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  1. Do you believe in magic?

    You know, all children are born with magic. They just forget later on.

    Well, except a few.

    Every year, seven children wake up on the New Year with awakened abilities. Some find ways to control these abilities, and some do not; most years, there is at least one whose abilities flare out of their control or understanding. It is unknown when the abilities began to appear, but in recent years, increasing awareness of the phenomenon has resulted in a great deal of study on and interest in the children; however, this has decreased their survival rate, and most years, only one or two keep their abilities, sanities, and lives.

    One organization exists which ostensibly wishes to help the children: Lighthouse. It is run by the government, and trains children with abilities to fight and be soldiers, whether that is their aim or not.

    What choice will you make when you wake up? Do you want to use your ability to fight? Or do you want to carve your own path?

    In summary:

    The roleplay will begin the morning of the New Year, 2015, in a small town called Nexus, New York.

    Each of our characters will wake up with an ability. They can come from any backgrounds, but they are all living in Nexus at the time, for one reason or another, and have mostly met each other due to the low population of the town, with only one high school. Once they get their abilities, RP ensues; we can plot from here on out. Preferably, characters would attempt to escape government agents and team up.


    There is one of each of these every year. First come, first serve!

    ( I've tried my best to avoid having these become limitations; there's room for creativity left! )

    Arquebus (claimed) (open)
    This is the most physical ability. Arquebi have abilities that directly enhance their bodies, such as abnormally good reflexes; some also have instinctive abilities in weapon use.

    Cartographer (claimed) (open)
    Cartographers are, in more arcane language, seers of sorts. Some Cartographers can see others' dreams, some can see the future or the past, and some have even stranger abilities. However, they cannot directly influence things using this power.

    Clavier (claimed) (open)
    Claviers have a gift for creating music and art and bringing it to life, influencing others. They might be able to use music to change emotions or influence their surroundings, or might be able to literally bring their art to life, making drawings that move.

    Orison (claimed) (open)
    Orisons use structure to produce magic. Past orisons have been able to use magical circles, runes, or aids such as staves and tarot cards to work spells. Some use spoken words, often foreign languages, to control their abilities instead.

    Savant (claimed) (open)
    Savants are the most directly magical, in a traditional sense. It is possible for a Savant to manipulate matter at the molecular level, for example breaking a window or burning a paper just by concentrating; however, Savants must usually concentrate on one or two narrow areas of manipulation or risk madness.

    Tatterdemalion (claimed) (open)
    Tatterdemalions are the least understood out of the seven. They have a gift for manipulating light and space, which might be applied in abilities such as teleportation and the creation of illusions. However, the extended use of the power is very tiring and can cause permanent damage.

    Thespis (claimed) (open)
    Thespes can mimic, albeit in reduced form, things that they see. This principle may be used to make illusions of things that the Thespis has seen before, or to allow the Thespis to impersonate someone. Additionally, in a fight, they will usually mimic the powers of their opponent or other opponents that they have faced before.


    Gotta have 'em.

    Show Spoiler

    1. All of the general rules apply here. Don't godmod, don't be an idiot, be nice to other players when out of character.
    2. Grammar is your friend, as is spelling; mistakes are understandable, but please put in some effort. Several paragraphs will be the norm in my RPing-- I don't require the same of you, but please make sure that your post moves the RP along.
    3. If you think your character might be too powerful, please do tone it down a bit. If you aren't sure, feel free to post your CS and ask! ^^
    4. Please try to keep gender ratios more or less even. It's no fun if we all play girls.
    5. On that note, relationships of all kinds are allowed; just try to keep any lovey-dovey action to a minimum. When your characters are kissing, it's a little awkward for other people to interact with them.
    6. I'd like for everyone to start by claiming one character for themselves; when everyone has had their pick, if there are still characters left, everyone who wants a double can ask for one.

    Form / Character Sheet:

    Feel free to use this one or make your own!

    [u]Role / Ability:[/u]
    [u]Ability Specifics:[/u]
    [u]Miscellaneous Skills:[/u]
    [u]Anything else:[/u] 
    Ages between 16 and 19 would be optimal, as they are all high school seniors at the time that the RP starts.

    My character:

    Show Spoiler

    Name: Sion Delacroix
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Role / Ability: Tatterdemalion

    Ability Specifics:
    Sion will be best at folding space. For example, after some practice, he will be able to take a step and shorten the space in that step so that he travels quickly [ sort of like seven-league boots ]. Also, he will be able to use this ability to create 'folds' around objects to hide them.

