Light and love in the Darkness.

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  1. Calvin stood at the front of the school his hair waving in the wind, "Dang it's huge..." he said walking in, the current principal was a former student who could take away light, Calvin was getting nervous, he snapped his fingers, a small flame appeared on his palm, calmed he smiled time to head to Aurum dorm....
    (the dorms Are Aurum, Argetu, Ferrum, Chalybs, and Cuprum)
  2. A pillow skates across the room. It managed to smack a young brunette in the face. His body stirred a bit then jumped at the next course of action that had been taken. A sudden cold rush of faucet water caused his body to shiver as his honey glazed eyes spotted the culprit. "What in the world are you thinking!" His bold voice echoed throughout the attic. The young man scooped up the blanket he was using then instantly threw it to the side. "Are you crazy! The waters going to freeze!"

    The woman before him stood and rested her palm on her swayed off hip. "Get over it. Because of you of we don't hurry, we're going to be late for school." Her body turned away leaving her brother to give a coy smile. A bucket of ice floated from the floor below. It hovered over her head following wvery movement. Her body turned towards him. "Now hurry up, please." Her words cold, they were followed by the ice bucket dumped. Scream escaped her lips. "You imbecile!!!" Typical big brother. She rolled her eyes and stomped inside to change her clothes in the bathroom. He let out a loud laugh. Her brother hopped up and hurried after she finally finished. The laughter died down as he changed as well. Kadri rushed down the stairs that led into a very nice bar. It was of course not going to be open just yet.

    "Good morning, dear. Eat up." A woman with blonde locks place down a plate of french toast. She didn't even need to ask about the racket upstairs. It was normal. Soon Nikolai came down the stairs, taking his seat beside Kadri. "Now hurry up. You kids don't want to be late." The 18 year old scarfed down the food in only a few bites then left for the front door. He hopped in the black Mazda 3 and started it pulling around the bar. He honked the horn queuing the 16 year old to run out the door.

    Upon arrival, Kadri hopped out of the car and paused taking in the Alaskan sight. Snow radiated the light off its surface. Mountains shielded most of the blustering cold winds. The air still was chilled and even nipped at the young brunette's nose. Her hands balled and cupped per her mouth. The view was gorgeous but she was in need of warmth. Kol on the other hand parked the car and headed into the school. Soon Kadri followed in taking a look at the school her older brother used to brag about. Her shy outsides came out. It even got worse as her hazel eyes caught upon her brother openly mingling with others. Kadri nipped her bottom lip and pressed on. How bad could it possibly be?

  3. after un packing his stuff in the dorm, Calvin looked behind him to see a girl standing alone, Well no use just standing here, he walked up to her and smiled seeing a guy to the left talking to some other students, "Hey I'm Calvin, is that your brother?" pointing at Kol
  4. She turned hearing a voice. Her eyes looked him up and down. Her mouth parted but nothing came out. The before personality at home was now non existent Kadri was now the antisocial female who just didn't even know how to talk to people. Then again people thought she was too weird anyways for talking to animals. The hazel eyes glanced at the direction of his hand. She gave a nod. 'Come on...' This year needed to be different. Her lips parted again. "M-my names Kadri." Her words fell short then saw how easy it was for her brother. "Do you know Kol?"
  5. Cody formed a circle of pure water in her hands as she stood in the main hall. She formed different shapes as she waited for school to start. Students walked around her, but they seemed just like extra noise that you don't pay attention to. She had a friend there, only one. Her name was Rimma, her power was to control ice. Unfortunately she wasn't coming to school that day so Cody wouldn't be doing anything social. She listened to the howling wind as she turned her hands upside down and let the water fall. She stared out a nearby window following a plastic bag fly around with her grey eyes.
  6. Grimm pulled up into the school's parking lot on a 2012 HONDA Rebel, his own personal transportation that was more of a child to him than anything. He cut the engine, put the stand down, and hopped off the jet black bike. As he removed the matching helmet from a top his head he ran a single hand through his blue locks. The bike's keys were now out of the ignition and inside the front pocket of his black jeans. His feet carried him over too the front of the school, passing students and faculty alike, but to avoid confrontation he used his speed force to hurriedly enter the front doors without being seen. The halls were crowded and Grimm found himself pushing roughly past people just to get to the main office, which was only five feet from the front doors.

    As his hand connected with the handle of the metallic door ice had prevented it from disconnecting. The eighteen year old sighed, took his free hand, and slammed it against the ice. With that one hit the ice cracked and fell to the ground in small shards. He acted as if nothing happened and continued on his way into the office.
  7. "Kol? ah he was popular last year as well, no not really, only by reputation, Wanna be my Dorm mate? I have a certain influence here in the school," Calvin fell silent, "Wait Girls and boys can't share a dorm, Crap" He scratched his messed up hair "Well how about the dorm next to mine then you can be the girl next door!" He smiled reassuringly giving off a slightly bad boy vibe but enough of a patriot to the rules, that at most he would only slightly bend them, "Wanna go with me to the homecoming dance? Freshmen are allowed if they have a jr for a date." he held out his hand still with that same, calm smile.
  8. Shadow looked up a couple times as he was reading. He watched as a couple of students walked by but gave no indication that he was watching as he sat on a railway near the main stairs. He frowned as a couple of students walked past him. They were pushing each other back and forth laughing. Jocks were so obnoxious, the way they think they rule the school sickened him. He smirked as one tripped bringing down the two others. It was his own doing. No one knew what his power was with the exception of few staff members because he never displayed it. He was able to control shadows and turn into one himself. All it took to knock over all three of them was to simply trip the shadow. He flinched as they almost hit two people talking. He recognized one, not by name but by face. Shadow knew he was a junior, same graduation class, and was surprised he was already asking someone to home coming. He quickly melted away into a shadow and left before they could look up and see him.
  9. Ellis tip toed through the worn school gates, not wanting to be squashed by the rushing crowd. He dived to the side, holding his skirt down, to escape the animal like frenzy. Ellis took the longest route possible to get to the main stairs to the school, so by the time he was there he was out of breath. Ellis always had been weak, and terrible at all exercise. He leaned against the railings, when suddenly he sensed a strong presence. Somebody was reeking of disgust and hate, and the scent seemed to be practically on top of Ellis. He glanced around, wondering who might give off such negative emotions, but nobody nearby was close enough, or still enough. Ellis tugged on the silky bow hanging from his head, nervous as to who or what the emotions were coming from. He wriggled around uncomfortably, the unknown being giving off a stench of sick emotion. To relax his mind, Ellis tried to zone in on Calvin's emotions. That jock nearly always had meaningless (to Ellis) yet jolly emotions hanging around him.

