Light My Fire..

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  1. maureen_by_fdasuarez-d5s0mu8.jpg Her hands brushed the creased linen which vacuumed around the sleek shape of her body. She inhaled the fresh air, which had a tinted scent of rain pitter pattering against the window to her right. Her hands crossed over her face and brushed above her head onto her pillow when she turned to shut down the treacherous sound of her alarm waking her up. She didn't mind that much, although she probably could've gotten some more sleep quite easily really. Her nightgown was a silver silk, lined with lace and floral patterns which shimmered to the amount of sunlight which managed to make its way through the slice between her curtains.

    The tiled hard floor of her kitchen echoed when the balls of her feet slapped against the ground. She loved her house, having lived here since she left her parents, she had called it 'home' for a good few year now, as that is exactly what it was. Breakfast consisted of some bran flakes and a chopped up banana on top - she was only small and petite so a big fatty full English breakfast wasn't necessary on a day like today..

    Her slender, long piano fingers crossed over the aprons ribbon to her back, and she quickly grabbed her keys to the car. People were waiting for their coffee, and she would be the one to serve them it.
  2. 2224Elijah_Wood_10.jpg He sat down in the small couch in the livingroom, zapping the channels on the TV, having nothing to do, really. He glanced out the window just to see the depressing rain that had just begun to fall, hitting his window and making that sound when water hits glass. He liked that sound, normally he did, although right now he just felt stressed because of it. Soon he got up, made a cup of tea and drank it as he put his clothes on. He knew he should get going, although he liked the idea of just staying home doing pretty much nothing all day, felt way more better than having to go out in the rainy weather. Especially since he didn't have a coat, a jacket or something like that - he had left it somewhere, and he was determined to find out where. Probably at the cafe, he thought. And by the way, why not take a coffee while I'm there, he thought as he locked the door and walked down the street in a fast phase.

    Although he had already had a cup of tea, he knew that drinking coffee in the morning was something that he just had to do. He didn't go to the cafe that often, but for some reason he had, last night. And once he got home and realized that he had left his coat somewhere, he was too tired to even bother thinking about where he had been. In the morning his mind had been clearer though, and he thought that it could be at the cafe. He got his cellphone from his pocket and glanced at it - only a few minutes left until the cafe opened. It would take him a while to get there though, he thought. After all, he wasn't in a hurry. He knew that once he arrived at the cafe he'd probably be soaking wet, and hopefully he'd find his jacket there, grab a coffee and head back home.
  3. She made her way through the queue of people outside of the shop and apologised for bing late as she passed. Twisting the keys in their lock as she pushed the door open, her body swirved around the tables and chairs as she quirkily made her way behind the counter, and started up the several machines at hand for the people wanting their coffee. Motors started to humm, and so did the conversation and rattles of newspapers of those coming in this morning. She let out a light song, and turned to her first customer lightly speaking up with a smile, "Just your usual today Sally?" The women she spoke to nodded lightly, and Alice began to pour a cup of black liquid into a mug for the lady.

    Just as she was bringing the mug around she noticed the empty table with the coat on the side and tilted her head.. Hmm, somebody must've forgotten this or something... I'll keep it behind here. She said to herself in her mind and made her way over to the coat and wrapped it lightly across her arm. Getting an occasional huff and tuff from the people in line at her distractions. She brought the jacket across the counter along with her, and placed it under the shelf lightly smiling to her next customer. "Yes?" She said awaitingly.
  4. Soon he spotted the cafe on the other side of the street, and he hurried across it. Soon he was sheltered from the rain, he thought. It had gotten quite worse in only the few minutes that had passed since he left his home. He opened the door and stepped inside. Finally, he thought. He looked around but didn't see his coat. Somebody must have stole it, he thought, and bit his lip. This couldn't be right. He looked at the tables one my one, just passing by though, since he didn't want to draw any attention to it. Not like he minded if someone asked him was he was doing, and maybe offered some help, but he was quite sure that his coat was somewhere else if it wasn't at the cafe. He had no idea where, though.

    He glanced at the counter, and the line of waiting costumers. Maybe someone had seen it? He sighed. On the other hand, he could at least ask if someone in the staff, maybe the one serving, had seen it. He made his way to the line and waited for his turn. Soon, he thought. "I'd like a cup of coffee", he said, thoughtful, as the woman slightly smiled at him. That smile that the staff had practised in the mirror hundred of times, he thought. "And, by the way... have you by any chance seen my coat? I left it somewhere, probably at some table, there", he said, and pointed in the direction of where he had been sitting. "I've walked all this way through the rain, you know. Think that I left my coat here. Maybe you've seen if someone has taken it? I mean, I don't see it anywhere", he said, and then he bit his lip. He was rambling again, nonsense. He smiled lightly at her to excuse all of what was coming out of his mouth. Way too much at once.