathing light- he listened.

    Silence, silence. Then a whisper.
    A murmur, inaudible, a calling card.

    Almost instinctually he took off, darting past those cheery reminders of the past. Down the corridor, light following him as he ran. There was no point in fighting or approaching them. They didn't die- only fell and got up again like those fucking undead zombie movies. The only thing that kept them at bay was the light, any light. They were fast and moved as silently as wind, and once they spotted your light, more and more just kept appearing. Like rats they were, but he wasn't about to be any sort of cheese.
    Lucas finally stopped running when his body caught up with him. The cold stung as he breathed heavily, sapphire eyes watering as he glanced back. Nothing, well- nothing but darkness that is. The rugged man let a chuckle escape as he adjusted and regained himself. He had never been afraid of the dark as a kid, but Johnny was. After a few moments of recomposing ones self, he was walking again, brushing aside memories for reality. Recollection should be saved for what little daylight came.
  4. Jak walked thru the darkness, oblivious of everything. Personally, he didn't need the flashlight on since he knew the rails around there perfectly. He also knew where the blights where commonly gathered. He avoided certain pathaways, knowing he could get around them.

    After a bit, he watched as the darkness got fainter, leaving the black velvet back for ordinary shadows. He knew he was walking out of the tunnel system into the city, which was both a hardship and a relief. He was leaving his home, his sancturary, to his legend. A legend now told to scare children to be safe. A story of a child who was taken but came back.

    Jak shuddered mildly, feeling that partial feeling of revulsion spread across his shoulder. He shuddered more and sighed. The blights were close. He walked forward and saw the shopping mall. A place where he had to go for two reasons. To get supplies was the original. To exterminate the monsters that attempted to turn him into one of them.

    He walked in the building, his body moving silently. He took a step inside and grinned. His feeling of revulsion spread and turned into anticipation. His shoulder tingled, leaping from his skin to join its kin. Though that skin was attatched to Jak, a part of him. He could feel his sight change, the darkness becoming visible and the ability to see in it, though only mildly, not even close to the amount that the blight could see in.

    As he went forward, his light probing the darkness in front of him, he reached for a weapon. He first found the odd shaped gun. He gave a shrug, his other hand grabbing for the sword. He held the flashlightnbrieflynbefore hurling it down the hall. The light spun, hit the ground and traveled. Jak grinned.

    Sounds of scampering with hisses along with the crashing thuds Of the flashlight reverberated through the mall, pulsing and becoming weaker by the second. Jak ran forward, his hands finding small nobs on the weapons. He flicked them on. The sword glowed slightly while the gun was normal.

    Jak saw the first blight reach the thrown flashlight. Her hands clawing at the air around it, away from the light. Her feral desperation singing in the air as she whispered promises of death and darkness. Her voice hissing in excitement. Another caught up with her, then a third. In the end, five blights were grasping in the dark, looking for their prey.

    Jak paused, took aim then fired. A small sliver of light pulsed out of the gun. It's beam as powerful as the sun at midday. He sliced it down, hitting the first woman with it. Her skin broke, her body shuddering. She gave a loud, pained wail to the world. Jak fired again, hitting her neck. More screaming. Now they knew where he was but he was ready.

    The woman dropped, her body dead. Truly dead from the concentrated light. Her skin crawling away and being destroyed as the remnant memory of the light runs thru her system. Her red eye were facing him and he gave a ghostly, ghoulish smile.

    He kept firing the gun, only for a second each time. He shot down two more, wounding them mainly. The last two still charged and were too close for most people's comfort. Yet Jak wasn't most people. He might not even be a person anymore, he didn't know.

    The first blight caught up to him. Jak gave a demonic smile, swinging his sword in an arc. It connected with the blights neck, slicing through it completely. As it touched the blights skin, the sword flared. Light pulsing out for how ever long contact stayed. The blight didn't even have time to scream before it fell down in a heap, decaying from the sunlight, himself finally dead.

    Jak swung again, slicing the last non wounded blight multiple times. Each time, he gave a pained shout that Jak wanted to hear again, his mind in the darkness that the blights lived in. By the time he realized what he had done, he was covered in the dark slime that poured out of the blights.

