Light Up The Night

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  1. Please do not take this roleplay seriously.

    If you do, it won't be as entertaining.

    Club Mystic is a night bar. It's where all the naughty kids go -- the homosexuals, the druggies, the whores. It's where people can be themselves.

    This roleplay will contain:
    1) Music (mostly electronic/ dance music for a club)
    2) Romance
    3) LGBT characters
    4) Loads of language
    5) REMEMBER: Why so serious?
    6) A teeny weeny amount of drama

    To join:
    1) Give character a name
    2) Give character an age (Are they underage? Are they of the legal age? The legal age is 21.)
    3) Give character a sexual orientation (Is your character gay? Is your character sexually attracted to animals?)
    4) Give character at least 3 character traits (Tall is not a character trait, and neither is clumsy)
    5) Give character physical traits (Include photo, or description using words. You can use a manga guy, a real person, etc..)

  2. Anastasia Wilkson was feeling a bit anxiety today. It was not because of the weather, the sky was dark but illuminated by a beautiful full moon and scattered stars shining in the distance. Not a cloud sat in the sky, and the wind was calm and soft, barely ruffling trees as it rushed through their leaves. She stood outside Club Mystic, the beat of a familiar Ghost Town song could be heard, though it was tweaked a bit to sound more electronic than it already did. Her fingers twisted at the hem of her tight black dress. The dress was quite sexy, just plain black that clung to her like a second skin. It emphasized her full breasts and small waist, bringing attention to how dainty her body was. Her black heels made her legs look longer, and her sun-kissed complexion seemed to stand out even more. A single naturally Monroe freckle dotted above her lip, bringing attention to her plump bow shaped mouth that shined a natural ruby color.

    Her hair was a soft red color that fell to her ears, though the right side of her head had a soft shave. A small septum piercing decorated her face, and multiple piercings decorated both her ears from top to bottom. To others, she looked like quite the rebellious and slutty young woman, but that was not the case. At 21, Anastasia had never had a boyfriend, or even experimented with drugs. She had never even been in a single fight. Most people misjudged her because of how she behaved and dressed, and tonight was the night she had decided to let go and be wild. Her plan was to get high, drunk, and get fucked. She would go more wild than she ever had before, and would not regret a single moment. A few days ago, she had caught her fiance' of five years fucking her best friend.

    When she had gotten past the shock, she had been filled with uncontrollable anger. After he realized apologizing would get him nowhere, he began to blame her. She was too boring, to fake, a prude. The names went on and on. She could not believed she wasted any of her time on him. She wasn't boring, she just enjoyed being safe. As for fake, she did not feel she had to act a certain way just because she liked to look a certain way and was a bit on the bitchy side. It wasn't her fault she could be a tad bit temperamental, it ran in her blood. She was brought out of her angry musings with the sound of a throat being cleared. It seemed she had made her way forward in line, and now stood in front of the bouncer. She threw on a friendly smile and handed him the ID she had been holding.

    He barely look at in, instead giving her a slow look over. After she apparently passed his mental approval, he nodded. She murmured a soft thank you and walked inside the club. Instantly she felt a change in the atmosphere. It was dark, but colored lights flashed on and off. Smoke covered the floor, and music was pumping from what seemed to be all corners of the room. It seemed to be quite empty, which she found out. Maybe she had come to early, but she was not sure. She had never even been to a party before. She stood awkwardly for a few seconds before making her way to the bar. The bartender asked what she wanted, and she hesitated before answering. What did people drink? She shrugged, deciding to go with a well known drink. "Three shots of vodka." She answered him. He nodded and quickly poured her the drinks. She tossed them all back in a brisk motion, grimacing. Alcohol was more disgusting than she had thought. It burned her throat, and caused her eyes to water. She had to struggle not to cough.
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  3. Name: Fetch
    Age: 20
    Sexual orientation: He isn't sure what he is
    Character traits: Fetch really believes he is a dog, he loves dressing up and acting like a dog at every given chance. He is open minded and doesn't take offense to many things for he believes that everyone has the right to voice their thoughts. Fetch also is unsure of what his love interestes lies. He often feels things for girls and boys but he isnt sure if that makes him bi.
    Physical traits: dogboy.png


    Fetch walked through the streets to his favorite hang out spot, but tonight was special, he loved thinking of this as his transformation since to night he was wearing his favorite dog suit consisting of ears, tail, collar, and paw gloves and shoes, with a dog suit similar to that of a mascots.

    Sure people stared at him, but people often stared at the things they found interesting, so he took it as a compliment and held his head up high as he dropped to all fours and ran down the road.

    He felt faster this way and it excited him. He stopped when he reached the building with neon blue lights spelling the words 'Club Mystic'.

    He considered the thought of pawing the door and crying but he thought against it. Ge stood and opened the door, his human ears were suddenly assaulted by the booming music and his eyes were filled with the flashing colorful lights.

    He panted slightly and walked towards the bar slightly sadden that no one was really there except for the bartender and a young girl he looked pretty. He sat down near her and ordered a bowl of water. The bartender looked at him odd but filled out the request.

    He was given the bowl and began to lap at it.
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    If partying didn't have an existence in the universe she lived in, Barbara (mostly known as "Barbie") would probably be a suicidal girl. No, not probably. It was more on the lines of definitely. See, her mother is always blaming her shit on her.
    "The reason for my unhappiness is Barbara!" She heard her mother say on the phone the other day. (not night, because Barbara was always partying during night time)"She's the reason he went away!" He, as in her father. A long time ago -- 7 years to be exact, they were a happy family. They would go to the local diner to eat a meal together on Friday, and celebrate their faith in God, someone who Barbara has never believed in. Well, the family dinners on Friday became something that happened every 2 weeks, and then once a month, once every 2 months, and then until it's existence was never heard of again. Then her mother slowly shrunk into an invisible (it was quite visible) ball of depression and despair, and Barbara was left on her own. She decided to celebrate her angst (not in the way her family used to celebrate faith, by praying and singing to God), by hanging out with the outcasts from the city schools, and she discovered many things -- drugs, sex, alcohol, and the things that society claimed to be taboo to mention, but Barbara got a thrill every time on of those things came into her life.
    The stars were lined up in the sky, and Barbara knew it was time to begin her day (or rather, night), by escaping into Club Mystic. She was like a regular customer there, the bouncer was like her older brother, and it was her escape from her idea of reality.
    "Barbie," the bouncer observed the outfit she wore today -- a sequined dress, and according to the advertisements about the dress she saw, it was supposed to reflect every single light beam. The bangles on her arm were cheap, but were often mistaken for actual jewlery! How sick is that, Barbara thought. "You look nice today," the bouncer licked his lips, as a gesture of comedic relief.
    Barbara (she wanted to be known as Barbie at this club) giggled, "Thanks, Johnie." She sighed. "Control your tendencies to get a boner, because you obviously love me, right?" This was what she considered humor, sexual jokes in bright light.
    "Yes," he smacked his lips together. "I love you," he joked, everyone knew he was a homosexual. "Now, get your ass in there!" He shouted, and slapped Barbara on her butt.