    Sion is medium-height, with short black hair and dark eyes. He is pale and skinny, and doesn't really stand out in a crowd. He usually wears jeans and a nerdy t-shirt of some sort; if instructed to wear formal clothing, he wears a suit and tie, usually without much color to them. He loves listening to music, and can often be found with earbuds in. Above all else, though, his distinguishing characteristic is that he is never seen without a book in hand.

    Sion is generally sarcastic and abrasive. He doesn't like chitchat, but has no problem making himself heard when he has something to say. However, he does have a great deal of trouble apologizing or being genuinely nice to someone, a trait that troubles him occasionally. Instead of talking to others, he tends to accidentally offend them, and spends most of his time studying and learning as a result. He is a physics and chemistry geek, and does well in school, but doesn't have some other personality traits associated with the stereotype; he is not shy or withdrawn, for example.

    Sion grew up in Switzerland, then moved to Nexus because his father was hired for a job there. Both of his parents work in the chemicals industry, and have been fairly demanding since he was young; for a long time, the main goal of his life was to enter a good college. However, when he came to Nexus for high school, he rebelled, and became the way that he is now.

    Miscellaneous Skills: Sion is good at math and science, and also at strategy games. He speaks enough French and German to get along, as well as English fluently.

    Anything else: Not in particular.

    Please do feel free to PM me or post any questions, comments, or snide remarks! ^^
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  2. Name: Mari Levi
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Role/Ability: Clavier

    Ability Specifics: Mari is best at creating creatures and bringing them to life. With practice, she could bring a bear to life and sick them on whoever she wished. She also sets the mood of whoever she is around by what she is caught humming. If she is singing pop, people are happy and have the best days. Country, they are either depressed or rebellious and etc. She has trouble controlling her animal drawings but can make drawings of people that are essentially puppets.

    Description: Mari's hair was originally blonde but she died it black with a purple streak on her bangs. Her hair is short, though her bangs tend to fall in her face. She has blue eyes though if she feels like it, she will wear color contacts. She's tan and fairly curvy, though she hides it with baggy clothes. She will usually wear cargo pants with a belt to hold them up since they are usually 2 sizes too big. She doesn't care about what she wears so she usually just throws on whatever she feels like wearing that day. She can be seen holding a brush or notebook fairly often.

    Personality: Mari is very rebellious. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She tends to be stubborn and doesn't work well in teams. She avoids people because she usually ends up in an argument or fight with them. Very opinionated, she argues with her teachers daily thus earning her many detentions. She seems to do a one-eighty when painting, becoming silent and very focused.

    History: As soon as Mari got the chance to move away from her parents, she took it. Moving from California, she got a job and continued her education in Nexus, New York. Many of the people in her apartment building criticized her for her decision, but she ignored them. She completely changed her look once she was away from her parents and finally felt free. She absolutely hates the government though she thinks they have their perks.

    Miscellaneous Skills: Flexible, good at history and cussing.
    Anything Else: Her favorite band is Flyleaf. (Not necessarily needed but what the hell! Might as well put something there.)
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  3. Name: Avacyyn Winterdown

    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Role / Ability: Savant
    Ability Specifics: Avacyyn, though usually a calm, quiet girl, draws her power from her anger, and can manipulate and even occasionally produce fire by causing the particles in the air to vibrate quick enough to create sufficient heat. However, doing so often leaves her feeling weak an drained
    Description: Average height for a girl her age, long white hair and a soft face, with sparkling icy blue eyes. Usually wears black skirts and dress shirts with either grey or garnet neckties.
    Personality: Avacyyn is a shy, quiet girl who usually keeps to herself, preferring not to associate with the often cruel high school populace. When she's nervous, she speaks with a slight stutter, which gradually grows worse the more nervous she gets, sometimes to the point where she can't even speak. Despite this, she has a temper like a loose cannon, ready blow at any given moment. It can be hard to get her fuse lit, but once you have, you better get ready to fight.
    History: Avacyyn comes from a small but prominent family, her father is the co-head of Winterdown & Gallia, a law firm. Her mother is a housewife and accomplished novelist, and her younger brother is a football star at the middle school. She is often ridiculed by her family for not having talent, resulting her shyness. She has always believed that magic was real, even though her family dismissed these thoughts years ago.
    Miscellaneous Skills: Due to her habit of avoiding people, she has become excellent at finding different routes to avoid people and is proficient at parkour. She has also had training in the martial art of Jeet Kun Do, using it only when necessary.