    He shuddered. Grabbing his bag, he pulled out some oil and matches. He put a little bit of oil on each body and dropped a match. The bodies burst into flames, completely destroying the already dead, partially destroyed bodies of the mangled blights. Jak shuddered, looking around for the first time at the scenery around him.
  5. Zag ran around the jewelry shop in the mall, screaming as the darkling followed close behind her. She kept running into things, getting back up, taking a sharp turn to confuse the darkling, then bumping into something again. Finally she couldn't run any more. She dropped to her knees, panting and crying out pleas for mercy. As the darkling cornered her against the checking-out desk, Zag reached into her pocket, pulled out a pink keychain flashlight, and shined it in the blight's face while alternating between sticking her tongue out and laughing. "Zig!" she giggled. "Zig, you almost tagged me! But I don't wanna play tag any more. Let's play hide and seek instead! OK?"

    D, Zag's older sister, burst out of the Employees Only room with a crank-up flashlight her grandfather had given her. "Uh, I don't think so, Zag. That wouldn't work out the way you think it would. We're skating on thin ice just bringing him along. Letting him loose and telling him to come find you would send us plummeting into the water. Honestly, Zag," she said. D shined her light in the darkling's face while side-stepping toward her sister. "Gimme that," she said, taking a slightly frayed rope from around her sister's wrist. When she moved back toward the Employees Only room, the blight, whose wrist was attached to the other end, followed her. D sighed as she tugged at her brother. "Don't worry, Zig," she whispered over his constant whispering. "We'll get you back. We couldn't save Dad, but we will save you. I promise."

    Zag screamed from the jewelry room. D quickly tied Zig's rope to a piece of furniture and practically exploded through the door to her sister. Zag was leaning against the shop's doors while several darkling's pounded against them from the outside. Her face was frozen in shock. "I- I tried to let them in... I thought maybe when we found a cure for Zig we could help them out, too.... But when I touched one, it was like covering yourself in snow on a night with no stars and no moon.... The darknest night... The coldest winter.... Oh...." Zag was shining the keychain light in her own face, soaking in what little light it could give her.

    D shined her much brighter light at the darklings on the other side of the doors, then shined it in her sister's face. Zag nodded slowly and rubbed her eyes. Then she stared into the light until D warned her about going blind. She nodded again, then looked past the light at her sister. "Would Zig feel like that, D?"

    D shook her head. "I don't know. And I don't want you finding out."
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  6. Jak was oblivious to the sounds of more shuffling feet and half heard whispers. His mind briefly considering his options. Though he unconsciously moved fourth from the shadows to the center of all of the flames. His shoulder twitching and feeling as if was on fire. He gave a small sigh, turning to rub it softly to ease the feeling.

    "Kin calls to kin," he whispered half heartedly. He saw the shadows move and twist, knowing monsters were on their way. They wanted to destroy his light, even if they couldn't get near it. He shook his head, allowing a feeble grin to cross his face for a moment. There was no hope for the instinct driven monsters, himself included.

    "I still have to search but... I'm surrounded," he said with a small, dramatic sigh and shoulder drop. "Next time of daylight comes in four hours... I have weapons fully charged... I can last four hours," he thought aloud. In his mind he went through calculations and such for his weaponry. Being solar power was helpful, along with the fact that they used a small amount of the pure light gained to release their shock forces. He gave a grim smile, standing up. "Off to Death's Doors... Wonder if I'll meet Ma and Pa there since they've already been sent there," he commented lightly.

    Jak stood up and closed his eyes. His shoulder burned, twisted and wanted to be free of the human flesh that held it where it was. He gave a grin, his mind stretching to that part of him that was similar to them all. Once he found it, he wrapped it around himself and licked his lips greedily. The eyes that opened were dark and half dead, though seeming feverishly hungry.

    With that, Jak was off. He charged into the darkness, his body moving by darkness' instructions and instincts. The hunter becoming the hunted because they hunted the wrong person, the darkness loved the ideals of it. He spun a corner and came to a jewelry shop surrounded by those whom he hunted. They were focused on the doors, never noticing him in the least. He grinned.

    Jak first shot off his gun from a distance, still moving forward. The fire went threw one man's skull, his shriek being cut off quickly from his skin on his head opening up, his features warping as it collapsed on itself. He released more shots as they went onto the best defense, which was offense.

    The battle was over after a few minutes. He piled all of the self destructing bodies into a huddle, looking down at the already dead beings that would have whispered their pleas to the world for as long as they could. He looked down at them, in the utter darkness that was the corridor before the jewelry shop. "At least you'll be at peace," he whispered, barely audible in a similar manner to how they whispered.
  7. "Eep!" Zag screeched. "He's gonna shoot us!"