    (The anom is Shadow btw)
  10. She gave a smile when he spoke lightly of her brother. It was true he was the popular type. It was mostly due to the fact he was a jokester, a flirt, and just great with people. It often made her feel out of place. Even lonely. Coming out of her own thoughts, his questions of dorming together then the after math caused her to freeze. Her hazel eyes stared up into his as she was speechless. This was the first association and she was about to flee. Her body began to tremble knowing she needed to answer. "I... Erm..." Complete words just would come out.

    A hand rested on her shoulder. Kadri looked up to see her older brother. "Hiya. Sorry to eavesdrop but my sister here is a bit skittish when it comes to people." His hand relocated on top of her head and rubbed it as though she was a dog. "Rooming beside you fine... The date on the other hand... If you're serious you have to let her warm up to you." He looked down at her with a smile then back at him. She was speechless but nodded as he was correct. "Take things slow will ya?" His body turned from them and headed back to where he was before. His eyes looked at the shadow and gave him a smile as well. Even though he couldn't see the guy he saw him before.

    Kadri stood there not sure what to say or even do. She didn't even know if the guy was going to just vanish like most typically did. She sighed and looked away leaving it all with a simple saying that was toward anyone who listened. "I'm... sorry..."
  11. ((Cody is a JR... just saying))
    Cody decided to wait outside in the cold weather instead of the warm hall. She walked out the front door after opening it with a burst of water. She saw a couple walking towards the school, a jock and a beautiful girl. When she passed them she studied each of them and smiled a little too. Cody had an evil side to her and a nice side. She was a devil inside of an angel. For just a moment she thought she saw a lone shadow, with no owner to make it walk, just there. She thought she was going insane so she turned away from it. She sat by a tree and continued playing with her water.
  12. Shadow was looking around and could see he was spotted by another junior that, again, he only knew by face and Ellis. The only reason why he knew his name was the simple fact that he cross dressed which Shadow thought was very odd but interesting. The other reason was Ellis could always tell he was around. Whether he knew it was shadow or not didn't matter, somehow he could sense him and that was enough for shadow to try and avoid Ellis. Shadow moved to a new location and then reappeared ones making sure he wasn't seen. After that he continued to read.
  13. (That jolly stuff hides his true emotions, he is not a jock though...I might change that hmmmm)
    "It's ok i guess, I was going a bit strong," he laughed, "but I am serious about that date, Want me to walk you to the dorm?" Calvin grinned at her again. "Is this your first year here? do you want me to explain things?"
  14. Klein Kurios had been wandering around this new school her brother had come too. She had been blinking from place to place watching the other children. There were so many of them, and alot like her. They were special and each could do something different. She saw her brother, Alexander, pulling a prank on a couple of kids. She snickered at the sight then blinked away. But she got lost in this maze of a school and began to panic. She blinked here and there unsure on where to go. Klein only wanted to find her brother. She was lucky, it was nearly as if big brother had a magnet on his back because she always found her way back to him. He was reading under a tree, nearly merging with the shadow of the tree. "BROTHER!" she called out as she blink right into his lap. "There you are!"
  15. "Yes, hear I am!" He said smiling using that tone of voice he only used when talking to her. "I didn't realize we were playing hide and seek." He said still smiling as he looked down at the girl sitting in his lap.
  16. Everyone around her was happy. "The shadow does have an owner!" she exclaimed. Cody jumped up and ran closer to him. For some reason she was excited to see him and the little girl. She smiled and then walked up. "Hi... I'm sorry to burst in... I'm Cody." she reached out a hand. ((Her hair is like water by the way)) The ends of her hair floated around which only happened when she was happy. Even she didn't understand her happiness, recently this sort of thing had been happening and each time something special happened. Was this boy going to be something of worth to her? Even if not this shadow boy seemed reasonable.
  17. "Umm... Hi." He said looking up to her. He looked a little confused but knew who the girl was... again by face. 'I hope she didn't see me turn back from my shadow form...'
  18. "Um... I was wondering what your name was, because I think I saw you last year... if I think you are who you are then I was your roommate's sister. I'm not sure though." she said, hoping that he might remember seeing her visit a couple times. "Uh... my brother's name is Bradly. Remember him... maybe you're someone different."
  19. "Yes I remember him." He said still sounding very serious. He half hoped she would just walk away or his little sister would start talking so he didn't have to.
  20. "Who is she brother?" Kleinasked. That was just the start of her barrage of questions. "Doyou know her? Is she your friend?" And before he could answershe turned to the young girl, "Do you know my brother? You'repretty! Are you his girlfriend?" She had a tendency to misreadinformation and ask random question. She also was adept inembarrassing her brother; it was her specialty.