    Anything else: Enjoys spending her free time practicing either parkour or Jeet Kun Do while listening to music by Two Steps From Hell and ParagonX9.
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  4. Looking good!

    Aww man I love Flyleaf. And parkour is pretty awesome. :D
  5. Name: Taryn Scottsdale
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Role / Ability: Cartographer

    Ability Specifics:
    Taryn is a seer. She is able to see up to 6 months before the present with clarity, and can see (essentially remember) her own memories, but can also see many things related to that experience that happen in the same time frame. Beyond 6 months, she loses details or is unable to get certain specifics - the further back you go, the foggier her ability to see it is. With more focus, she can also see into events experienced by other people. The ability also allows her to see into the future, but with a much shorter time frame - about 5 minutes clearly, anything further than that also gets blurry similar to seeing into the past.

    Taryn is of mixed Irish and European descent, with strawberry blond hair that is cut to just around her shoulders. She has light freckles, and her eyes are a piercing, emerald green that (understandably) seem to see through whatever it is she looks at. She stands at 5'2" and has a slim but athletic figure. Her typical manner of dress is casual, with fitting t-shirts, blouses, and slim jeans. Always around her neck is a necklace of an Egyptian Ankh symbol.

    Taryn is laid back and sociable, but has a very strong moral compass. She has a very solid idea of what is right and what is wrong, and sees the world as being very black and white. Her holier-than-thou attitude causes many to believe that she is a goody-two-shoes. Those who don't dislike her though, are typically very loyal to her because of her excellent speaking ability and personal skills. She also has strong analytical skills to go along with her speaking ability, and can respond and adjust quickly to changing situations.

    Taryn originally grew up in New York City. She is used to bustling city life, subways, and seeing all walks of life. Her father was originally a professor at NYU and her mother worked in one of the biggest hospitals in New York City. Desiring a simpler life, they left their jobs in the city and moved to the suburbs two years ago. Her father is now a Calculus teacher at Nexus high school, and her mother is a nurse at the local hospital.

    Miscellaneous Skills:
    - Excellent interpersonal and conversational skills
    - Very fit; growing up in NYC has made her accustomed to walking a lot
    - Strong medical knowledge due to her mother being a nurse

    Anything else:
    She has never learned how to drive, since she never needed to as a NYC resident.
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  6. I love it! ^^
  7. I'll try and get an Arquebus c.sheet as soon as I can get my hands on a pc!
  8. Sounds good!
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  9. Nabi, would it be okay if I change to Orison? I can't think of anything all the sudden. -w-
  10. No probs, switching you. Do I feel the icy claws of the dreaded writers' block? :P
  11. I hope not at the very least. Hahah.

    I couldn't think of a way to incorporate Arquebus's usual magic archetype into a nineteen year old. He seemed much older then I wanted so yeah, orison can help him act his age a little. ouo
  12. Ah, makes sense-- sounds good. ^^
  13. I..I really went out on this huh. Tell me if any modifications/corrections need to be put in place. Haha. I love this char. :3

    Name: Hides under Kain Carter, real name being Lewyn Eberhardt
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Role / Ability: Orison

    Ability Specifics: Lewyn's magical forte rests in material things, specifically he relies on his tarot deck as well as his rings. With his tarot deck, not only can he "tell" the fortune of your daily man, he can also cast spell pertaining to his unique cards. The cards that fill his roster however aren't your typical King, Queen, or Joker instead they are replaced oddly by mythical creatures allowing him to give you readings and/or pain that no other can!

    Lewyn's four rings however have different effects for each different gemstone inserted into its curve, he can use these rings to enhance his friends but not himself. The said effects last around ten minutes before he needs to wear it to recharge them, that procedure taking a good half-hour. The rings when worn together (Not by Lewyn) drain the energy of the wearer much quicker so one at the time would be best. The effects themselves not particularly mind-blowing but slightly noticeable.

    Rings (open)

    Ruby ~ Better Stamina
    Sapphire ~ Better Regen
    Topaz ~ Better Defense
    Emerald ~ Better Speed

    Description: Lewyn is your typical young, handsome German man with the exception of his chocolate brown hair which he wears lazily. Standing around five foot eleven, and his body trained a bit more average then your normal teenager Lewyn definitely catches some girl's eyes.

    Personality: Lewyn can be considered a mixed card at times. He's can be thought of as cold and blunt as he is known to not really care about keeping his mouth shut, seeing as he speaks his thoughts somebody openly. But at the same time, he also has that golden tongue. Sly and charming, while also being rather blunt and kinda something like a realist, that's how you would describe the young man.