    "He won't shoot us," D said, trying to sound like she meant it. "He's only shooting the darklings."

    "What about Zig?" whispered Zag.

    D pointed to the employees room, about to tell Zag to hide there, when she remembered that that would be a horrible move. One, Zig was in there, and would probably attack Zag if she got too close, which she would; and two, if the dude outside the shop heard or sensed Zig, and Zig hadn't already killed Zag, then she'd be stuck in a room with a gun-crazy man and a blight of a brother. She put her hand down and closed her eyes to think. "OKay, okay, um... Behind the counter. Go there, stay there. Got it?" D waited impatiently for an answer.

    "Yes," Zag agreed, crawling to the check-out desk. D stupidly decided to leave the store in search of whoever had fired the shots. She slipped through the glass doors and saw a pile of whisperers down the hall. The man who had killed them stood over them, whispering as they had. D froze and tried to blend in with the darkness. Who was this guy? Was he a human or a darkling? Was it possible to be both?
  8. Jak was standing there, his shoulder still twitching as a sign that kin was near. His body spun slightly, trying to see where it came from first. As he spun, he saw the jewelry store. The darkness shifted and he gave a ghastly grin. He took a step forward, licking his lips hungrily. In the mist of his infected darkness, he hoped to destroy his corruptions one bye one.

    His eyes glowed mildly, holding an eerie resemblance to the monsters that he had previously destroyed. He stepped up to the window, nearly pressing his face against the glass. He stood still for a moment, trying to see where his next possible prey was, where ever it could have been in the closed area. Turning his head mildly, he saw a person standing there, just out of his reach. He felt no reaction to the person but tilted his head.

    "Normal?" he asked, his voice louder than before but still soft. It slipped across the air with a silky power that seemed alluring in its own horrid way. "Yet... Monster be near..." he added, taking a closer step. "Not you. But scent be on you," he whispered, licking his lips. "You bit?" Jak added, tilting his head to the side. "Need saving? Need cure?"
  9. D's eyes widened more, if that were even possible. She shook her head, slighty first, then a lot. "No, I- my brother- we're trying to- um..." She stopped. She didn't know if she could trust this dude. He'd just killed a ton of blights, and her brother was one of them now. But she felt compelled to tell him... Wait, did he just ask if I needed a cure? Does he have a cure? D thought. "Er... do you know the cure? Not saying that I'm one of them... Please don't shoot me..." D trailed off. If he could smell darkling on her, could he possibly smell Zig and Zag in the shop? She shivered.
  10. Jak took a step forward smelling the air again. His shoulder twitched. "Monster inside... But not full monster... Could be... Urg," he growled. Jak spun around and saw another hoard of monsters coming for him. "Get inside," he hissed, placing the gun in front of him. He started to kneel down, looking forward. With a slight flinch, he charged, the gun left behind him.

    He was instantly surrounded by the whispering creatures, keeping their attention. He felt their teeth pierce his skin and their claws pull him around. He slashed out with his sword, feeling the light race against his skin. He felt the infection spread mildly but knew he was safe. He grinned, slashing apart the beasts surrounding him, knowing they would all die quickly.

    Once the group was dispersed, he went back to the jewelry store. He was running the sword over his skin slowly, letting the bright light pulse on the wounded skin. The black liquids that caused the change dispersed, leaving his skin or moving to the one place it was safe. His shoulder.

    The feverishness darkness of his eyes was replaced with purely human eyes, hidden by shadows. Jak rubbing his face slowly, giving a low groan. He moved his body gingerly and gave a small sigh. "That.... Why does that happen when I give into impulses?" Jak asked aloud, his voice normal and still smooth. It was completely normal, not a whisper. He bent down and grabbed his gun, putting it back in where it was supposed to go. He placed his sword on his shoulder and looked at the jewelry shop, looking for the girl again.
  11. D, who had not waited an instant before following his orders to get inside, was just thinking how wonderful it was that he could fight well. She would have felt horrible had he been hurt.

    Once the man had killed all the bad guys, D opened the door and gestured for him to enter. "Um, there's a darkling in the back. Don't kill it, please... He's our brother. He got bitten about a month ago, and my sister insisted we bring him along with us anyway... We couldn't just leave him."

