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Jack Shade

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Watching Supernatural and Stargate SG-1 I find myself thinking:

Ya know...even if I couldn't get lines or have a significant part, I would love to at least be an extra in the series. I'd get a chance to see the stars in their 'element' so to speak and maybe grab an off set conversation.

So what about you guys...what Television series (if any) would you like to be a part can be for a walk on, a minor role, or even (gasps) a main or starring role.

Friends, Iwakuans...lend me your thoughts!


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Stargate most def, house too. Bones!!!! Babylon5 (sadly no chance now) shit.. i'll get back on this (unless i go crazy, which is the more likely)


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Off the top of my head?



Super Hero Squad or just about any childrens' show requiring voiceover work, really.

I was trying not to say it, but, yeah, Stargate too.

Heroes if it's renewed(last season was a return to form imho).

Though if I had to be one of Sylar's victims(yeah, yeah, I know. No spoilers for the people who care and haven't seen it yet), so long as my character's last words could be "Now this is getting really stupid," I wouldn't mind.:D

Doctor Who

Power Rangers, just any season other than Zeo or Jungle Fury, I guess.

If we include canceled/completed shows:
Pushing Daisies (Brilliance!)
The 4400
You Can't Do That on Television


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Can't say I've thought about what kind of role, but;




I mean, holy shit, pretty much everyone in that series has a license to kill, it's awesome.


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I wanna be on Power Rangers, too ! It's fun looking xD Even though it might be lame, its funny. x)

I was on Barney and Sesame Street when I was kid

I don't really watch shows with real people x3 so I wouldn't have anything else.

Maybe some teenage drama on Disney Channel.


Well if I am able to pick any show I'd like it would be Doctor Who. I would love to be able to point out and say, "Hey you see that, I managed to touch that Tardis and I actually got to meet the directors, writers, and especially the actors.


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I'm a dork, and I too would love a guest role on any Disney Channel show. XD

I think any comedy show, I'd love to be a part of! But the inner me, that likes a lil drama, would adore something like Supernatural too. Getting to see the finished product with all of the atmosphere and background music added in would be pretty sweet.

Boss Frost


...What, you were expecting something high-fantasy and whatnot?

...Well fine then.

"Pokemon"... as a Team Rocket Member.


Hats off to Frost's second choice.....that sir would be awesome. Get to wear the black hat and grey gloves in the extras lol.


I'd fucking love to have been a cast member (even a walk-on) for Stargate SG-1, or Battlestar Galactica.

The current shows I'd love to be cast on are:

-Burn Notice

Childish Grumpino

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I'm with Darkness on the 24 idea; even if you die (and if you're an extra, you WILL die), you still get to do badass things alongside Kiefer Sutherland. I can think of worse ways to start an acting career.

Supernatural would be fun, though you'd probably end up dead very, very quickly.

And Lost. Lost would be very fun, and there's always the chance that you start off as an extra, and end up one of the main stars in the series, which is always amusing.