    History: Lewyn born to an extremely influential business man centered in Germany, Lewyn was born into a childhood of tedious preparations for his inheritance. Because of this he was deprived of a father and basically a childhood. When his father eventually decided the move to America, they moved to the Upper East Side in New York. There, Lewyn thought maybe his dad would spend some time with him but instead he was forced into teaching much harder then it was in Germany. Thrown in school at his young age Lewyn was teased for his accent Lewyn grew up insecure and because his father was to busy he was also lonely. Life seemed to get worse as he was older. The thought of him living a life of business very imminent. He was about to start highschool when he saw the circus. The ringmaster a older man who lost a son in an accident gave young Lewyn a deck of cards where Lewyn learned of his magical affinity. Lewyn eventually decided to run away with the circus taking the ringmasters surname as his own and going under an alias. The circus decided to permanently station itself Nexus, and Lewyn lived his life, night-lighting as a fortune teller.

    Miscellaneous Skills: Lewyn knows the ins and outs of people. Even though his readings could definitely be true, sometimes it would be better to give people what they wanted to hear. So he over the years learned how the human mind works.

    Anything else: Nothing that I haven't mentioned~
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  14. Nice~! I love your character. :)
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  15. If nobody else signs up by tomorrow, please feel free to claim a second if you want to! I'd be happy to take any excess unclaimed characters as well. ^^
  16. Oh awesomesauce. I think I might be able to make a Thespin, buut I'm not sure how my schedule will be for a bit so unless somebody else wants it/makes it then yeah! Haha. :3
  17. I might make an Arquebus if nobody else does, although it probably won't be incredibly interesting.

    I feel like of all the roles, Arquebus is the most standard. I am down to make one though.

    Quick question for you Nabi, can we have characters who are already aware of their ability?
  18. @Rufiya-- sounds good!

    @fatalrendezvous-- Cool. I think it would be fine to have them aware that they have their ability, as long as it isn't their full power. The power-up would be at the start of the RP. ^^
  19. Name: Valor Reinhardt

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Role/Ability: Arquebus

    Ability Specifics: As an Arquebi, Valor has extremely heightened senses which he has trouble debating on whether or not can be a blessing or a curse. His abnormal senses exhaust him 24/7 because although he controls them pretty well, they occasionally take a turn for the worse. For instance, his hearing sometimes goes from normal to hearing a conversion 10 ft away. Another downside to Val's powers is a
    migraine or headache from his fluctuating senses. In addition, Val has awesome reflexes he uses to help him in mastering the art of hand-to-hand & armed combat, his choice of weaponry being knives/daggers (which he still has to train hard and practice with, no helpful instinctive ability here).

    Description: Valor has beautiful liquid gold eyes with streaks of rich espresso and specks of minty blue/green. He's tall and toned from fighting. His skin is a light olive he inherited from his deceased Mediterranean dad. Val's dark mahogany hair is a bit thick and crazy wavy.

    Personality: Valor is usually happy-go-lucky and optimistic, with the exception of crankiness from his migraines and headaches. Even if he snaps at you, he'll immediately apologize afterwards. He values his friends and loves making new ones. He tends to everyone's needs because he wants the acceptance and love he never had. But when push comes to shove, Val won’t back out.

    History: Val's birth parents tragically died in a car crash on his sixth birthday. They were planning on celebrating his birthday in an amusement park when a kid suddenly jumped in front of the car to chase after his ball. Val's dad rapidly turned left to avoid hitting the child but the car was going too fast and before he knew it, the car crashed into a lamppost. Valor lived on with only a few bruises, a large cut on the right side of his abdomen (still there), and a void in his little heart.
    After that, he was moved from one foster home to the next (some weren't too kind) until they finally got in contact with his reclusive aunt who was difficult to find. So now Val lives with his aunt Georgina in Nexus, but the feeling of abandonment and loneliness from his sad childhood never left him.

    Miscellaneous Skills: Valor quickly adapts to different environments. He can also mask his true feelings well under a facade of cheerfulness.

    Anything else:
    -Val always has some Advil or pain-relievers on him.
    -Because of the constant headaches, he never does well in school.
    -Just to be on the safe side, Val conceals several small knives/daggers on him.
    ---Please tell me if you think Val's powers are too much and I'll adjust them:cookie: .
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  20. Looks fine to me. ^^ If nobody else wants to take the Thespin, then I'll make the character tonight or tomorrow, and we can get this party started!
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