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  1. It was finally the day for Suzi to be moving out of her family home and getting her own place, now that she had found an amazing job as a stylist for many celebrities within Tokyo. It was a dream come true for her. Closing up her trunk suitcase, Suzi pulled it off her bed and carried it down the stairs, after exiting her room to say her goodbyes to her family. Setting it down next to the staircase to be out of the way, she quickly made her way into the dining room where her parents were having breakfast.

    Upon seeing her enter, Suzi's mother began to get teary eyed at the sight of her. "Oh Suzi, do you really have to leave..?" Her mother asked. Her mother was more beautiful than most women her age and her father was quite the looker himself. Getting up from where she sat, the older woman went over to her daughter embracing her tightly, trying to hold back tears that dared to fall. Embracing her mother, Suzi laughed sightly to herself patting the woman on the back until she released her. "Your mother is right. You don't need to leave immediately. Plus we'd rather you be in the spotlight rather than behind the scene, then maybe we could all do a show together along with your brother." Her father said as he looked up at the scene between mother and daughter.

    "I can't allow that. I want to work towards everything on my own now." Pulling back from her mother, she gave her a peck on the cheek and then went over to her father leaning down to do the same. Although she would have loved to see her brother before leaving, she didn't have the time because she had to be at her new apartment ahead of the movers. Saying goodbye, she picked up her trunk, leaving out the door to make it to the train station on time.

  2. Atsushi had not witnessed his sister leave. Well, that was typical. He was too busy for a lot of things these days. His career was finally starting to come up off the ground and there was hardly ever time for anything. Today was like any other day at the studio. His manager was running around making sure everything was in order. Atsushi had a photo shoot for as a main character for an upcoming television series known as Twinception. He was taking the lead role as Takashi who had a twin he was separated from at birth. Eventually, the twins meet up again in real life and switch lives on occasion. Sometimes the results were humorous.

    Atsushi made his way to the set and Misumi was rushing him into the front of the cameras. Misumi checked his watch. They were expecting a new stylist, but her arrival time wasn't specified. He had an apartment arranged for her to move in. It was possible she hadn't even left the train station yet. Once Atsushi was in place, Misumi moved on to another one of his clients.

    Shuuto was already in his clothes and ready to go for his concert this afternoon. Misumi was thankful for that.

    "I'm glad you're ready. This morning really has been going slow," Misumi said with a sigh.

    "Yes, but at least things are running smoothly. Who are we waiting on? Is it Oogura?" Shuuto asked.

    "No, we are expecting a new stylist, but there has been no confirmation as to whether or not she has arrived to the apartment and on her way to the studio. This wouldn't be so hectic if I just had one shred of information," Misumi placed his fingertips on his forehead and shook his head. He could never expect things to go perfectly in a business like this.
  3. After getting off her train and making it to the apartment, Suzi had explained to the movers where she wanted everything to go before excusing herself to head off to the studio where she would be meeting the manager of the clients she'd be taking care of. As she made her way to the studio, she gave the place a call saying that she'd be there in just a few minutes. Suzi had spoken to the manager once yet it was very short. From what she could tell, he was a very composed man who seemed to have everything under control as he explained to her all the events of the day.

    Seeing the studio up ahead, Suzi made her way inside and went straight to the room where the receptionist had directed her. Knocking at the door first, she slowly opened the door to see two handsome young men standing there talking. "I'm sorry for interrupting, but I'm looking for a Mr. Misumi. I'm Suzi, the new stylist." She said. Suzi didn't want to make a bad impression when she first met everyone, so she made sure that she dressed a little better than she usually was dressed. She was dressed in a white tight short dress with a black leather bomber jacket and a pair of black low heeled shoes on.
  4. "Ah yes," Misumi said with a sigh of relief, "That would be me. You must be Suzi. Thank you for coming. Oogura is waiting inside his room for you. I need him ready in the next two hours for his photo shoot."

    Misumi checked his watch, "Shuuto we can probably leave now that the stylist is here. I don't want you to be late for your concert."

