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Do you think long term roleplays are annoying?

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  1. Hello!
    I'm EtherealLights, but if that's too long, you can just call me Lights.

    So, as the title says, I am looking for a roleplay partner. This is my official partners request thread. I am relatively new to this site, but I've roleplayed before.

    My expectations are quite simple. I expect at least a few sentences per reply, no one-liners. Also, no grammatical errors, please. Those bother me so much! Basic roleplaying rules apply with me, no meta-playing, no god-modding, and no Mary/Gary-Sues. I also like when characters have in depth backgrounds. If you have any ideas for a roleplay and you want to roleplay with me, I'm free to any ideas. But if it's too out of my comfort zone, I won't accept.

    ~About Me~
    I prefer OnexOne roleplays due to the fact that sometimes group roleplays get too confusing and out of hand. I can't keep up with 15 different people!

    I'm not telling you my age~ Stalker >:P

    Anyways, I don't post 20 billion times during the day, I have school, homework, and extra-curricular activities. But I usually have some time after school, and on the weekends. So please bode with me if I don't reply soon enough.

    For plots and stories, I have some ideas but I'll need help your help to make it more in depth and such, if you want to help.I usually play as a female character, I like it better, and it's just much easier. So I usually requier a male counterpart. However I sometimes play as male characters too depending on the plot, roleplay etc.



    Zombie Apocalypse
    (And other things if you have ideas)


    Period Piece
    Alternate History

    Attack on Titan
    Avatar: The Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra

    Miyazaki Movies
    Treasure Planet
    Disney Movies

    -There can be romance in any of these topics-

    ~Stories for Topics~

    Time Travel
    Muse A is on a weekend camping trip with their friends. Finding a cave for shelter, they sleep the night there. However, when they wake up and walk out of the cave, they aren't in the present day, but right in the middle of the Civil War! Muse B finds Muse A, and they go through the terrifying War of the States.
    (It doesn't necessarily have to be the Civil War, it can be during other wars too, if applicable.)

    Romance: Modern Day
    Muse A owns a bakery. One day, Muse B decides to go into said bakery, and get a cup of coffee just before going to work at a company. Muse A and Muse B always bicker, however, Muse B still comes in everyday for their daily cup of caffeine. They start hanging out and feeling an attraction towards each other, however, news comes up. Muse A is the heir to a company, and Muse B, to another. Both companies are going against each other, but will that affect Muse A and B's affection towards each other?

    Studio Ghibli: Kiki's Delivery Service
    Thirteen. For witches and wizards, thirteen is particularly auspicious - 13 days between each New and Full Moon, 13 notes are in a full chromatic musical octave, covens have 13 members... And of course, thirteen is the age when a young magic user leaves home to train and gather their skills. The night of the full moon, little witches and wizards take to the sky with their magical companion, setting their sights on a land far away from family and friends. It can be very hard and many things can go wrong, but as long as they keep smiling, believe in themselves and never give up, not even the sky is the limit.
    Known as the Capital of Canals, Massalia is a quaint city that has practically forgotten the truth behind the tales of magic, putting the possibility of witches and wizards as mere myths and harlequins. It's been far too long since magic has graced its streets, but perhaps something this night might change as the clock strikes closer and closer to midnight...
    This full moon marks the beginning of the journey into adulthood for four children - a young witch and a young wizard. Armed with a few skills and tricks to be honed, a trusty broom, and their magical animal companion, they set off on their journey. Massalia seems like a good choice, but aren't cities only supposed to have one resident witch or wizard! Will they compete? Become enemies? Or maybe they will take the chance to fight against hard followed traditions and work together?
    [This great plot was made by someone else, I don't own it in any way]

    [Other stories will be posted up tonight.]

    I'm so excited!!! I hope at least someone replies ;u;
    Well, see you!​
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  2. I will definitely roleplay with you! Though, is it possible to know your expectations? I have my own, so I'd love to know if I meet yours before engaging in a roleplay. (:
  3. Yay! I'm so happy! ^^
    My expectations are basically good grammar, punctuation, spelling, and etc. I also would like it if you replied with detailed paragraphs, It doesn't matter if the paragraphs are extremly short or long, you just need details :o No one-liners please, those are infuriating >_<
    And no Mary-Sues. Oh my gosh. Please. No. They take out the fun out of role-playing :/ Also no god/modding or meta-playing.
    Detailed characters would be appreciated.
    That's it, I guess. What are your expectations? :D
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  4. Okay, I read it ^^
    What would you like to roleplay?
  5. Hm, well, how about historical or paranormal romance?
  6. I'm fine with either one, you can choose :o
  7. Well, I am too- Flip a coin. I like too many of these genres you've put out for me to decide upon. Historical romance is tails. Paranormal romance is heads.
  8. I got tails, historical romance it is!
  9. Yay! Okay, do you have any favorite historical moments in time whether it be within Europe, America, or Asia?
  10. Oh my gosh, I don't even know! XD There are too many to choose from!
    Could it be during a war or a revolution?
    What are your favorite historical moments? :o
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  11. Here are some:
    The American Revolution
    Women's Suffrage
    The Great Depression
  12. I'm not experienced with roleplays during war, but I've always wanted to try one out, if you're willing to guide me along the tracks?

    Some of my favorite historical moments... Well, perhaps I mean more of a time period. I'm actually not too sure what my favorite historical moments would be, haha!
  13. Well, you can pick. I love way too many historical moments to choose myself XD
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  14. Haha! Ah, let's see- I'm really into Heian Era, Mid-Edo Era, which both come from Japan. I'm also a fan of the Middle Ages and Victorian Era. Another few that interest me but I have yet to know more about are the Elizabethan Era, Regency Era, Georgian Era, and Roaring 20's. Most of experience lies in the Heian Era and Victorian Era, so how about the Victorian Era with the reign of Queen Victoria? (:
  15. Sure! But I don't know much about it, but I'm googling it right now XD
    Can you tell me a little about it?
  16. Uh, not really? I've only ever done Victorian Era with Steampunk so I can't really offer information on the timeline of Victorian Era itself. There were pretty dresses and corsets. How about that? XD
  17. Okay XD
    What will the plot be?
  18. Uh, you expect me to have a plot? I don't have one. Plus, to build a plot, you'd need a plotline, which I don't have either...
  19. Hum... Not a plot, but where shall we start off at?
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