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  1. Hi there all! This is an idea I have had in my head for nearly a year and let me just say it is a work in progress as is so don't worry it will be set up and tweaked with as long as I know people are interested.

    First off, this will most likely be in a Fantasy era and I'm considering the world itself where this academy is to be within a locked away world only known to those "accepted and or born and raised into it." I will be in need of at least 2 CO-GM's for this RP , If interested in that tag or PM me. There will be a set amount of open spots for Royal/Noble Rider's , Commoner Rider's , Dragon's and that of those who serve the darkness as well.

    @Princess Poisoned Rose


    The modern world we live within was the only one we knew of,and yet we were connected to another tucked and hidden away in history and only the Chosen Ones may come to enter. A story there is and I shall tell.

    Long ago, in a hidden away world called Teledormia, there was a place in which all creatures, elf, man and dragon, thrived in an age of peace and tranquility. The race of dragon was unmatched in power and wisdom for the hundreds of years that they had lived. Yet they were a gentle species that often bound themselves to those of the human and/or creature races. Not due to how little they were in comparison to them, but due to the fact they saw great potential and growth to be had in them. Time passed and within the overcast of joy and happiness within the kingdoms a great darkness came to grow vastly within the shadows. The kingdoms would unite but all would fall before there eye's.

    A dark sorcerer by the name of Ithorn had grown to hate the lands. He began to see them as weak and easy to gain control over. He wanted power, and for him he would give all that it took to gain sole control of as many of the lands as he could. With that he cast a curse upon the land that slowly allowed the darkness to seep into the souls of all who couldn't withstand it. One by one,great men and women fell prey to the darkness and soon became known as the "Consumed Ones." These people became Ithorn's followers and did whatever it was he commanded.

    For his first decree, he ordered the death of all the dragons of the land who had all but fought tirelessly to disperse of the darkness. Night fell, as did blade upon blade of the dragon-kind. Yet they foretold their deaths and outwitted Ithorn. Of those hundreds of dragons they freed their souls to find worthy holders: the chosen to contain their souls and take their place within the world; the greatest hope.

    Ithorn relished in his new-found power and yet knew nothing of what the Dragon Kind had done. The lands were shadowed in darkness and the brave and strong many that survived found new life in the land of Elemore. There they built a kingdom and an academy where Dragon and Dragon Rider kind could flourish and grow strong in the hopes of defeating Ithorn. The Academy became widely known to all as Haven Academy even though all to be found there were sorceress's , wizards , elves and mortals.

    Yet, in our world a select few dragon souls had found their way there, dwelling in the Chosen Ones. Now the gateway is opened to them and they must venture forth to the lands and join their destined riders from all walks of life: commoner, criminal and royalty alike. Will they choose to unite as one and save the lands?Or fall to Ithorn's dreaded corruption where his shadow beasts and followers lay in wait of a war destined to come?

    Oh, yes, one more thing that was noted in the prophecy of the Dragons: your rider is not only your destined rider, but your destined mate. Will both choose light or be torn to both sides?

    Alright! This as stated before is a rough draft and I really hope all will love it! Just going to tag a few people I love and adore in hopes you all will like it to!

    @Gorgeous♠Chaos , @Little_Ghost98 , @Justin Charming , @UnboundDestiny , @Brea , @IceQueen , @Princess Poisoned Rose , @~Happily.Ever.After~
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  2. It sounds very interesting :) and I think I'm in
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  3. Well Shay, you already know I'm in :)
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  4. I am very much interested! Mark me down as in!
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  5. So glad to hear you all are interested! Hopefully we will get some more attention and all! ^^
  6. I am so in!
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  7. Great!
  8. Also! If you know of anyone who would be interested in this feel free to tag them.
  9. I'm in and would love to help you and be a Co gm
  10. Would be more than happy to have you as a CO-GM which leaves only one more spot open.

    Welcome Darling and I will also be starting up a PM thread soon for us. ^^
  11. That sounds lovely dear!
  12. Oh god, I wanna join pleas!
  13. Of course , Of course! Welcome Darling! ^^
  14. I sincerely hope the dragons have human forms, or this could become... problematic.

    Anyway, if you need any worldbuilding help or anything, I can help with that, but it seems you've got everything sorted in your head even if what you've currently got written down has left a few holes.
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  15. I'm interested, but have a question: the dragons... Are they a combination of human and dragon? So, basically, they're humans with a dragon form and whatnot? This is what I got from the text, but I just wanted to double check.
  16. Yes , they can phase between a dragon and human form ^^ After receiving the marking they are able to gain the dragon side.
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  17. Great! When do you think you'll have the ooc up?
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  18. @Shayla if you need another co-gm I could always help.
  19. I am more than likely going to have it up in a day or two since I will be very free than. ^^

    I would love to have your help of course!
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