    Misumi picked up a few things and left with Shuuto. They were in such a hurry that Shuuto hadn't had time for introductions, but he bowed to Suzi before he left. She was adorable. He blinked a few times and then followed Misumi out.

    Oogura was actually not in his room. He was roaming the building. He spotted Suzi outright and wondered silently who she was. He observed her from afar for just a moment to take in her appearance. Her short blonde hair hugged her face in the most graceful of ways. She was very beautiful. Oogura strolled into the room and offered her a shy smile.

    "Excuse me miss, is there something you need help with?"
    Oogura's voice was soft and delicate like his appearance would have you to believe.
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  5. Everything seemed so rushed as Misumi announced himself to her and as the two men left, she bowed to them as a quick greeting so that they could be on their way to Shuuto's concert. Once they were out, Suzi couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her lips. She had heard of both Oogura and Shuuto, so it was quite the honor to be their stylist from then on. Growing up with a handsome brother like Atsushi, Suzi always had ideas for dressing him up to look nice for events that he would go to with their parents, since she would always stay home when they were away.

    Suzi actually appreciated the fact that her parents didn't take her out to public events because she loved the comfort of being away from all the spotlights that would possibly follow her everywhere she went.

    "Excuse me miss, is there something you need help with?" Said a voice from behind her. Turning to see who it belonged to, her eyes made contact with the eyes of the other and she immediately knew who he was. "Oh, Oogura-kun." She quickly bowed to him before making eye contact again. "I don't know if Mr. Misumi mentioned it to you, but I'm your new stylist. Suzi." She said calmly, while thinking that he was much more captivating in real life than photos or television shows.

    "I hope that we can become close and that my skills will be to your liking." She finished, turning towards the rack of clothes that they had brought into the room for them to use for the shoot. "Tell me what kind of shoot you are doing today?"
  6. "Yes, that would make sense. I'm glad to meet you Suzi," Oogura bowed politely to her.

    He almost couldn't help himself. She was the most adorable thing he had ever seen. Her figure was petite and delicate. He just wanted to hug her and hold her close to his body. Oogura smiled softly at the idea, but kept himself focused on the present.

    "Yes, today I will be featured in a magazine that is designed for men's fashion. Do you think you have something that would suit me? I believe the theme is beach party. You'll have to find an outfit that says summer or beach fun,"
    Oogura explained to her. His photo shoot wasn't actually for another three hours but Misumi-san specifically said he wanted him ready in two hours.

    If that was the case, Suzi didn't have a whole lot of time, but hopefully she had things to work with. Oogura motioned for Suzi to follow him and he led her into a room with many beach clothes. Accessories, shirts, shorts, sunglasses, and everything else that was summer related seemed to fit into the store that was known as his room. Oogura glanced back at her and then blushed as he was a little embarrassed. He had never let a female come into his home before wasn't crazy.
  7. Hearing the theme of the photo shoot, Suzi now understood why a lot of the clothing was light and brightly colored. It all had to do with the current season. Although she wasn't a fan of this summer, due to the heat, she could easily come up with outfit choices that would suit not only the theme but Oogura as well. Having watched a few of his shows and talk shows, so she had her own idea of him as well as his personality. Charming, yet mysterious was her conclusion. Someone who used his looks to make him appear as if he was open about himself, yet when questioned gives extremely vague answers to hide his life.

    Knowing how photo shoots go, Suzi created six different outfits that would compliment Oogura the most onto a rack already put together for him to slip into once he got to the studio, where the photos would be taken. During the time as she was selecting the clothes, she refrained from speaking to keep her concentration on the her job allowing her to finish just an hour and half before he had to go. Many would have probably thought that Suzi was insane for not going crazy of Oogura seeing that this was her first time meeting him, but she was used to being around young men like him. If anyone knew Atsushi was her brother and immediately knew who her parents were, then maybe they'd understand. Maybe even Oogura thought it was strange that she wasn't acting overly excited over him.

