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  1. In this Rp you,along with all the other people who read this.Will be able to vote on decisions that will change how a species evolves.This will start at the cellular level and expand into directions none will be able to predict.So vote and choose how life on this new and exiting world,will bloom flourish or perish.

    (1 voting will have set dates that they will end on.

    (2 in the event of a tie a online random number generator will be used to determine the outcome highest number wins

    (3 no sign up needed here you simply come read (preferably think) and vote

    (4 While this is not a rule I would just like to point out that all are welcome to discuss what to vote for,remember this is everyone's species

    (5 you will learn more about the world your species inhabits as they do,so don't ask about it.

    And finally I would like to give credit for not only inspiring me to make an Rp like this but also for having the system which while I don't know if it's his/hers that where I got it from to [Zetal from and his Rp Dawn of life!]
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  2. Your species,just a tiny single celled organism.pushed along by currents,inside of a primordial ocean inhabited by organisms much like yours.these currents make your species pass through important nutrients which it then absorbs,and uses to live and reproduce. It is completely blind to the world around it,unable to sense or even understand anything.your species is preyed upon by larger organism looking for a quick meal.But despite this the population not only remains stable but also slowly increases.
    Mind-1 [Nucleiod]
    Optical-0 [Completely blind]
    Tactical-0 [Can feel nothing]
    Chemoreception-0 [Incapable of detecting partials]





    (A Develop basic sight
    (B Develop basic movement
    (C Develop basic offenses
    (D Develop basic defenses
    (E Develop basic digestion
    (F Focus on increasing population

    Voting ends:
    JANUARY 15 12:00 AM
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  3. Do we just type what we want?
  4. Sorry if I wasn't clear with how this works.ok so you simply type the letter of what you want to vote for

    Example:you wanted to vote for the species to develop Basic Sight you would simply type the letter next to it(A).No sign up nothing,all you have to do is type one letter. Simple right?
  5. Well some threads have a voting thing set up so I didn't know if that's what you were using or something else.

    ill go with C
  6. And it's a tie!Come the fifteenth what will win offense or defense!its a battle for the ages folks!

    (Just my little way of saying I'm still paying attention to this)
  7. Let's see... It's a primordial life form only 1 cell large. It has no way of doing anything, it just floats around doing any chemical reaction it can with what the sea presents it with. The only defensive capabilities a single celled organism could have would be toxins - but that won't help it survive because it's already been eaten. It can't have offensive capabilities because it's only 1 cell large. Sight and movement usually require multiple cells, as does digestion, so my vote will have to be F - increasing population, which will increase the chances of further evolution by providing more opportunities for evolution to take place.
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  8. That's a good point. I'm gonna change mine to that.
  9. @Serious Face I think we're going to need more information on the environment. My vote was based on the assumption that:

    - This is currently a primordial ocean inhabited only by single celled life forms, mainly chemo-autotrophic in nature.
    - Thus, there are no multicellular life forms yet

    - Multicellular organisms evolved because two single-cellular organisms stuck together either in symbiosis or after division.

    - The objective of this RP is to create something weird; essentially to screw with natural evolution, because chances are, our little single celled organism's most evolved state is still single-celled.
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  10. Sorry for the unclear nature of the starter post,you're completely right in your assumptions.I've edited my post to hopefully be a bit clearer.But this is my first time attempting to do something of this nature so if it's still unclear about something then please let me know.
  11. ...also if your talking about info on the environment of the planet.I was planing on letting information through as the species discovers say if the species eventually gets eyesight then you would get a description of the area the general population of the species is based on the level of sight. Basically discovering as your species discovers.
  12. I guess ill go with population then since my thoughts of the species was to evolve it like some ants are they are able to take down bigger species by having small offensive powers like pinchers but they also had large numbers so what way we go first wont really matter if we go down any of the paths at first.
  13. But that makes the only plausible action just to increase population and maybe increase tolerance to acidity if that became an option, since we don't have actions to waste but we also don't know the environment so the most successful path would be to create a Cyanobacteria that can survive in extreme environments.
  14. There isn't anything to vote for to make it survive in those environments unless we decide to vote for defense but just because we vote for it dosnt mean we can choose what kind of defense it has if defense wins what is it poisonous now so others wont eat it or can it survive extreme heat or cold.
  15. Toxicity is pretty useless to a single celled organism though, in that it's going to have been eaten before anyone realises what it ate was toxic XD Toxicity in single celled organisms requires a colossal population; that way, it's impossible to eat the entire population in one go, and the first members eaten kill the attackers so the rest of the group doesn't get eaten.
  16. Well heres what I was thinking of trying to make it like

    But seeing as we lack movement and would need a big population I decided to change my vote to population but it also seems like our species is in the water so that really dosnt help with what I was planning.
  17. It's going to need to find its way onto land then... which could take a while. If we follow the normal Earth's progression of environments, we're looking at a good 2.8 - 3.2 billion years :D If we want insects, we'll need to become a crustacean first.
  18. Yea which is why my current vote was changed from offense to Population.
  19. I see that the voting period has ended, just wanted to know if this was still active, its really interesting.
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