    Zag stood up from behind the counter. "Who are you?" she asked. She didn't wait for an answer, though. "How'd you kill those guys so quickly? And what happened to your eyes? When you were fighting, they almost looked like our brother's. Now they look normal, though."

    D glared at her sister. "Shut it! That's incredibly rude! Those blights probably would have broken in and taken us out if he hadn't done what he did." She turned to the man. "That's Zag, my sister. Don't laugh about her name, she's very sensitive. And I'm D, and you can laugh all you want at me, because I think my name is ridiculous. What's your name?"
  12. Jak watched them in the eerie light that his sword produced. He tilted his head to the side, looking them up and down for but a moment. His mind was trying to figure out why they were locking themselves up here, with a monster inside close enough to attack. His mind went back, flipping for a moment to the past. His eyes shut suddenly, his mind blocking out the memories.

    "I'm Jak," he said, taking a step forward into the jewelry store. He felt the twitching increase from his shoulder and knew they weren't lying. They were keeping one in here, in a place where everyone could become infected. He gave an audible sigh.

    "I used the only weakness against them. Light. It fights back the infection, breaking it down. Since they're so dependent on it, they die. Though someone turning may be able to use light to go to a semi normal state," he said, his voice in a lecture style tone. "Though the infection will always be there. It's permanent but slightly curable, even if the cure can and most likely kill most people," he said. "Myself not included."

    His shift was in spreads, his shoulder being seen when he walked. The skin looked like a darklings and half dead, twitching itself away from the healthy skin around it. Though now it was larger than before, it spread to some of his lower back. Jak ran his sword along it, feeling the lights warmth contain the infection to that sole area.
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  13. D shuddered. "Creepy."

    Zag jumped up to sit on the edge of the counter. "Cool! So, how come you're not completely infected? Were you able to use that thing on yourself while you were being infected? Or are you just too totally awesomesauce with a cherry on top to be bothered? I wish I were immune. That'd be sooo cool! Hey, Zig's been infected for a while, but do you think maybe possibly there is at least one teensy weensy itsy bitsy chance that you could actually heal him? Oh, D, what if he could heal him? Oh, won't you heal him? Won't you, Jak?"

    D shot her sister a look that quieted her down. Then she left the room to retrieve her brother. Zig was whispering something that D wished she could understand. When she grabbed her end of the rope, Zig zipped forward and reached out a hand to touch her, but D moved towards the main room again. "Zag may be dumb enough to play tag with you, but I'm not." She had to run to stay a few steps ahead of her brother. Once she was back with the others she tied the rope around the door handles and backed up to observe Zig. There's no way Jak can heal him. He's to far gone, she thought. I was stupid to think we could ever get him back.
  14. Annabelle slunk towards the jewelry store. She had been hiding in the mall for only a few short hours. When she had heard the fighting she had stowed away in the air vents. It was a thing she had done since before these things appeared. Her mind wandered back to the days before this. Whenever her parents would fight Benny would make her hide in the air vent or the cubby hole in her room. She shook her head to dispell the thoughts. They were long gone, Benny had been taken and Annabelle had given up on searching for her brother knowing it would only end up in her being taken as well.

    Annabelle peeked around the corner of the window. She peered inside. People! Her eyes widened. She hadn't known there were others here. She tapped delicately on the window. Hopefully she hadn't scared them. She didnt see the blight attached to the door just yet. Her green eyes scanned the room. There was an older looking man and woman and a girl that looked around her age. She waved at her to catch her attention.
  15. Jak got closer to Zig, pulling his darkness closer. He wrapped it around himself and it seemed to appear that he slumped over a bit more. He reached a hand out, having his wrist be closer to him. He waited, knowing he still smelled like a human, or a turning human. Zig lashed out and bit his wrist, starting to try and spread the infection.

    The infection spread through open wounds that got any type of the blights cells in it. That could mean spit, blood or skin. As long as the infected genetics got into the system, it would spread. The spreading of the infection took over a month to be done properly but it was hard to stop when they normally infected someone before kidnapping them.

    Jak grinned and placed his gun against his arm. He shot light into the blood that was spewing into Zig's body. It would spread and be a decent start for the transformation to semi normal. He gave a small grin as the boy pulled back and away. Jak watched as Zig started to shudder slightly and his eyes became less dead.

    "It's a start," he offered before collapsing on the ground with a groan. "Though I can't do that again, I'll have it use other ways from now on."
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