    "Alright!" She clapped her hands together as she turned to him with a happy smile on her lips. "Even though it's early, maybe we can head out now so that I can speak with the makeup artist on what they should do with each outfit. Plus it'd be great if you're finished earlier than expected." Suzi couldn't help her excitement as she pulled the rack of outfits out of the way, now that she was done. "Oogura-kun, why don't you call Mr. Misumi to see if it's okay for us to head to the studio a little earlier? If you don't mind of course."
  8. Oogura was quite pleased with the clothes that she had made for him. They fit him quite well and he was certain that the people in charge of the magazine would be pleased as well. He really liked summer clothes, but he preferred winter clothes. There was just something about scarves and sweaters that made him feel warm and cozy on the inside. It was like having a teddy bear hug his heart. Oogura smiled and admired himself in the mirror. Suzi had worked very hard to make these clothes for him and he was very appreciative. Unfortunately, he couldn't think of the proper way to show it.

    "Misumi is likely still as the concert with Shuuto. It's too early to calm right this second. Besides, I can drive us to the set anyways. There is no need to worry," Oogura said smiling, "If you'd like to go to the studio now we can. I'm sure Fuwa-san won't mind if we're a bit early."

    He grabbed his keys from his pocket and smiled kindly at her. She was very hard working it seemed. It was something that he always admired. Oogura could be a bit lazy some times. It was hard for him to have much motivation anymore. His acting life was currently lacking excitement to say the least. He kind of wished Shuuto was here. He always knew how to have fun. Furthermore, Atsushi should be here by now. The two of them had a shoot together anyway. He pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind and continued to deal with the situation at hand.

    Suzi's smile was actually pretty cute along with the rest of her. Oogura found himself wanting to embrace her yet again. Something about her just made him want to smile to.
  9. Hearing that it would be alright for them to go ahead of the scheduled time, she pulled out the rack of clothing before stopping. Watching him as he pulled his car keys out, she felt a little embarrassed that they'd have to take his own personal car to the studio. "I heard that there were two models for this shoot?" She questioned.

    Suzi was that Mr. Misumi said that there was a second model, but she didn't know if he was meeting them there or he was going with them. Suzi was very curious as to who and what the other model was like. "If you're alright with driving, then maybe we should get going so I can talk to a makeup artists and hair stylists." She said to him.
  10. "Yes there are supposed to be two of us, but it's possible his other shoot has not finished yet," Oogura took one last look around the lobby.

    Atsushi's photo shoot was just now ending. He was not expecting it to take so long, but there had been a mistake with the make up and it had to be washed off which took a half an hour just to take off and another half hour to reapply it. He was looking ready for his beach party photo shoot now though. He rushed to the lobby as fast as he could. He hated to make Oogura-kun wait, but he couldn't help it this time around. He was glad to see that Oogura hadn't left yet. Atsushi actually took the time to look at the clock and realized that he wasn't late. He was actually early. He let out a sigh of relief. Oogura must have finally finished his clothing for the magazine.

    Atsushi found it hard to keep his composure when he finally did notice who the knew stylist was. Suzi!? A part of him dared not say the words aloud. Instead, he kept his mouth shut in shock more so than rudeness. He followed behind Oogura to his car and just glanced back at Suzi every now and then.

    Oogura noticed Atsushi's looks. He could only imagine the relationship the two of them had. He would never know it seemed. Shrugging. Oogura led the them to his car. He motioned for Suzi to get in the front as Atsushi squeezed in the back. It was a lot roomier than the outside would have you to believe. Good thing because Atsushi had really long legs.

    "Suzi, this Atsushi. He's supposed to be doing the shoot with me," Oogura explained.
  11. As they waited for the other model to get there, Suzi made sure that the clothes weren't out of order before putting into the car. When the footsteps of another could be heard behind her, she turned to see the last person she expected to see. It was her big brother, Atsushi. Pouting, Suzi felt a little upset at the fact that he hadn't greeted her and didn't pay much mind to her as they went to Oogura's car. Sliding into the front seat of the car as Oogura suggested, she buckled her seat belt and closed the door once she was settled in.

    When Oogura introduced her to Atsushi, she turned her head to the back of the car and gave her brother a sweet smile and without missing a beat, she spoke up. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I enjoy a lot of the work you do." Suzi figured that Atsushi didn't want anyone to know that they were siblings, seeing that he was quite famous even though he hadn't been in the business for a long time. "I'm glad that I am able to work with such wonderful men." She finished, turning back to the front of the car, watching as the city passed by them.
  12. Atsushi just smiled softly, "Nice to meet you. I'm hope that you will do well."

    He wondered if it would be best to keep his relationship with Suzi a secret. Perhaps it was for the best. It wasn't like he needed the paparazzi being in her face all the time. That would definitely be annoying. Furthermore, he wasn't sure the press knew he had a sister. Atsushi shrugged off the thoughts and agreed that it would be best kept a secret for the time being. He didn't say much on the way to the studio. He called Fuwa-san to make sure that it was okay that they showed up early and then he called Misumi to let him know they had made it to the studio.

    Misumi and Shuuto were going to be coming to the studio some time during the shoot. The five of them were supposed to discuss plans for the next steps in their careers. Oogura had finally gotten his big break and there was a lot to discuss. Atsushi was making his debut soon and Shuuto's band was going to be the opening for a well known band. So many things were happening and they needed to be ready as well as look their best. Which was where the new stylist came in.

    Oogura opened the car door for Suzi and Atsushi followed them to a building that was in the middle of two skyscrapers. Once inside, Fuwa-san clapped his hands together.

    "Well I'm so glad you could all show up early. We are actually ready for you now. Do you have the clothes ready for the summer spread?" Fuwa-san with a smile on his face.
  13. In the car, Suzi was glad that Atsushi went along with her and introduced himself as if he didn't know her at all. Although they were brother and sister, she was sure that he probably didn't want anyone to think that she's was his sister at all. Suzi had never thought she was up to par with the rest her family when it came to looks or talents, so she wanted to do the next best thing and that was make sure that every time they went out, she'd pick an outfit that made them stand out beautifully in a crowd of people. And now Atsushi was on his way to making a name for himself with a few other very talented and handsome men. Suzi knew that if he didn't look good, it would be her fault and she wasn't going to accept that. Listening to him talk to Fuwa about arriving early, she was glad to her that it was okay for them to do so.

    After arriving at the studio, Suzi exited the car after Oogura had opened the door for her to get out. As they walked in, she immediately saw the one they called Fuwa chatting with the two males, while she made last second checks of the clothes making sure each one wasn't messed up after the ride. Turning towards Fuwa, her lips curved into a smile as she introduced herself to him. "Hello, I'm Suzi, the new stylist. If you'd like to look over my selections for the shoot, it'd be most appreciated since the shoot has to be perfect." Suzi had hoped that what she had selected was too his liking, so that she may hurry along to the makeup and hair artists to give them thoughts on how it should look with each outfit.
  14. "Of course I will look them over. In the mean time, I want you to get my boys ready with hair and make up!" Fuwa said as he gathered the clothes for the summer spread. He clapped and several chipper assistants were ready to help Suzi should she need it.

    Oogura laughed as some of the girls wanted to take their picture with him. He smiled handsomely and the girls seemed to grow weak with just a small glance from him. He waved good bye to them as they left and he returned his attention to Suzi.

    "So what will my hair be like Miss Suzi?" Oogura asked her.

    He was very confident in her ability to dress him properly. However, no sooner had Oogura asked his question, there was the flash of lights going off in several directions. It was the paparazzi no less. Oogura thrived in the spotlight along with Atsushi. He was unaware that Suzi didn't like all of the attention and he grabbed her hand and took pictures beside her.

    "I'm sorry about this, but you're too cute not to get a little of the spot light too," Oogura reassured her with a smile, "We can leave if you want."
  15. Just as Suzi was about to respond to how she wanted him to look, flashes from camera started to blind her vision. Covering her eyes, she could immediately tell that it was paparazzi taking their photos. Feeling her hand being handle, she looked up to Oogura who commented on her looks. As much as it flattered her, Suzi covered her face from the cameras and began walking away from the paparazzi to move towards Atsushi out of habit. When Suzi was younger, whenever she felt uncomfortable or was being teased by people, she immediately gravitate to Atsushi to shield her from it all.

    Realizing what she was about to do, Suzi stopped in her tracks and redirected herself to the makeup and hair stylist. Telling them how she'd like them to look, she let the others take the two to get ready as she stood in the back watching from afar also wondering when she would finally get to meet Mr. Misumi.

    'They both look really great.. I hope the photos come out great..' She thought to herself.
  16. Oogura

    Oogura saw how Suzi reacted to the cameras and thought that she was the most adorable thing he had ever seen. He tried his best not to cradle her in his arms even though he really wanted to. Oogura got the feeling that maybe she didn't want to be in the spotlight. With a small sigh he thought about how impossible that might be. She was hanging out with Japan's most anticipated stars. There was no way she could truly avoid the paparazzi. Oogura also noted that she moved closer to Atsushi before stopping abruptly and moving in the direction of the make up and hair stylist.

    Oogura was the first one to get his pictures taken.

    "Very nice Oogura-kun! YES, just like that!" Fuwa-san said as he took picture after picture.


    He was getting ready while Oogura was getting his pictures taken, leaving him alone with Suzi when he was all finished. He was not sure what he would say to her. Sure they pretended not to know each other, but did that mean they had to start over as being complete strangers. Atsushi smiled in her direction still not sure what else he should do.

    Finally he did think of something to say, "The clothes look really nice. You did a good job."

    He looked around awkwardly. There were actually a lot of things he wanted to say, but as a 'stranger' he couldn't say them. It was a little frustrating he had to admit, but the paparazzi would never leave Suzi alone if they knew they were related.
  17. As she supervised Atsushi's hair and makeup, Suzi watched from afar as they began Oogura's shoot first. She had to admit, even if she did pick out the clothes, he made them appear even more interesting than they were before. Pulling her gaze away from him, she then looked at Atsushi to only smile at the compliment he had given her. She was so happy to hear that from her brother.

    "Thank you onii-chan.." Noticing as the people left to get some other things for him, Suzi quickly whispered to him before they came back to hear it. Everything was coming out perfect so far and now all they had to see was the finishing results. Knowing that Atsushi was almost done, Suzi walked over to the computer screen where all the photos ended up for them to either keep or toss at the end of the session.

    After seeing several of Oogura's photos so far, she stood up straight from the screen to give him a thumbs up for all the amazing photos that had been taken already.
  18. Oogura

    "You're finished Oogura-kun! The pictures turned out beautifully. I'm going to have a difficult time deciding which ones to use in our Summer Spread. Thank you so much!" Fuwa san said with a large smile on his face.

    Oogura sighed with relief. That was good news. It was rare that Fuwa-san would be happy with anything, let alone the pictures. Maybe he had actually done something right today. Furthermore, this would heighten his chances of becoming a famous model too. He would like that very much. Being a model and an actor can't be that hard. It was practically the same thing in some regards.

    He walked in Atsushi's room and smiled, "It's your turn!"


    Atsushi got up from his seat and he smiled at Suzi, "Alright alright, I'm going."

    He walked over to the studio to get his photos taken as well. They went by a lot faster than Oogura's. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Once he was finished, he checked his phone. He had a few messages from Misumi-san. Apparently they were on their way to the set to see how the photo shoot went. According to Shuuto, the concert had been a huge success and had sold out. It was all just great news. He was really happy to see that at least one of them was doing well.


    He walked into the studio, looking as daring as ever. He looked like a bad boy for real. Shuuto noticed Suzi and he waved at her rather than bowed. He thought that she was adorable in some regards. A little too frail looking for his tastes.
    "Hello there Suzi, I don't believe we've properly met," Shuuto said with a smile.
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